How to Change a Belly Button Ring

Do you know how to change a belly button ring? Well, changing the ring on the belly button is just a simple procedure. Doing it in the wrong way can result in prolonging healing process and even trigger belly button infection.

Improper changing of the belly button ring can also cause the formation of permanent scars on the skin around the belly. You ought to be extra careful when handling belly button rings after piercing.

There are a lot of horror stories about navel piercings due to improper changing of rings. Some of the common horror stories about navel piercing are infection and inflammation.

The good news is that these horror complications can be avoided easily once you adopt a proper way of changing navel rings.

We have compiled a step by step guide on how to change navel piercing rings without compromising with the healing process and tearing out the skin.

Let’s find more from the information provided.

Steps to Changing a Belly Button Ring

The guidelines include:

Wash Hands thoroughly with Antibacterial Soap

This should always be the first step when dealing with navel piercings. Navel region is prone to bacterial infection and it is good to wash your hands thoroughly before changing the rings.

Use Saline Solution to Clean the Piercing

The main aim of using the saline solution is to prevent any form of infection from occurring. By ensuring the navel area is clean, the chances of getting any kind of infection is reduced completely. The saline solution also helps to foster faster healing.

Sterilized the Jewelry

It is recommended to soak the belly button ring in a solution of alcohol in order to sanitize it. You will be expected to wipe off the excess alcohol and allow it to dry before changing the rings. This process will help to get rid of any germs causing infection.

Remove the Original Jewelry

Remove the ball from the bottom end of the jewelry so that it is easy to slide off the ring. In case the piercing is not healed well, then sliding will be hard and painful. I recommend you wait until it has healed completely.

Insert New Jewelry

Slide a new belly button ring in slowly and carefully. Close the ring with a ball if there is any in order to prevent from falling out.

Risks and Precautions

Changing a navel ring is linked to many risks and you need to be very cautious in order to prevent them from happening.

Here are some of the precautions to put into practice when changing navel piercing rings:

Allow the Piercing to Heal Completely

Always think about changing the ring on your pierced navel when it has completely healed. This will prevent the occurrence of major risks and it will even prevent the pierced hole from closing up.

You need to be so patient enough in order to prevent incurring the cost and another experience of the pain of undergoing another piercing simply because the hole closed up.

Belly button piercing is known for taking long to heal. There is no exact period it takes since it varies from one person to another. The only thing you are supposed to do is to follow the aftercare routine religiously.

According to my previous experience, it took about three months for the piercing to heal completely. Do not freak out how long it takes.

In case of any sign of infection, I recommend you visit your doctor for checkup and treatment in order to avoid sprouting of complicated situations.

You can easily spot when your piercing has healed well since the ring can move freely without experiencing any sort of pain. There is no sign of discharge or swelling.

Note: You should never try to force the ring out even if it has healed completely. Forcing will increase the risk of infection due to tearing and irritation. You can visit our studios all over since we have tools that can assist you in removing the old jewelry.

Get the Right Gauge

Getting the gauge of your navel piercing ring is a great deal. Thick jewelry is always difficult to insert them in the navel hole and forcing them may damage the healing navel hole.

Insert in the Right Direction

It is recommended to insert the navel piercing ring from the top to the bottom. Identify the point from where the piercing started and insert the ring. This is the easiest possible way to do it and the chances of anything going wrong is almost zero.

You should also monitor the design of your ring since there are some that are designed to go from the bottom. If you find it hard to insert the ring, just get in touch with your piercer and I hope she will assist you.

After Inserting the Jewelry

Once you are done changing the navel ring, you make a close watch on the area on a regular basis in order to spot symptoms such as redness, inflammation, and irritation.

These symptoms do happen no matter how cautious you were when changing the navel rings. It is better to spot the symptoms early in order to make immediate treatment arrangement.

Use an antibiotic ointment on the navel area in case you feel itchiness. The itchiness effect usually lasts for about two days. If it persists, I recommend you seek an appointment with a dermatologist.


Do you now know how to change a belly button ring? Well, it is a very straightforward thing to do but you need to take your time. Follow the necessary precautions in order to prevent infections and other complications. Congratulation for your new look.

Getting Your Ears Pierced: Everything You Need To Know

Getting your ears pierced can be emotional especially if you are the first time. Ear piercings are very common and it is popular among everyone in the U.S

I know there are several questions running in your mind if it is your first time to get your ears pierced. Does it hurt to get your ears pierced? Well, let’s find out from the information provided below.

Does Getting Your Ears Pierced Hurt?

It is the biggest worries for any first time person. For sure ear piercing has some extent of pain just like any other body piercing.

The good news is that ear piercing is among the least painful body piercing one can get. Let’s find out more detail information here:

Everyone is Different

The ability to tolerate the level of pain when getting your ears pierced depend on an individual. Some people consider earlobe piercings to be the least painful while others pick it as the most painful.

I know it will hurt but the pain usually subsidized immediately. By the end of the day, you will look appealing after wearing those stunning jewelry matching with your fashion.

Subsequent Pain

During piercing session, you will experience some sharp pain in the ear but it will be replaced by a dull and throbbing pain.

This type of pain will last for some minutes as compared to the initial pain. The pain is tolerable and it usually stops once you get distracted.

Throbbing sensation is usually an annoying stage and it results in the worst experience in the world. The good thing is that the sensation can be tolerated as time goes by.

Once the piercing is healed, you will be expected to avoid direct impact on the ears since it will cause some injuries. You will also be expected to wait for some months be thinking about ear stretching.

Initial Pain

Ear piercings is usually accompanied by two types of pain such as initial pain and subsequent pain as mentioned above.

The two types of pain usually happen immediately after the piercing procedure is over. Depending on the level of tolerance, it can be painful to some extent.

The good news is that the initial pain is sharp but brief. Most people describe the sharp pain as a strong pinch on the ears. Others describe it as a more intense sensation kind of pain on the ears.


The location of your piercing on the ears will determine the level of pain that you will experience. Piercings along the edges of the upper ear and the earlobe tend to be less painful as compared to piercings on the inner ear.

If it is your first time to get ear piercings, I recommend you start with piercing earlobes in order to avoid intense pain sensation. Helix piercings is the best for first timers while industrial piercings are the best for more experienced people.

Needle vs. Piercing Gun

Lots of piercings studios in town use needles. But it is not recommended to pierce the earlobes with needle. Use piercing gun if you want to get your ears pierced in location where there is no cartilage.

Majority of first timers do not have full knowledge about how a piercing studio looks like and this is the reason why they know piercing gun only.

Shop your jewelry in advance from shops selling accessories and you will be able to tell the piercer why you do not need to get pierced with a piercing gun.

Let’s find out more about the differences between needle and piercing gun here:

How They Work

Needles meant for piercing are sterilized and packed together. They are designed with hollow appearance in order to make it easy for cleaning.  The piercer will pierce the skin of the ear and then insert the earrings that you bought.

On the other hand, the piercing gun is a reusable device that does not use any kind of needle to get your ears pierced.

The stud is inserted into the piercing gun and it will then be pushed into the ear by the gun during the piercing process. Here you will be saved from additional work of inserting the jewelry.

However, the pain experienced when using piercing gun is more intense than needle since the gun is blunt. It is the reason why more force is used when pushing the stud through the skin of the ear.

The Problem with Piercing Guns

Sterilization of the piercing guns can be the biggest problem ever. This is the reason why it is recommended to use a new stud in the ear after piercing.

However, the blood from the previous piercings can get stuck in the gun despite sterilization and this can put you at the risk of contracting hepatitis and other diseases transmitted through blood.

The good thing about piercing guns is that you can easily clean them but sterilization can be a headache. This is the reason why you can find it hard to remove the pathogens causing diseases completely.

According to Association of Professional Piercers, it is not recommended to use piercing guns since they are made up of plastic which prove to be hard to sterilize using reputable methods.

Piercing guns can be used by anyone to perform the procedure since they tend to be simpler than needle. Getting your ears pierced with piercing gun can be done by someone who has not received any form of training and this is not advisable at all.

Although they might do a good job but it is good to think about the impact and the risks associated with the piercing guns.

Note: You should dare not take your young child for piercing in a studio that uses piercing guns since you will be subjecting her to some risks.

What about Ear Piercings for Children?

Lots of people prefer taking their children for a piercing in a shop that uses piercing gun since they believe it is the best. From my experience, I will say a big NO.

Children who want their ears to be pierced should only be done by a professional piercer. The gun does not look intimidating and it is the reason why most parents prefer it.

The needle is safer, clean and causes less pain as compared to the piercing gun. It is the reason why it is highly recommended. Ear piercing with needle can be done by professionals only.

Choosing a Reputable Piercer or Piercing Shop

It is highly recommended to work with professionals as mentioned above. This is because they are highly trained and they know what they are doing.

Therefore, you should never allow someone who is not trained to pierce your ears even if they are doing it at low prices. Think about the risk and other impacts on your ears.

Visit a piercing studio or a tattoo parlor for your ear piercings even if it is earlobe piercings. You should not trust any business blindly but read about their reputations.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for a professional piercer in the town. The factors include:

Clean Facilities

Getting your ears pierced safety means that you do it in a clean environment with clean equipment. If their equipment are not kept well, then think about the kind of service they are going to offer to you.

It is quite easy to detect the sense of cleanliness in a tattoo parlor when entering inside. If the cleanliness does not meet your standards then walk out.

Licensing and Training

If you are new in the studio, ask for the credential for the shop before getting pierced on your ears. Seek the business license in order to know the business is legit. The business license is usually displayed on the wall of the parlor.

Get to know the kind of certification and training the piercer has gone through before rendering them your ears for piercing.

Do not trust anybody simply because they have been in the business for over some decades and they have never underwent any form of training. Most of them do not know how to prevent contamination on the piercing equipment.

Sterile Equipment

Sterilization of the piercing equipment comes first before anything else. Sterilization is usually done by autoclave and you can inquire if the studio has one.

Reputable studios and experienced piercers will not be annoyed when you ask about the device since they know you want to have a safe piercing.

Ensure the piercer is using a new needle from the package since these needles are used one per person. Needles for ear piercings are never clean or disinfected to be used on another person.

At Obama tattoo, we usually set up our piercing equipment in front the customer so that they can certify what we are using if they meet their standards. Seeing induce trust among them.

Do Your Research

Reputable piercers usually receive positive reviews on the online platform. This has happen in the recent days because every business is going online in order to acquire more potential customers.

Does the studio portfolio meet your standards? Read the reviews and ratings given by the previous customers. However, be very careful since there are some businesses that write reviews on their own.

The reviews from genuine people will give you a hint about the studio and you will be able to make an informed decision pertaining to the studio.

Trust Your Intuition

Does the piercer seems to be after money? Well, you need to read their mind before sitting down because you will need them to offer advice on the best earring to put on after piercing.

Tweak them with some few questions in order to learn something unique about their services and main intention. Ask them about types of jewelries that do not cause allergic reaction on the ears after piercing.

If they fumble in answering such simple questions then I will recommend you find another studio for your piercings. Select a studio with more friendly staff and those that are caring.

Deciding Which Jewelry You Would Like

Not all types of metal that will work on your body especially if you have never had piercings on your body.

There are varieties of jewelries made from different types of metals such as titanium, rose gold, silver, and yellow, white and among many others.

Here you will need advice from your piercer but this is done through trial and error. You will be expected to wear one kind of the earring and see if it will react with your skin.

Most people tend to experience nickel allergies and most of them do not know until they develop piercings that won’t heal.

I recommend you pick hypoallergenic jewelry and stay away from either nickel or alloys of nickel jewelries.

If it is your first time, I recommend you pick the location on the ear that will heal quickly and also remember to select lightweight jewelry. Once the ear piercings are healed then you are free to upgrade to heavier jewelries.

Although the type of jewelry is aesthetic, it is recommended to pick jewelries that match your fashions and general looks. Small rings are simpler to clean as compared to studs but I recommend studs since they are manageable.

Make Sure You Follow a Good Piercing Aftercare Routine

Following piercing aftercare routine religiously will help to foster faster healing and also prevent infection from occurring.

Getting your ears pierced means you are aware of the right aftercare instructions. If you stick to these routines, the pierced ears will heal within some few weeks or one month at maximum.

Most of these aftercare routines are very simple and straightforward. Here are some of the common routines you need to follow:

Stay Away from Irritants and Bacteria

After piercing your ears, ensure it does not get into direct contact with your hairsprays since they contain some metal components that might cause irritation.

Try to avoid wearing headphones since they tend to transmit germs from one point to another and this might result in ear infection around the pierced area.

Use mild and antibacterial soap to wash the area on a daily basis in order to remove the dirt.

Saline Spray

There are lots of saline spray in the market in the recent days. You can use the spray to clean the pierced area in order to foster faster healing.

There are a lot of recipes on the online platform but you need to exercise a lot of caution before attempting to follow them.

Buy saline sprays that have a reputation by checking the brand of the company in order to avoid getting a fake one that might ruin your ear after piercing.

Leave Your Jewelry In

Many people tend to remove the jewelry once they notice it is infected but this is not advisable at all. Leave the jewelry intact but keep on cleaning the region on a daily basis.

According to our experts, removal of the jewelry while the piercing is healing will make them to close up. You will find it hard to insert the jewelry inside after the infection is gone and this will force you to redo.

See a Doctor if You Get an Infection

Do your pierced ear swelling up and becoming painful? Well, this is usually a sign of infection. Seek an appointment with your doctor for treatment.


Lots of American women love getting their ears pierced. This make them to look appealing and amazing in their general appearance.

But it is good to get your ears pierced in the right way. Find a reputable professional ear piercing studio for your ear piercing procedure. Stay away from piercing your ears from a mall.

Select the right jewelry for your piercings and get to know that not all types of jewelries will work for you. Consult your piercers about all the types and remember to follow the aftercare routine seriously.

Ear Stretching Guide for Beginners and Professionals

Are you wondering how to stretch your ears? Well, you have come to the right place. It is recommended to get your ears pierced by a professional. At Obama Tattoo parlor, we offer detailed information about ear stretching guide apart from ear stretching kits and supplies.

We prefer using needle rather than gunshot when piercing your ears in order to avoid damaging major tissues in the ears. Well, do not freak out if you have been intending to get your ears pierced since the process is less painful.

What is ear gauging? Well, this is the process of getting ear piercings that are thicker than the standard piercings.

The size of piercings varies in width but they are usually like the size of a chopstick to that of a finger. This type of piercing is known to be safe and simple than your imagination.

You can read through our comprehensive ear gauging guide and I hope it will be useful in the long run. Let’s find more about ear stretching history here.

What Is Ear Stretching?

Ear gauging is the process of expanding the hole pierced on the earlobe piercing gradually and gently. This process should only be done on a healed pierce on the ears and it is usually done in order for the hole to hold a certain type of jewelry.

Do not freak out since the hole on the earlobe can be stretched beyond the initial size with ease and without any form of pain.

The stretching can make the size of the hole to fit a finger and this will give you an opportunity to wear even large earrings.

According to the rules and regulations of the piercing industry, you are only allowed to stretch an ear that has already healed after piercing.

You need to be aware of these rules in order to avoid torturing yourself after visiting piercing experts who are out for money instead of caring about their customers.

Ear gauging has become popular in the modern days although it has been a rite of passage among some communities across the world. It has attracted quite a good number of celebrities and teenagers in the United States of America.

Stretching Sizes

The size of stretching the ear depends on the personal choice and preferences. Our professionals use stretching equipment that defines the gauge and the millimeters. Therefore, the higher the gauge, the smaller the size of the stretch and vice versa.

Lots of people in the U.S still regulate the size of the stretch although it has become the order of the day in the major cities. You can opt for 10 gauge which is the minimum size or 00 gauge which is the maximum size.

You can consult some of our experts and you will be able to know the stretching extent that will suit your fashion.

Can Everybody Have Their Ears Stretched?

It is recommended to get ear gauging only when the earlobes are pierced and they have healed permanently.

This implies that anybody can get ears stretched. This process is not good for those group of people who are not allowed to pierce their ears due to some medical conditions.

Individuals who are highly prone to getting infections or their ears reacting to any type of jewelry in the market are not supposed to think about ear gauging at all.

Age Restrictions

Professional ear piercers will only give necessary advice concerning the products to use and the type of equipment to use. Most of the piercers will never do ear stretching for you instead you will be expected to do it by yourself.

There are no age restrictions since the piercer is indirectly involved in this process. If you are a teenager, let your parent approve it first before daring. However, your decision matters a lot in this area.

Most of the piercing parlors in the U.S do perform piercing to all ages of children. This will give you an opportunity to stretch them in the future if you need.

What Equipment Is Needed to Gauge Ears?

Sometimes the hole on the pierced earlobe after stretching looks wild and you may wonder which type of equipment was used.

The level of technology used in ear gauging is very low and the process is also very simple. Most of this equipment is very small and affordable to get them.

Here are some of the most common equipment needed in ear gauging:


These are small ones that look like spikes. They are typically known for ear stretching. The smaller end of the spike is the part that is inserted in the pierced region on the ear.

It gradually helps to increase the size of the hole up to the desired size or gauge. This usually depends on the tastes and preferences of an individual.

These equipment are design with ridges so that the tape does not go through the ear too much. There are several types of tapers in the market. The types include:


These are the most used tapers by people since they are quite affordable. However, using these types of ear gauge could be difficult at some point and this is the reason why it is recommended to consider purchasing something better.


They are more effective and efficient in the ear stretching process. They are a little bit expensive when compared with tapers. You can sterilize this equipment before using them and this help to minimize any form of infection.

Concave Steel

The back end of these ear tapers are concave instead of being flat but they have some similarities as normal steel tapers. The only good thing with this type of tapers is that it is quite simple and easy to remove when you want to insert a plug.

Note: The type of tapers you will need depends on the extent of ear stretching. You will only need one taper to handle any type of ear gauge you want. Continue reading our ear stretching guide in order to learn more about ear stretching.


You are expected to lubricate your tapers in order to make their work very easy and simple. You will also be expected to research reputable lubricant products meant for ear stretching only.

The good thing is that most of these lubricating products of ear stretching are readily available in the market.

Consult your ear piercer for the recommendation of the best ear stretching oil products. These oil products contain some vital ingredients suitable for speeding the healing process.

Coconut oil is the most reputable commercial ear stretching lubricant that does not pose any health threat on your ears.

Note: Stay away from other slicking liquid or gel since they might cause irritation on your ears and this will delay the healing process.


You should know that tapers are meant for ear stretching only and you are not supposed to wear them for a long period of time.

Ear stretching Guide Taper

When you are through with ear gauging, it is recommended to plug of the right gauge that is suitable for your piercing then insert without affecting the healing process.

Here are some of the common different types of plugs in the market. The types include:


They have similarities like that of tapers but they do different functions. The good thing about them is that they are affordable and readily available.


These are special plugs and they are considered to be the best as compared to the acrylic. Although they are highly expensive.


They have slight similarities with the steel plug but they are known to be lightweight and does not pose any reaction threat to your piercings.


Plugs made from silicone are known to be the best but they do get dirty faster than any other type of the plug. They do not cause a reaction to sensitive skin but you will be expected to clean them regularly.


This is typically the general category of all kinds of the plug. They are made of wood, stone, and glass. You will be expected to have a single flare plug when using this type of plug. The single flare-up has a lip on one end for easy insertion of the plug after ear stretching.

Consult your piercer about whether to pick single flare up or double flare depending on the number of piercings on the earlobes.


It is not that vital for individuals who want to stretch their ears. It is only meant for enabling an individual increase the size of the gauge by holding the plug in position.

To increase the size of the gauge, you will be expected to wrap more tape on the plug until it increases in the thickness.

Tapes are suitable for people who want to surpass the standard ear gauge in term of width. However, tapers are just enough for you.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape is the most recommended type of tape to use during ear stretching. This is because it is thin and narrow in size hence wrapping the plug on the pierced earlobe is quite easy.

Ear Stretching: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ear gauging is something that is quite simple and it does not involve any form of complications. Here are six ear stretching guide steps that will give you confidence when undergoing process at home alone.

The steps include:

Step One

Ensure all the angles of the pierced ear is completely healed before thinking about ear stretching idea.

Step Two

Massage the earlobes with hot water or even take a hot shower. This process will make your skin around the ear lose and make stretching simple.

Step Three

Sterilized the equipment that you intend to use and even make sure your hands are very clean.

Step Four

Lubricate the hole in the ear and the taper. Apply the tape on the plug in case you are going for larger gauge hole.

Step Five

Gently and gradually insert the taper. Push through slowly and carefully. There is some sort of discomfort during this stage. If you experience any sort of pain just stop pushing. Resume the next session when the pain is gone. Consult your doctor in case the pain persists for long.

Step Six

Align the plug at the back of tapers and make sure they are in good position to ensure easy removal.

How Long Should You Wait Between Ear Stretches?

Is it normal to get impatient when ear stretching? Yes. It is normal because you have already set your mind by purchasing the required rings according to the size of the gauge.

You will be expected to be a patient little bit since the process usually takes some time in order to attain your desired gauge.

You should note that stretching rapidly will not give your earlobe time to heal. This could also lead to ear tearing and another form of complications like infections.

The process usually varies between a few weeks to a whole month. This is the reason why there are a lot of differences in the recommendations made by piercers.

Our experts usually recommend a minimum of six weeks and they encourage you to wait longer so as to have safer ear stretching.

Ear Stretching Aftercare Requirements

You need to follow various aftercare routines in order to attain your desires in the long run. The instructions are very simple but you need to follow the steps religiously.

Here are some of the most aftercare instructions pertaining to ear stretching in order to prevent any form of complications. The ear stretching guide steps include:


It is paramount to clean the stretched area at least twice per day. Use non-additive soap like glycerin to clean the area.


The pierced earlobes should be soaked twice per day. It should be soaked in warm saline solution for about five minutes every session. You can even use special sprays recommended by your piercer.


You should massage the pierced earlobes after soaking in order to prevent the formation of scars. Jojoba oil and vitamin E oil are the best massaging oils for piercings. The step is very vital and you cannot afford to skip it.

In case you lack the massaging oil, it is recommended to consult your piercer on the best aftercare routine for your pierced ears in order to treat stretched ears.

What Types of Ear Stretching Jewelry Is There?

There is a lot of jewelry in the market today and this is the next step you ought to follow after the ears have been stretched well.

The varieties of jewelry meant for stretched ears include Plugs and Tunnels. These two types of jewelry are cylindrical in shade and they do have slight differences.

Plugs are solid jewelry while tunnels are hollow type pieces of jewelry. The distinction has also resulted in different types of plugs and tunnels. They include:

Screw Fit

They usually come into two pieces instead of one. The jewelry is screwed together where one piece is inserted in the piercings and then screwed to the other piece.


It has a small ring at the end which is slide in order to keep the ring in position. They look appealing and compelling.

Single Flared

It has a raised lip that prevents either the plug or the tunnel from sliding through the piercings. The end without the lip is inserted into the piercing and slide through using an O-ring.

Double Flared

The pieces of jewelry have lips at both ends. They tend to be quite difficult to insert in the piercings and you do not need O-rings to keep them in place. They are only used when the piercing is completely healed.

Will Stretched Ears Ever Return Back to Their Normal Size?

How big can you stretch your ears before its irreversible? This is the most asked question by many people across the world. According to our ear stretching guide, if you poorly handle your ear piercing, it will close up and return back to normal.

However, the situation depends on an individual. There are some people when the piercing heals, it will rebind and return to normal. The way the ears were stretched matters a lot also such cases.

Those ears that were stretched too quickly and by force will take time to heal. It is good to know that they will never return to normal size.

Stretching Beyond the Limit

Even if the process is done carefully and gently, there are some instances the earlobes piercings will never return to normal size.

This will happen if you stretch your ear piercings beyond the standard ear piercing gauge. This implies you reach the end point and likelihood of it returning to the normal point is not there at all.

This is the reason why we recommend to our customers to stretch up to the limit of 2G so that one day it will heal and close up.  This is the most modest point you should go in case you want it to return back to normal.

Reconstructive Surgery

In case you overstretch your ears, the chances of it returning to normal size is not there at all. However, you can visit your plastic surgeon for reconstructive surgery. The process will help to restore the shape of your ear.

You can also consider going for surgery in case the earlobe got an injury while ear stretching. The procedure is too costly but very fast.

Ear Stretching Risks and Considerations

There are lots of factors to put into consideration before thinking about ear stretching process. These factors include:

Ear Scalpel ling

The most common shortcut to stretch the ears. This method involves slicing the flesh of the earlobes into the desired size.

The method is quite effective and efficient but there are several reasons why it is not recommended. It is too costly and it takes a lot of time to heal.

Getting Pierced with a Larger Gauge

Those people who like large holes instead of stretching will then opt for large gauge needle for the piercing process. It is quite painful and this is the reason why our experts recommend to start small then stretch to expand the hole.

Social Acceptability

Ear stretching is widely accepted but there are some places like a workplace where they are not accepted. This is because many managers consider them to be unprofessional and even off-putting. Therefore, you need to consider this factor before thinking about our ear stretching guide.

Gauge Sizing

Is there another way of ear stretching blowout? Well, the majority of people rely on the gauge size of the ear tapers and jewelry but this can be misleading.

This is because there is no standardized form of measurement since different brands have a different level of width.

You should also note that one gauge of this equipment will be different from the other. Double check the gauge size in order to avoid having different holes sizes on the earlobes.


Ear stretching looks great but to some extent, it smells nasty. This is because it results in amassing of dead skin from the ear. It is the reason behind the bad smell. It is something you should be aware of but it does not signify anything or symptoms of infections.


Is ear stretching blowout risky? Well, this is the most common risk associated with ear stretching. You might end up with the skin hanging if you stretch your ear piercing to a certain extent. The ear becomes irritated and red on the area. The good news is that there are various ways on how to heal ear blowouts.

Stretching too quickly

If you stretch your ear piercings to standard gauge, they will heal naturally. If you happen to stretch them too quickly, they might tear down and will never close back to normal. You will be expected to undergo reconstructive surgery in order to restore it back.


Ear stretching is growing rapidly and becoming widely accepted across the world. This is the common body modifications among many Americans.

If the modification is done properly then it is safe and simple. You need to be extra careful when stretching your ears and do it slowly rather than quickly.

Avoid using any form of shortcuts since it will result in a lot of complications that will prolong the healing process.

If you follow the right for the procedure, I guarantee you an amazing appearance and you will stand out in a crowd of people with pierced ears.

Shoulder Tattoo Pain: How Much Do Shoulder Tattoos Hurt?

Shoulder tattoos are among the popular skin art that is being embraced by both male and female across the world not only in the U.S. Most people will prefer to have a tattoo rather than purchasing the first car.

However, tattoos can be done not only on shoulders but also on any other part of the body. Some tattoos can be painful depending on their location on the body.

Some of the most painful region on the body during tattooing is the spine, wrist, fingers, and feet. Why is shoulder tattoo popular? Maybe the shoulder tattoo pain is not that bad. Let’s find out.

How Much Do Shoulder Tattoos Hurt?

As mentioned earlier, shoulder tattoo has become popular in the recent days. The tattoo looks appealing and the good thing is that you can cover it up while going to work.

This is because different workplaces perceive tattoos and piercings in a different way. Covering these tattoos will enable you to adhere to the work ethics and core values.

This should not hold you back since shoulder tattoos can be covered up well especially when wearing long sleeve clothes. You can wear short sleeve while not at work in order to expose your tattoo inspirations to the world.

It is important to understand the shoulder skin anatomy before visiting a tattoo studio for inking. This will prepare your mindset and you will be able to withstand the level of pain. For sure all tattoos are painful regardless of the location.

The shoulder region on the body is the hub of nerves and muscles. These two tissues enable us to move our heads and shoulders with ease.

We need to be precise in the order you can know how much do shoulder tattoos hurt. The sensitivity of the shoulder region varies. The rounded part of the shoulder is the least painful but as you move towards the biceps, it becomes more painful.

Although many people choose a certain part of the shoulder for some reason, I would recommend the rounded part of the shoulder. You can withstand the level of pain.

The region towards the neck can also be very painful than the rounded part of the shoulder. This is because of the clavicle bones that run towards the chest. The bones have the reputation of being very painful and the skin along it is very thin.

From my experience, the top part and back of the shoulder have thick skin layer. This implies that when inking, the pain is also less as compared to other parts.  

What Does the Pain Compare To?

Every person has a different body reaction towards any type of pain. Some people will experience a sharp pulling motion in the muscles while inking the shoulders.

Others have said that the type of the pain in the shoulder while tattooing resembles that cut using a dull instrument.

This is the reason why it is quite hard to differentiate the level of pain people undergo while tattooing since the perceptions varies.

How to Make Shoulder Tattoos Hurt Less

The shoulder tattoo pain is manageable and there is no need to freak out. You should never take aspirin based painkillers or alcohol in order to help in withstanding the level of pain.

Alcohol will thin your blood and in the process encourages more bleeding. Therefore, these two things should never enter your bloodstream when planning for a tattoo session.

How can you make your shoulder tattoo-less painful? Let’s find out from the information provided below:

Request a Numbing Spray

Before using any numbing spray for tattoos, it is good to consult your tattooist since he or she may recommend the most appropriate brand.

This is because you can buy a certain brand of numbing spray that may have a negative impact on your tattoo and it can also increase the healing process.

According to my experience, you should apply the spray to the region to be tattoo 30 minutes before inking. It will help to reduce the level of pain but it will not eliminate the pain.

At Obama Tattoo Studios across the U.S, we discourage the use of the numbing sprays since they have the reputation of prolonging the healing time of the tattoos. This is because the larger collagen tissues will take a lot of time to heal.

Even the FDA discourages the use of aesthetic sprays when undergoing any form of cosmetic procedures. The research shows that the overuse of these creams or sprays may enter the bloodstream and result in seizures.

It is therefore recommended to use these aesthetic products after consulting your medical specialists. Although it is not illegal, it is good to ensure your tattooist uses it in the appropriate manner.

Shoulder tattoo pain is quite bearable and there is no need to go for numbing spray. If you decide to go for it then you need to think twice.

Stay Hydrated

Daily intake of water makes the general body hydrated and it is a good thing according to medical research. Taking liters of water the day you are going for inking will not help instead causes more harm.

Therefore, you should make it a habit of taking water on a daily basis in order to attain healthy skin. Healthy skin has the capability of absorbing inkwell and also heals faster. It will also help you to remain focus during inking and the tolerance of pain will be high.

Choose Morning Appointments

It is recommended to schedule your appointment very early in the morning in order to withstand the pain. This is because of the level of adrenaline in high during these hours. When the time of inking draws near, the more you feel anxiety but try to increase your tolerance.

Take Deep Breaths

You need to relax and take a deep breath. This will help to make the level of pain bearable. If your level of tolerance is low then I suggest you take several deep breath and relaxation in order to cope up with the pain.

You need to remain calm and relax. Avoid twitching and turning since it will distort the whole of the process of tattooing.


Have anyone told you that tattoos do not hurt? Well, this is a little lie. No matter the location of tattooing, it is uncomfortable, especially during the initial stages.

The threshold of shoulder tattoo pain varies from one person to another. Consult your tattooist for advice and this will prepare you psychologically before inking.

However, shoulder tattoos are amazing since the shoulders provide a good skin canvas for any design of tattoo. The region has a large skin layer packed with fatty tissues and it is the reason why the pain is bearable. 

Finger Tattoo Pain: How Much Do Finger Tattoos Hurt?

Going for a tattoo design in tattoo studio means you have thought about it and you are ready for the mark. The good news is that finger tattoo pain is extreme but it differs from one person to another.

The pain is worth though and the level of tolerance will enable you to withstand the pain for some few minutes.

Finger tattoo is becoming popular and trendy in the world of dynamic fashion. Most celebrities in rock and hip hop happen to be the main users of this type of tattoo.

The most common celebrities with finger tattoos are Miley Cyrus, Cardi B, Johnny Depp and Beyonce. This is the reason behind the popularity of the tattoo in U.S.

How much do finger tattoos hurt? Well, let’s take a look from the information provided in the post.

How Much Do Finger Tattoos Hurt?

Getting a tattoo on any part of the body is going to hurt. You need to have a strong level of tolerance when going for the inking process.

However, the extent of pain from tattoo procedures vary depending on the location on the body. Fingers are places to get tattoos on the body but they are very painful.

Have you ever been burned by a hot poker? Well, finger tattoo hurts a lot. You need to get prepared for the inking psychologically.

However, every individual has different pain threshold and it will never be the same. Some people will say the pain is less while other will say it is too much. There is no exact answer for how much a finger tattoo will result.

There are lots of nerve endings on the hands and fingers for every human being. The fingers are less fortunate since they have thin layer of fatty tissues as well as muscles. Therefore, they are unable to be cushioned from the tattoo gun needle.

The bones and the knuckles of the fingers are too close to the surface. This implies that there is less protection. The nerves and sensors become very sensitive to the needle of the tattoo gun thus this happens to be the reason behind much pain.

If you are unable to tolerate the pain of getting a tattoo on the finger then I recommend you consider another location on the body where you will have high tolerance.

The good thing is that the design of finger tattoo is usually small and am sure you can withstand the pain since it will take little time.

The size of tattoo and design will determine the severity of the pain during inking procedure. You need to select a design that will take less time in order to experience less pain.

You can use a reputable and popular cream product before as well as after tattooing in order to reduce the extent of the pain.

Ways to Make Finger Tattoos Hurt Less

There are several things you can do in order to reduce the extent of the pain. However, my suggestions are not one hundred percent guarantee to reduce the pain but they will make the pain bearable.

Try Numbing Creams

There are several numbing creams in the market that will help to reduce the severity of the pain. This is usually considered as an immediate medical fix method.

I highly recommend you consult your tattooist before applying the numbing cream on the tattooed area. The artist may recommend the best numbing cream typically meant for tattoos.

Numb 520 is the most popular and reputable numbing cream for tattoos. The cream can be used before and after tattooed. The cream has the ability of reducing the finger tattoo pain in the long run.

Stay Hydrated the Right Way

Well hydrated body implies that the skin is also well hydrated. The skin that is hydrated, it will take the tattoo ink more easily and it will make the whole process very easy.

Huh! This is not something that you can achieve in one day by taking several glasses of water before the big day.

It is recommended to take a lot of water few weeks before heading to a tattoo parlor. During this period, focus on hydrating your body on a daily basis in order to meet the standard.

You should not drink too much water instead take the recommended number of glasses per day. You do not need to tank yourself with pounds of water.

You can read more on how much you need to take per day from here.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Most people believe it is a good idea to have a few stiff of alcohol prior to your appointment. But I say NO. Alcohol does not ease the tattoo pain instead thin out the blood.

When the blood is thin out, you are likely to bleed a lot during inking since the body will be unable to hold the blood.

I recommend you stop or pause drinking for few months in case you are planning to go for body inking. This is because if you have been drinking, you may be more fidgety than normal.

Wriggling in alcohol will never reduce the extent of the pain but it will increase the healing time for your tattoo. Caffeine is another stimulant that come from tea and coffee. It can also affect the healing time of your tattoo.


Finger tattoo pain is variable as mentioned earlier. Different people perceive the pain differently. But you need to be prepared mentality before going for body inking in a tattoo parlor.

You also need to put the factors stated above into consideration in order to ease the pain and fasten the healing process of your tattoos.

Note: Too much alcohol is not good for your general health. It will make the blood to thin and this will trigger excessive bleeding. Tattoo aftercare instructions are also important to put into consideration if you want to heal properly.

How Much Does a Sleeve Tattoo Cost

Sleeve tattoos are quite incredible. This type of tattoo requires a huge commitment in terms of time, planning, thoughts, detail and patience in order to come up with a customized art.

It is quite infuriating to ask some questions like how much does a sleeve tattoo cost. It is like somebody asking you how many steps it takes to walk across the state of Los Angeles.

There are so many factors that determine the cost of a sleeve tattoo. In this article, you will learn the cost of both full sleeve tattoo and half sleeve tattoo.

What Can Determine How Much a Sleeve Tattoo Costs?

Different factors in the tattoo industry affect the price of sleeve tattoos in several ways. Here are some of the common factors that influence the cost of sleeve tattoos in the U.S:


The general design of your sleeve tattoo has a direct impact on the overall cost. Complicated and detailed designs take a lot of time to be completed. This implies that there will be a lot of shading and coloring.

You need to take time to discuss with your tattoo specialists about the coloring and time. Ask him or her how time and coloring will affect the general cost of the art. Tattoos that are very detailed and complicated are very expensive.

Take into consideration all the advice you get and think through it before making any decision. The tattoo is going to be part and parcel of you, therefore, think about something that is appealing.


Sleeve tattoos are known to be large and they usually cover a big area of your arm. People have different size of the arms and the size of the tattoos may also differ.

Large and longer arms usually take long to complete tattooing and this is the reason why they tend to be very expensive.

However, the cost will affect everyone differently since people have different size of arms as mentioned earlier. This is the reason why it is important to budget for the art before heading to a tattoo studio.


The tattoo studio and the tattoo artists that you are picking will also affect the general price of the tattoo. Popular artists are very expensive when it comes to charging their clients since they have a huge brand in the market already.

The huge brand has developed since they have acquired lots of experience in the industry due to the number of years they have work.

Well, it is upon you to choose but never shall you compromise on the experience and talent. Less popular artists lack experience and some may ink your skin roughly.

A sleeve tattoo is typically large and detailed thus it requires someone with skills in order to make it look impeccable. Pick an expert that you are one hundred percent sure will give an outstanding customized artwork.


Lots of tattoo studios in the U.S charge customers based on time and most of them usually charge on an hourly rate.

Therefore, you need to know that the more time it takes, the more expensive it will be. Consult your tattoo expert about how long it will take for a complete sleeve tattoo so that you can budget.


The city where the tattoo studio is located also happens to be the determinant of the cost. Cities like New York or San Francisco charges higher rates as compared to small towns in the U.S.

I recommend you find an affordable tattoo specialist outside such big cities and I believe they will do a great work like those in big cities.

Long sleeve tattoos take time to be complete and it is the reason why you should not stray too far from home. Be ready to travel for long as you will make multiple trips to the tattoo studio. This is common if you pick to go for an artist based outside the town.

How Much Does a Full Sleeve Tattoo Cost?

Lots of tattoo studios in the U.S charge their customers on hourly rates. The amount usually varies with the experience and the popularity of their brand. The location of the studio is also the determinant.

It is good to know that famous artists usually charge higher rates, especially if their studio is based in a busy city.

The average cost of a sleeve tattoo at Obama Tattoo Studio is between $50 and over $200. Other studios outside major towns in the U.S usually charge $80 per hour.

The size and the general design of your sleeve tattoo will also determine the cost. Big and detailed designs take a lot of time to be completed hence it will be very expensive at the end of the day.

From my experience, it usually takes a minimum of between ten to fifteen hours to complete a detailed sleeve tattoo. Check on your design and size before considering to go for inking. It might even take eighty hours from beginning to the end.

Generally, the normal charges of a complete sleeve tattoo that looks stunning will cost between $2000 and $16,000. This is usually apart from considering the hourly rates.

In order to get a clear picture and exact information about the cost of full sleeve tattoo, I recommend you consult your tattoo artist.  You will be able to discuss the design and even negotiate the price.

How Much Should You Pay for a Half Sleeve?

Pick a design that is not too complicated and detailed so that you spend less time in the chair depending on your budget.

However, you need to be prepared psychologically that large full or half sleeve tattoos are quite expensive and therefore you need to have a huge budget.

Generally, the overall cost of half sleeve tattoo depends on time and the popularity of the artist. The minimum cost of a half sleeve tattoo is $900. This is totally dependent on the location of the studio.

At Obama tattoo studio, our experts will give you a quotation before starting to work. This will help you to plan and budget your resources well.

Discuss the design of the tattoo with your artist and get to know about the time it will take as well as how much you will spend. You will also get to know some alteration that will be made on the design.


There is no a predefined price of sleeve tattoos. It is dependent on many different factors. Do you have any idea on how much a sleeve tattoo cost does? Well, try to do your research and pick an artist that fit your budget.

Scared about how much a tattoo sleeve costs? Well, discuss with your tattooist and am sure you will come to an agreement depending on the size as well as the details of your sleeve tattoo.

As mentioned earlier, sleeve tattoos tend to consume a lot of time and this may cost you so much. I recommend you break the cost in installment over a certain period of time.

Best Places to Get Tattoos on the Body: Male and Female

The popularity of tattoos in the past two decades has risen rapidly especially among teenagers. Most of the people in the United States of America prefer having tattoos first before even buying a car.

Well, this brings up the biggest question of what is the best places to get tattoos on the body? This is huge indeed. Many people go for tattoos in order to honor something or someone in their life.

Where to get the tattoo on the body depends on an individual feeling and gender. This should not be a big deal for you now. The aesthetic feeling is what is important as far as tattoo design pertains.

In this post, you will get to know some of the famous locations on the body where to can get a tattoo for yourself whether as a man or a woman.

What Are the Most Popular Areas to Get Tattooed On?

The fashion in the modern days has become so dynamic and this is the reason why it is hard to pinpoint an exact location on the body for a tattoo.

Lots of teenagers and adults in the U.S usually copy their icons. When their icons put a tattoo on a certain part of the body, it stirred up the whole generation and the next day all of them will have the tattoo on the same place.

Some parts of the body will remain favorite for many but it usually differs between men and women. Here are some of the highlights for popular places to get tattoos for male and female.

Popular Places for Male

Do you know any best place to get a tattoo for a guy? Well, as men we take pride in ink art on our body. However, there is some best place to get a tattoo that won’t hurt and at the same time bring up an appealing design of the art.

You can spend a lot of time developing a masterpiece of art in order to capture the attention of other people around you.

There are several factors to consider before going to tattoos like workplaces. This is because different managers perceive it in a different way. Try to do something that matches your profession.

 Men are also prone to ingrown hairs so you need to put that one as a factor. The experience of having ingrown hairs on tattoos is unbearable and it can also lead to infection.

You can get any type of tattoo on any location on the body so long as you are able to withstand the pain since it is the order of the day.

Here are some of the popular places for men to get tattoos:

Inner Forearm

Tattoos on this region are quite difficult to hide unless you wear long sleeves. This will make it hard for other people to know the design of the tattoo because of the location.

You should be ready to withstand the pain since the region on the inner forearm is very sensitive as compared to the outer forearm.

The tattoo is going to be there forever and it is good to think through the region you want to have a tattoo. It is too expensive to remove a tattoo, so you need to make an informed decision about the place.


These are the best places to get tattoos that can be hidden for work. The region creates a good canvas for any design of tattoos.

Individuals with big thighs usually get tattoos that look appealing and compelling. When you put on shorts, you can easily provoke the world with your amazing art.

Upper Arm

Most women usually found men with tattoos on the upper arm to be attractive. The region results in tattoos that are much pretty in appearance than any other part of the body.

People with good shape arms usually have a stunning design of tattoos. It provides inspirations to hit the gym in order to make the shape better and astounding.

The pain is not too bad and this means you can easily withstand despite the type of art.


This is a wonderful part of the body where you can display your tattoo easily and it is the reason why so many men prefer it.

These are some of the most exposed part of the arms while in the gym and you can easily leave many people admiring your art.

You can wear long sleeves in order to hide them while heading to work. It is a little bit painful when taking tattoos on the region.


There are a lot of benefits derived from getting tattoos on the back as a man. The size of the back create a good canvas of the tattoo and the design can also be hidden with ease.

The pain is bearable but when the artist is working around the spine, believe me, it is too painful. The drawback is that you will be expected to adjust your sleeping style.

You will be expected to stop sleeping on your back until the tattoo heals permanently.


People with good shape body usually look appealing when they get a tattoo around the ribs. Therefore, you need to hit the gym in order to make your body shape look great.

A tattoo of any design or size will look appealing and attractive. The pain is usually extreme and you will be expected to tolerate it until it is done.

Lower Leg

The popularity of the region is growing rapidly especially among athletes and it provides a good canvas because of the shape.

During the summer months, it will be difficult to cover the tattoo but you can hide the artwork by wearing pants.

Getting the tattoo is painful and it usually takes longer to heal since the region has accumulated lots of fatty tissues.


Wide chest or full front gives you a good canvas for getting compelling and appealing tattoos. The inking around this region is less painful as compared to other parts.

You can wear a shirt in order to hide it while going to work. There is no issue having such type of artwork on your body.

Think about the hairs on the chest before picking the place for artwork. You will be expected to shave or wax the hairs before visiting tattoo studios in order to avoid ingrown hairs on tattoos.

Popular Places for Female

Most women are very selective and this is the reason why there are several factors that determine the location of tattoos on their bodies.

Your occupation matters a lot since there are core values in each and every profession. Like for me, undergoing inking on my body is okay since I need to showcase my business.

Different workplaces have different work ethics and some of your superior may not like employees with tattoos. Getting a tattoo on any part of the body may make them be judgmental.

You need to collect your thoughts well before deciding the part of your body to be tattooed. Ask your artists to draw a sketch using a stencil then have a look at it before making the decision.

The informed decision concerning tattoo placement is good and you can use the sketch to test the waters at your workplace before undergoing the real process.

Here are some of the popular places to get a tattoo as a woman:


The skin around the nap region is the best canvas to showcase the design of a tattoo. The long hairs and the collar of the blouse will help to hide it from the world.

Getting the tattoo on this region is less painful but it can be painful if the design of the tattoo extent to the spine area.

You can find it uncomfortable when the artist is working around the area in order to make the tattoo design to look appealing.

Back and Shoulders

This is the best place for a tattoo on women. Whether small or large tattoo design on these parts will look great. Majority of men prefer women with tattoos on the back since they found it to be attractive.

These are discreet places to get tattoos especially if your workplace values discourages people from body inking. You can easily cover them with your clothes while going to work.

The shortcoming about these regions is when it comes to aftercare routine. Tattoos on the back are difficult to be reached and this implies that you might need a helper for aftercare purposes.

You also need to be programmed on a new sleeping style. Sleeping on your back is highly discourage until you are completely healed.

If you find it hard to adjust your sleeping style then I recommend you find another tattoo placement region so as to enable you to sleep comfortably.


Majority of women love small and delicate designs of tattoos on their fingers. The skin around the fingers is closed to the bones and tattooing the region can be quite painful.

Fortunately, the designs of the tattoos on the fingers are quite small and this means the time spent on inking is just a few minutes. The pain only lasts for a maximum of three to four minutes.

Inner Arm and Bicep

The aesthetic effect of the tattoos on the area is stunning but the pain can be unbearable. The tattoos on the arms are quite hard to hide from the world unless you put on a long sleeve cloth.

Feminine designs of tattoos on the inner arm look great and you can also decide to go for words tattoo. It depends on your tastes and preferences by the end of the day.

Behind the Ear

The popularity of tattoos behind the ear has increased rapidly in the past two years although the skin around the area is quite sensitive. This implies that the pain is also unbearable.

The skin is very sensitive since it thin and very close to the skull. The nerves on the region will transmit vibration and buzzing of the tattoo gun into the brain during inking.

It is a good region where you can hide your tattoo with your long hairs and even sports hairbands. You can easily go with it on the job without anyone noticing.


Tattoos on the ear are trending in every state of U.S. It is a style that is becoming popular among the teenagers because they want to try something new and unique.

According to me, the pain in this region is pathetic but some few people say it is not that bad. I think am going to try this new design some days to come.

What about the noise from the machine? Well, the noise is usually loud and it can even make you suffer from a dizziness or bad headache.

The delicate piece of art makes the tattoo to look amazing and appealing to the world. Do you want to stand out from the crowd as a tattoo addict? Then try the design.


The feminine region forms a pretty ankle tattoo that you are supposed to try. It is painful to undergo inking around the region since the skin is too close to the bones.

However, the amount of pain differs from one person to another basing on the tolerance level. I recommend you pick cute girly ankle tattoos that are small in size so that the time spent is short.


The inner wrist form a magical area for having female wrist tattoos that are small in size. The appearance alone is just amazing but the pain is unbearable.

The region has lots of nerve endings and the skin is also thin. This implies that the amount of cushioning from the pain is quite low. However, it is the best place to get a tattoo.

You can use your watch or bracelets in order to hide the tattoo where it is necessary. It is recommended to allow the area to heal before using the watch or the bracelets to cover it.

Can You Get A Tattoo Over Moles? Everything You Need To Know

Tattoos have seen a huge rise in popularity over the past decade, especially when it comes to the younger generation. Majority of adult Americans are more likely to get a tattoo before their first car.

This brings a big question of can you get a tattoo over moles? Some people will say yes while others will say no.

This is a huge question to answer but by the end of this article, you will get to know if you can get a tattoo over the moles.

What Is a Mole?

The clustering of skin cells together is likely to be the cause of moles on the skin. Moles are usually red or brown or dark in color.

Most of these moles have hairs growing out from the center. However, moles are not skin blemishes and they make some parts of your body to look different from others.

Do not freak out about moles since the majority of them are non-cancerous. If you suspect weird moles sprouting on your skin, it is recommended to consult your doctor for physical examination.

Why Your Tattoo Artist Won’t Tattoo Over Your Mole

There are few tattoo artist in the market who will attempt to ink an area with a mole. Those tattoo artists who avoid doing this are usually known to be well informed with the industry best practices.

Why do most tattoo artists avoid inking area with a mole? The main reason is to do with the quality of the tattoo design and the safety of the skin being tattooed.

Here are some of the common reasons why the majority of tattoo experts refuse to tattoo areas covered with moles.

Getting the Color Right

The main reason to refuse tattooing an area covered with mole is the inability to get the right color for aesthetic purpose. The moles tend to absorb the tattoo ink and they do not behave like normal skin.

I have once tattoo an individual over a mole and I noticed that the mole absorb the ink then it turn out to be more pigmented than initially.

Just know that every quality tattoo you get from an artist is that artist’s calling card. If the artists are not confident, believe me, the tattoo will look pathetic in the long run.

Excessive Bleeding

Tattooing procedures are always accompanied by bleeding and this is considered to be normal. This happens due to frequent trauma did of the skin by the tattoo gun.

However, the tattoo gun usually results in modest and manageable bleeding. This implies that the bleeding usually takes a few minutes and stops completely after you are done.

But this is not the case with the area covered by moles. According to my previous experience, the bleeding will last for some hours than usual.

The excessive bleeding may result in a lot of complications and the design of the tattoo will not come out as expected.

Masking a Health Indicator

The colors of your moles are quite important since they help in monitoring the health condition of your body. This is the reason why so many tattoo artists refuse tattooing such areas on the skin.

You will be able to know if your mole is cancerous when they change their color immediately.  Therefore, when you get the mole tattooed, the natural color will disappear since it will absorb the tattoo ink.

In the long run, you will not be able to detect the health condition of your body easily. It is good practice in the industry to never try tattooing areas with moles.

Treating cancerous moles immediately is a good thing since the research shows that the cells will not spread to other parts of the body.

I recommend you visit your doctor to examine your mole in case you have noticed some drastic changes in the latest days.

Legal Restrictions

United States of American has several states and each state has its own rules and regulations pertaining to tattoos.

The rules are meant to govern mushrooming tattoo studios in every street in the major cities. Some of the regulations prohibit the tattoo artists from inking regions with moles on the skin.

What Can You Do if You Still Want a Tattoo?

Before heading to a tattoo studio, I know you have already think about the best places on the body to tattoo. My best place is on the shoulder and chest.

Sometimes, I know you may be forced to tattoo areas with one or two moles but I recommend you consult your dermatologist first to examine the mole.

Here are some of the options to tattoo an area with a mole without running into a risk that can cause a huge impact on your health.

Incorporate the Mole

The best thing to do is to find ways on how to incorporate tattoo into your mole. Choose a tattoo design that does not match with the color of your mole.

You can simply incorporate the tattoo into your mole without affecting the natural pigmentation of the mole. This will also be achieved if the tattoo is incorporated around the mole instead of over the mole.

Surgical Removal

This is a more radical solution. The surgical removal of the mole should only be done by a professional doctor. It is a simple procedure especially if the mole is not cancerous.

Once the surgical wound on the mole is healed, then you can go ahead to have a tattoo of your choice without any problem.

Note: You can safely tattoo over scars and most tattoo pundits will not have any problem undertaking their duty.


Say no to tattooing regions on the skin with moles. Therefore, you need to find a professional tattoo artist who is aware of the risk of tattooing over moles. This will do you good in the long run.

Congratulation for getting the tattoo of your dream design. Stick to tattoo aftercare routine in order to foster a faster healing process.

Ingrown Hairs on Tattoo and How to Get Rid

Most of us panic when we notice ingrown hairs on tattoo sprouting just after a couple of days after visiting a tattoo studio.

Does ingrown hair on tattoo imply bad reaction to tattoo ink? Will the ingrown hairs ruin the design of the tattoo? Is there any method you can use to get rid of ingrown hairs on the tattoo?

In this post, you will get to know why you should not get worried about the ingrown hairs, the causes and various ways on how to prevent ingrown hairs from developing on a tattoo.

What Are Ingrown Hairs?

It is just simple. Ingrown hairs on the body are those types of hairs that grow into the skin rather than out of the skin.

Normally, ingrown hairs on the skin usually irritate and inflame the hair follicles. The swellings and the formation of red bumps happen to be the main cause of panic among many of us.

Ingrown hairs on the tattoo can be itchy and this can result in an uncomfortable situation to some extent. However, this is not a serious condition since it can be corrected with affecting the design of your tattoo.

Therefore, there is no need to get worried about the presence of ingrown hairs on the tattoos regardless of the location on the body.

In case the ingrown hair begins to release pus, it is recommended to consult your doctor since it usually indicates a bacterial infection.

If the design of the tattoo has been affected by ingrown hairs, then you will be expected to visit your artist again for touch up.

Is Your Tattoo Safe?

Majority of tattoos on the skin are quite permanent since the tattoo gun usually deposit tattoo ink into the inner layer of the skin.

This is the reason why the ingrown hairs will not affect the general design and appearance of your tattoo in most cases unless it results in an infection.

No need to get worried about the ingrown hairs on the tattoos. They do not pose any risk of losing the design or going for another touch up in the tattoo studio.

Did you know ingrown hairs do not comprise the healing process of tattoos? Ingrown hairs are normal especially if you have a body that is hairy but the healing process will continue as scheduled.

Note: If you regularly scratch and squeeze the ingrown hairs, it could lead to an infection around the tattoo and this will result to prolong healing time.

What Causes Ingrown Hair on a Tattoo?

Most of us usually assume tattoo is the reason behind the appearance of ingrown hairs but this is not the case. We usually assume that it is because of the roughness of the tattoo gun or the negative reaction with the tattoo ink.

No need to panic as this is not a sign of tattoo infection or allergic reaction to tattoo ink. Just stay calm and learn how to get rid of these ingrown hairs at the end of the post.

What you need to know is that ingrown hairs have nothing to do with your tattoo or the tattoo ink. You can even consult your dermatologist and seek more advice on how to handle such conditions.

Here are some of the common causes of ingrown hairs on or around the tattoo area:

Wrong Shave

The bad shave is the common cause of ingrown hairs on the skin around the tattoo. Lots of tattoo artists in the city usually shave their clients roughly and this will trigger the formation of razor bumps.

Shaving the hairs too closely to the skin base makes the hairs to curl back into the skin when sprouting back.

Therefore, you need to visit a tattoo specialist who will not shave roughly the hairs around the region where you want the tattoo to be designed.

Tugging at Skin with the Razor

Majority of tattoo artists are not professional barbers and they do not know how to shave the skin in a smooth way. They will keep on tugging the skin after every shave and this could be the reason behind ingrown hairs.

I recommend you use a shaving cream on the client skin in order to shave perfectly and smoothly. Also, avoid tugging the skin of the client with the razor after every shave.

Naturally Coarse or Curly Hair

Yes. These types of hair growth are prone to the formation of ingrown hairs. You cannot blame the tattoo artists or the tattoo to be the cause of ingrown here.

The only thing you are supposed to do is to avoid picking or scratching the ingrown hairs. Just sterilize the ingrown hair and allow your dermatologist to tweeze them out.

Not Exfoliating Regularly after Hair Removal

This is common among many tattoo studios in the city. As mentioned earlier, tattoo artists are not professional barbers and tend to forget to exfoliate the area after shaving. This is the process increases the chances of getting ingrown hairs on the tattoo.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs on a Tattoo

Use the right shaving technique in order to prevent the formation of ingrown hairs around the tattoo. This is the immediate solution especially those people with natural curly hairs.

You will be expected to purchase a new razor that has a sharp blade and then sterilize it to be clean. Moisturize the area with shaving gel before commencing to shave the hairs on the skin.

Shave along the grain gently and do not apply any pressure on the skin with the razor. Rinse the area thoroughly and apply a good aftershave product.

I recommended you do all this work before heading to a tattoo studio. This will not only reduce the chances of getting ingrown hairs but also reduce the cost of having a tattoo on any place on the body.

Treating Ingrown Hairs on a Tattoo

In the most occasion, ingrown hairs usually disappear on their own. In case it takes longer then it could be due to infection and this may result in the formation of a permanent scar on the tattoo.

Therefore, you need to be extra careful when dealing with ingrown hairs on a brand new tattoo on the skin.

The best way to deal with normal ingrown hairs on the tattoo is to let them heal on their own. Avoid scratching or pick the hairs since it will increase the healing time.

In case the ingrown hairs are infected, it is recommended to consult your doctor for a medical prescription.

There is no exact treatment of ingrown hairs but it is recommended to let them grow out since long hairs do not have sharp ends that can penetrate into the skin.


Do you have ingrown hairs on your tattoo? Well, do not freak out since they are not a serious concern. They are unlikely going to interfere with the healing process or affect the general design of your tattoo.

Take into consideration aftercare routine and make sure the tattoos heal well. Proper healing of tattoo will prevent the formation of ingrown hairs on your skin.

Is Tattoo Scabbing Normal? What to do if a Tattoo is Scabbing Badly

Are you freaking out? Tattoo scabbing can be something annoying after all. This is because you have invested a lot of money and time on your skin into a design that you want to appear gorgeous.

Are you concern on how the scabs will affect the look of your tattoo? Well, you should not get worried since scabbing is a normal thing after undergoing inking.

Therefore, it is pretty normal to notice scabbing tattoo. You are only expected to leave the scab alone and it will finally fall off on its own.

You can read one of my post about tattoo healing stages in order to understand the whole process of healing and scabbing is part of it.

In this post, you will get to know what not to do when tattooing scabs and how to prevent thick scabs from forming. Enjoy your reading and you can also leave a comment at the end.

Is Tattoo Scabbing Normal?

Just like any type of open wound on the skin, a brand new tattoo will develop a thin layer of scab on the open wound. This is pretty normal and you are not supposed to get concern at all.

Why do scabbing occur? Well, inking usually leaves the skin punctured by the needle in a single sitting and this is the reason behind scabbing.

The immune system in our body responds by initiating clotting in order to prevent excessive bleeding and also protect the open wound from bacterial infection.

The scabbing process only commences when the plasma is ooze out from the blood and it begins to harden so as to cover the affected area.

Several white blood cells will hover around the scabbed area in order to fight any form of infection as the skin tries to regenerate and repair. You can read more about skin repair mechanism.

Do All Tattoos Scab?

This is another funny question. Yes, all brand new tattoo scabs. I know the type of picture that is being formed in your mind. Scabs that are scaly, thick, and pus-filled or blood filled.

Well, you need to find the best tattoo studio with qualified and experienced artists. If you happen to get one then the skin layer will form a slight scab over the tattoo area.

The scabbed area on the skin will appear slightly raised as compared to other parts. The tattoo will appear cloudy and dull during the initial stages of scabbing.

However, this is pretty normal for any type of tattoo inked on the skin. You need not get freak at whatever cost. Just be patient since, after some days, all the scabs will fall off.

Are you wondering if all those dark scabs on tattoo are normal? Ooh, they do look disgusting at some point but much I can say is that they are normal.

These dark scabs are quite common among those people who have the tendency of inking the same point over and over. I recommend you locate another part of the body for inking in order to avoid the formation of unsightly dark scabs.

Detailed or large tattoos are susceptible to being scabbed since inking has caused a lot of trauma on the skin. Some parts of the tattoo will form thick scabs and other areas slight scabs. This is normal do not freak out.

In case you notice your tattoos are scabbed with dense and thick material, then this may be a sign of serious skin complications. You may be expected to consult your dermatologist for treatment.

Heavy scabbing is prone to skin dryness which may trigger itching and also tattoo cracking. This is common if your artist is less experienced or he is rough while inking.

Speak out to your artist in case you notice he is tattooing deeper into the skin or he is being rough generally. You need to shop out about the best tattoo studio in town before going for any sitting in a studio.

Heavy scabbing is usually link to tattoo infection but it is relatively rare in case the studio follows the right procedures and hygiene measures.

Infection on tattoos can result in a lot of symptoms and some can be disgusting. You need to consult your doctor immediately you notice any signs of infection.

When Do Tattoos Scab and How Long Does Scabbing Last

During day two or three in the healing stage of a brand new tattoo, it will begin to form a scab. The raw tattoo on the skin will ooze plasma in preparation of scabbing in the healing stage.

The scabs will also begin to harden and cover the whole tattoo design. The scabs will remain until the complete healing is achieved and the skin has regenerated again.

The scabs usually form on the upper layer of the skin where it can peel and flake off easily. The stage of flaking and peeling usually last for about seven days. However, in the case of thick scabs, peeling and flaking may go up to ten days.

It is good to keep in mind that thick scabs take long to heal so you need to be patient when flaking and peeling is taking place. You may experience itching sensation but make sure to apply a good thin layer of a moisturizer.

What NOT to do when a Tattoo Scabs

You need to strictly follow certain rules when you have scabbing tattoos. In case you opt not to follow these rules then be assured of the long healing process, loss of ink from tattoo and even infection.

Here are things you are not supposed to do when you have tattoo scabs:

Picking Scabs

This is the first thumb rule you should adhere to. Never shall you at whatever cost pick scabs from your tattoo. It is the common rule during tattoo aftercare routines.

No matter the size or the appearance, never should you pull the scabs on the tattoo. In case you pull the scab, it will tamper with the design of your tattoo.

Tattoo ink usually takes time before sinking to the deeper layer of the skin. Therefore, the healing process will give it plenty of time to sink in order to bring out that amazing appearance on your skin.

Tempering with your tattoo by pulling off the scabs will also force you to go for another sitting and this will be quite painful. You will also spend more money and waste time too.

Picking scabs that are deeper in the skin will also increase the healing time and cause permanent scars on the skin. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when dealing with scabbed tattoos.

Scratching Tattoos

This is a totally too bad idea to opt for. Scratching healing tattoos can have a bad impact on your skin and also your general health.

Scratching scabs on your tattoo make the area to be open again and this may form a channel for bacteria causing diseases to enter.

It will even be worse if you use your fingernails to scratch the region. Fingernails are the host of all types of bacteria. The infection will increase healing time and sometimes requires doctor’s intervention.

If your tattoo itches, try as much as possible to resist the urge of scratching or you can read my post on how to stop tattoo itching overnight.

Use of Lotion

I know it is recommended to keep the tattoo hydrated in order to prevent itching sensation. Therefore, you are expected not to apply a thick layer of lotion on the scabbed tattoo.

What happens when you smooth the tattoo with a thick layer of lotion? Well, the thick layer will make the tattoo unable to breathe and this will result in moisture being trapped in the scabs.

The moisture will make the scabs to become soak, soggy and gooey. This will later result in another problem known as tattoo bubbling.

Therefore, you need to do research about reputable lotions meant for tattoo only. This will help in the prevention of soaking scabs on tattoos in the future.

Submerging Healing Tattoos in Water

Never should you submerge your scabbed tattoos in water. Why? It will also soak up the scabs making them be sticky and gooey.

Some water bodies contain various types of bacteria and soaking the scabs in them will allow entry of these bacteria.

Therefore, during the healing process of your scabs, never should you go swimming and it is recommended to cover the area while taking shower.

How to Prevent Thick Scabs from Forming

Well, prevention is better than cure. But how will you prevent the formation of thick scabs? Wow, this is the most difficult thing to do.

Scabbing is inevitable, it is something that occurs on an open wound on the skin and it is considered to be normal.

Well, you cannot prevent scabbing from occurring but you can induce changes that may cause the scab to be thin and light. This implies that you can minimize the chances of thick and disgusting scabs on tattoo from appearing.

The tattooist will always clean the areas with antiseptic soap gently when done with the procedure and wrap it well in order to prevent entry of bacteria.

During the removal of the wrap cover, you will notice leaky ink, blood, and plasma. This is pretty normal and it will occur for a number of days before stopping.

The leaky fluid substance is used to help in the formation of scabs and in case of too much fluid, you will notice the formation of a thick layer of scab on the tattoo.

Wash the area gently with lukewarm water in order to reduce the size of scab being formed. You can try to scrape off the huge scab gently while washing.

You can read my article roundup about tattoo aftercare routine and this will help you know how to manage healing tattoo at whatever part of the body.

You should also be extra careful while sleeping in order to prevent your scabs from getting a stick on the bedsheets. Do not try to pull off the sheet since it will scrape off the scabs. Instead, just damp the area with water and get out the sheet gently.

This trick of damping the area with lukewarm water should always apply in case any other type of clothing get stuck on the tattoo scab.

What to do if a Tattoo is Scabbing Badly

Always keep in mind not to pull or pick the scabs on your tattoo. This should always be your number one rule after undergoing the inking process.

Picking and scratching is also another enemy of healing tattoos. Therefore, you not even think about picking or scratching the tattoo at whatever cost.

Scratching causes more damage and this may increase the healing process. Try to resist the urge of itching and premature picking of scabs.

Also, you need to be extra careful when dealing with scabs that have stuck on the bedsheets and any other type of clothing.

When taking shower, cover the tattoo in order to prevent any contact of the scabs with water. You will also be expected to stop going for hot tub bath until the tattoo is healed completely.

You need also to be extra careful when cleaning and drying the skin around the tattoo. Always pat the area to dry and try to check if the scab can stick on the towel.

In case of dry and cracking tattoo scabs, just apply a thin layer of moisturizer on it. This will help to rehydrate the area and do not apply a thick layer.

It is recommended to seek medical assistance in case the scabbed tattoo is accompanied by extreme redness and swellings. This could be a sign of something serious but do not freak out.

My Tattoo looks Faded after Scabbing

It usually takes several months for your tattoo to begin looking amazing and gorgeous. From my experience, it took me about two to three months for a clear tattoo design to appear after scabbing.

Your tattoo design will still appear dull despite the scabs falling down. You will need to practice a lot of patience until the dead skin disappears completely.

You will need to consult your tattooist for opinion in case you feel your tattoo design lost a lot of color during scabbing.

My Tattoo Scab is Bleeding – What Should I Do?

It is common to have tattoo scab that is bleeding. Why? You can accidentally get in contact with an object that pulls off the scab. Sometimes the healing scab can get stuck on the cloth or bed sheets while sleeping.

However, the bleeding will only occur if the scabs emerge deep from the skin and any contact can result in bleeding. Always be very careful after inking until the scabs completely fall off.

Extreme bleeding will require a visit to a doctor in order to determine the main cause. Therefore, you should never ignore when the bleeding becomes persistent.


Well, from the information provided above, it is normal to have a scabbing tattoo and there is nothing wrong about it.

I hope you are aware that apart from uncommon circumstances, it is pretty normal to have tattoo scabbing.

Therefore, do not freak out when you notice scabs that are ugly on your tattoo. This is part of the healing process. Congratulation for having tattoo spirit.