Best Places to Get Tattoos on the Body

Best Places to Get Tattoos on the Body: Male and Female

The popularity of tattoos in the past two decades has risen rapidly especially among teenagers. Most of the people in the United States of America prefer having tattoos first before even buying a car.

Well, this brings up the biggest question of what is the best places to get tattoos on the body? This is huge indeed. Many people go for tattoos in order to honor something or someone in their life.

Where to get the tattoo on the body depends on an individual feeling and gender. This should not be a big deal for you now. The aesthetic feeling is what is important as far as tattoo design pertains.

In this post, you will get to know some of the famous locations on the body where to can get a tattoo for yourself whether as a man or a woman.

What Are the Most Popular Areas to Get Tattooed On?

The fashion in the modern days has become so dynamic and this is the reason why it is hard to pinpoint an exact location on the body for a tattoo.

Lots of teenagers and adults in the U.S usually copy their icons. When their icons put a tattoo on a certain part of the body, it stirred up the whole generation and the next day all of them will have the tattoo on the same place.

Some parts of the body will remain favorite for many but it usually differs between men and women. Here are some of the highlights for popular places to get tattoos for male and female.

Popular Places for Male

Do you know any best place to get a tattoo for a guy? Well, as men we take pride in ink art on our body. However, there is some best place to get a tattoo that won’t hurt and at the same time bring up an appealing design of the art.

You can spend a lot of time developing a masterpiece of art in order to capture the attention of other people around you.

There are several factors to consider before going to tattoos like workplaces. This is because different managers perceive it in a different way. Try to do something that matches your profession.

 Men are also prone to ingrown hairs so you need to put that one as a factor. The experience of having ingrown hairs on tattoos is unbearable and it can also lead to infection.

You can get any type of tattoo on any location on the body so long as you are able to withstand the pain since it is the order of the day.

Here are some of the popular places for men to get tattoos:

Inner Forearm

Tattoos on this region are quite difficult to hide unless you wear long sleeves. This will make it hard for other people to know the design of the tattoo because of the location.

You should be ready to withstand the pain since the region on the inner forearm is very sensitive as compared to the outer forearm.

The tattoo is going to be there forever and it is good to think through the region you want to have a tattoo. It is too expensive to remove a tattoo, so you need to make an informed decision about the place.


These are the best places to get tattoos that can be hidden for work. The region creates a good canvas for any design of tattoos.

Individuals with big thighs usually get tattoos that look appealing and compelling. When you put on shorts, you can easily provoke the world with your amazing art.

Upper Arm

Most women usually found men with tattoos on the upper arm to be attractive. The region results in tattoos that are much pretty in appearance than any other part of the body.

People with good shape arms usually have a stunning design of tattoos. It provides inspirations to hit the gym in order to make the shape better and astounding.

The pain is not too bad and this means you can easily withstand despite the type of art.


This is a wonderful part of the body where you can display your tattoo easily and it is the reason why so many men prefer it.

These are some of the most exposed part of the arms while in the gym and you can easily leave many people admiring your art.

You can wear long sleeves in order to hide them while heading to work. It is a little bit painful when taking tattoos on the region.


There are a lot of benefits derived from getting tattoos on the back as a man. The size of the back create a good canvas of the tattoo and the design can also be hidden with ease.

The pain is bearable but when the artist is working around the spine, believe me, it is too painful. The drawback is that you will be expected to adjust your sleeping style.

You will be expected to stop sleeping on your back until the tattoo heals permanently.


People with good shape body usually look appealing when they get a tattoo around the ribs. Therefore, you need to hit the gym in order to make your body shape look great.

A tattoo of any design or size will look appealing and attractive. The pain is usually extreme and you will be expected to tolerate it until it is done.

Lower Leg

The popularity of the region is growing rapidly especially among athletes and it provides a good canvas because of the shape.

During the summer months, it will be difficult to cover the tattoo but you can hide the artwork by wearing pants.

Getting the tattoo is painful and it usually takes longer to heal since the region has accumulated lots of fatty tissues.


Wide chest or full front gives you a good canvas for getting compelling and appealing tattoos. The inking around this region is less painful as compared to other parts.

You can wear a shirt in order to hide it while going to work. There is no issue having such type of artwork on your body.

Think about the hairs on the chest before picking the place for artwork. You will be expected to shave or wax the hairs before visiting tattoo studios in order to avoid ingrown hairs on tattoos.

Popular Places for Female

Most women are very selective and this is the reason why there are several factors that determine the location of tattoos on their bodies.

Your occupation matters a lot since there are core values in each and every profession. Like for me, undergoing inking on my body is okay since I need to showcase my business.

Different workplaces have different work ethics and some of your superior may not like employees with tattoos. Getting a tattoo on any part of the body may make them be judgmental.

You need to collect your thoughts well before deciding the part of your body to be tattooed. Ask your artists to draw a sketch using a stencil then have a look at it before making the decision.

The informed decision concerning tattoo placement is good and you can use the sketch to test the waters at your workplace before undergoing the real process.

Here are some of the popular places to get a tattoo as a woman:


The skin around the nap region is the best canvas to showcase the design of a tattoo. The long hairs and the collar of the blouse will help to hide it from the world.

Getting the tattoo on this region is less painful but it can be painful if the design of the tattoo extent to the spine area.

You can find it uncomfortable when the artist is working around the area in order to make the tattoo design to look appealing.

Back and Shoulders

This is the best place for a tattoo on women. Whether small or large tattoo design on these parts will look great. Majority of men prefer women with tattoos on the back since they found it to be attractive.

These are discreet places to get tattoos especially if your workplace values discourages people from body inking. You can easily cover them with your clothes while going to work.

The shortcoming about these regions is when it comes to aftercare routine. Tattoos on the back are difficult to be reached and this implies that you might need a helper for aftercare purposes.

You also need to be programmed on a new sleeping style. Sleeping on your back is highly discourage until you are completely healed.

If you find it hard to adjust your sleeping style then I recommend you find another tattoo placement region so as to enable you to sleep comfortably.


Majority of women love small and delicate designs of tattoos on their fingers. The skin around the fingers is closed to the bones and tattooing the region can be quite painful.

Fortunately, the designs of the tattoos on the fingers are quite small and this means the time spent on inking is just a few minutes. The pain only lasts for a maximum of three to four minutes.

Inner Arm and Bicep

The aesthetic effect of the tattoos on the area is stunning but the pain can be unbearable. The tattoos on the arms are quite hard to hide from the world unless you put on a long sleeve cloth.

Feminine designs of tattoos on the inner arm look great and you can also decide to go for words tattoo. It depends on your tastes and preferences by the end of the day.

Behind the Ear

The popularity of tattoos behind the ear has increased rapidly in the past two years although the skin around the area is quite sensitive. This implies that the pain is also unbearable.

The skin is very sensitive since it thin and very close to the skull. The nerves on the region will transmit vibration and buzzing of the tattoo gun into the brain during inking.

It is a good region where you can hide your tattoo with your long hairs and even sports hairbands. You can easily go with it on the job without anyone noticing.


Tattoos on the ear are trending in every state of U.S. It is a style that is becoming popular among the teenagers because they want to try something new and unique.

According to me, the pain in this region is pathetic but some few people say it is not that bad. I think am going to try this new design some days to come.

What about the noise from the machine? Well, the noise is usually loud and it can even make you suffer from a dizziness or bad headache.

The delicate piece of art makes the tattoo to look amazing and appealing to the world. Do you want to stand out from the crowd as a tattoo addict? Then try the design.


The feminine region forms a pretty ankle tattoo that you are supposed to try. It is painful to undergo inking around the region since the skin is too close to the bones.

However, the amount of pain differs from one person to another basing on the tolerance level. I recommend you pick cute girly ankle tattoos that are small in size so that the time spent is short.


The inner wrist form a magical area for having female wrist tattoos that are small in size. The appearance alone is just amazing but the pain is unbearable.

The region has lots of nerve endings and the skin is also thin. This implies that the amount of cushioning from the pain is quite low. However, it is the best place to get a tattoo.

You can use your watch or bracelets in order to hide the tattoo where it is necessary. It is recommended to allow the area to heal before using the watch or the bracelets to cover it.