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Obama Tattoo website is owned and managed by Obama Tattoo which is a leading healthcare publishing company based in Arizona. However, we have several offices in Europe, Asia, and recently in Africa.

Obama Tattoo website is among the top popular website worldwide according to the report of Comscore. We receive more than 10 million visitors per month.

Founded in 2000, Obama Tattoo has established itself as the global leader in the market in the provision of most concise and accurate information pertaining to health.

Health content on the website is intended to reach medical professionals and consumers for educational purpose.

Our editorial team provides information based on accurate evidence, unbiased, reviewed studies and informative content from various governmental bodies such as FDA, CDC, NIH, and NHS.

The information provided by Obama Tattoo is timely, original and authoritative with credible sources. The editorial team covers almost all sector of health and some other rare diseases that are not yet researched about it.

At Obama Tattoo, We have a team of IT experts who ensure our platform is up to date and very responsive so that you can access regardless of which device you are using.

bama Tattoo website is an advertising-funded site. Our content is free of charge and there is no need for registration in order to get access to it.

We have allowed advertising in order to help us continue to provide top-notch content to our users free of charge across the world.

The Team of Obama Tattoo has full and in-depth knowledge with health content. We combine forces in order to ensure we meet all your needs in a unique way.

We endeavor to provide consistent and educative information to our users throughout. Here is a team of behind all good stuff from Obama Tattoo website.

Peter Powel – Managing Editor

Peter manages the editorial team of in-house writers and freelancers.

Allan Gardener – Head of Sales and Marketing

Allan leads the advertising, licensing and partnerships sales team.

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