Birthmark in Eye

Birthmark in Eye, Eyelid, Eyeball, Meaning, Causes and Celebs with Birthmarks

A birthmark is a patch of discoloured skin or spot that can either be hard or soft. These spots or skin patches may occur on any part of the body.

Birthmarks could be found on the legs, stomach, inner thighs, buttocks, face and even on eyes.

In this article, you will get to know more about birthmark in eye meaning, causes and some of the celebs in the world who have birthmarks.

You will also discover those birthmarks with port wine stain as well as birthmarks on eyelids.

A Birthmark in Eye Meaning

A birthmark in the eye generally refers to a port wine stain that appears on the front part of the eye, on the iris, under the retina and back of the eye.

According to eye doctors on WebMD, birthmarks on the eyes are harmless and painless.

Birthmarks on the eyes just look similar to eye freckles but they do vary in colour depending on the person skin tone.

On the other hand, birthmarks are caused by the cells that produce the coloured pigment, melanin, in the body.

According to mayo clinic, birthmarks in the eyes occur when the melanin cells produce skin pigment where it is not necessary to like on the eyeball.

A birthmark in eye spiritual meaning, especially on the right or left eyeball, implies that the person is neat, ambitious, selfish and stingy.

People with birthmarks in the eyes tend to be rich, intelligent, emotional, calm and hot-tempered.

According to some Asian myths, people with birthmarks beneath the eyes tend to witch and this has caused a lot of discrimination in most of these countries.

According to some African traditions, a baby born with a strawberry birthmark under the eyes implies that the mother eats a lot of strawberries during the pregnancy period.

There are several spiritual meanings linked to birthmarks. Some myth may be good and others bad.

A person with birthmark between the eyebrows or near the eyes is believed to be attractive and in the process, they tend to enjoy many relationships.

Can You Have A Birthmark In Your Eye?

Birthmark around eye such as on the eyelids, between the eyebrows and under the eyes tends to be very common among many people.

It is quite possible to spot a birthmark in the eyes but you cannot tell. Most of these patches do appear after birth.

According to medical research by eye doctors at Harvard University, people of a Caucasian race are highly prone to getting birthmarks.

The medical term that is used to describe the occurrence of birthmarks under eye is known as a nevus or choroid nevus.

These are basically flat pigmented spots that are greyish in colour beneath the eyes.

According to doctors on mayo clinic, birthmarks compose of a collection of pigmented cells on the retina of the eye. This condition can only be identified during eye examination under the lens.

Despite this unique feature, birthmarks under eyes do not imply any form of abnormality on the eyes. It is therefore important to note that they are not dangerous.

You should also note that birthmarks on eyes are similar to those found on the other parts of the body.

You should keep track of any change in the eye although birthmarks tend to be harmless.

In case of changes, I recommend you visit your eye doctor immediately for examination and diagnosis.

This is because having a birthmark in eye iris that tends to change in colour and increases in size could imply a form of eye cancer.

Early treatment of cancer help to reduce the spreading of cancer cells to another part of the body.

Birthmark around the Eye

A birthmark around the eye is typically a port wine stain that appears at birth due to a proliferation of blood vessels under the skin. They not only found around the eyes but also on other parts of the body.

The best birthmark removal method around the eyes is by use of high-intensity laser treatment.

This form of treatment is quite effective in toddlers and children than adults. It has minimal side effects such as local bruising and discomfort.

It is recommended to consult your optician before adopting any form of treatment for diagnosis and examination.

This is because some stains may require operation in order to remove them permanently.

Sectoral Heterochromia Birthmark

This is a condition where one part of the iris has a different colour from another part of the same iris.

According to doctors on WebMD, this eye condition does happen when the one part of the iris has less pigment than the other part of the same iris.

According to optician on mayo clinic, Sectoral Heterochromia is quite different from full heterochromia since in full heterochromia the colour of the iris in one eye is different from the colour of the iris in the other eye.

You should note that a genetic condition that leads to heterochromia has no symptoms and they do not require any form of treatment.

Animals such as cats are susceptible to heterochromia where one eye has blue colour while the other green.

In humans, the colour of the iris is determined by the amount and distribution of pigment cells in the eyes. In babies, birthmarks are common at birth.

This is because a high concentration of melanin on the iris causes the iris to be dark while a lesser concentration of melanin on the iris leads to a lighter iris colour.

Any form of imbalance of pigment cells in the eyes is what leads to sectoral heterochromia. This imbalance of pigment cells in the iris does not imply any form of eye complications or condition.

According to opticians on Cleveland Clinic, this condition is mainly inherited by children from their parents.

Sometimes, the abnormal colour of the iris could be due to injury that results in internal bleeding. Therefore, this type of iris condition is said to be acquired heterochromia.

We recommend you seek a medical appointment with your doctor in case the colour and size of the birthmark in the eye increases.

The Actress with Birthmark in Eye

You should note that birthmarks do occur on anyone regardless of the skin colour and the social status.

Birthmarks around eyes in celebs are confused to be contact lenses in case they happen to occur. This happens not to be the case since some celebrities tend to have heterochromia.

The article provides a list of celebrities with birthmarks in eyes. However, most of these celebs tend to be adorable and attractive. These birthmarks have not prevented them from trending on top of the world celebrities’ news.

Here are some actors with a birthmark in the eye. They include:

  • Mila Kunis the actress in ‘That 70’s Show’ has one green eye and one brown eye.
  • Kate Bosworth: She is yet another actress with one brown eye and one blue eye (image)
  • Wentworth Miller, the prison break actor, has one blue eye while the other eye is green.
  • Jane Seymour, the Doctor Quinn, the Medicine Woman’s actress has green and brown eyes.

Birthmark on Eyeball

Eyeball in an oval structure within the eye that is composed of very important issues. Some of the common tissues found on eyeball are lens and iris.

There is also fluid in the eyes that help to maintain the shape of the eyeball.

Therefore, having birthmarks on eyeball is not harmful and painful. The iris is vulnerable to an eye birthmark referred to as sectoral heterochromia than the eyeball.

Birthmark on Eyelid, Near Eye Or In Between Eyebrows

The occurrences of birthmarks on the skin have different size and shape.

According to the dermatologist on WebMD, the size and colour of birthmarks help to group birthmarks in different categories.

A common type birthmark on the eye is the angel bite which is a flat red skin patch with rough edges.

This type of birthmark is quite common on the eyebrows and it tends to affect either one or both.

Sometimes, the birthmark can extend in between the eyebrows depending on the size and the cause.

Birthmark under the Eye

Birthmarks on occur beneath the eye just like on the other parts of the body. Both the port wine and strawberry marks are common types of birthmarks that occur under the eyes.

Port wine stains tend to be big while strawberry birthmarks under the eye take the texture of a strawberry.

In case these port wine stains increase in size as stated above, they are likely to affect the vision.

In such a case, birthmark removal may be recommended. This can be done through laser treatment sessions or surgical removal.

Birthmark on White of Eye

The occurrence of a birthmark on sclera which is the whitest part of the eye can be more visible. In toddlers, it may appear as grey, brown, bluish, brown or dark spots or freckles.

According to optician on WebMD, the discolouration on the sclera could be due to excess pigmentation being deposited.

In case the condition does not affect your vision, this is said to be harmless and painless.

Do Birthmark in Eye Needs Treatment?

Most birthmarks on the skin do not require any form of treatment. They tend to remain stable as the child grows.

In the case of hemangiomas, you may need treatment due to its location.

This is because hemangiomas near the eye among children tend to interfere with their vision.

In rare cases, birthmarks can be linked to conditions such as growths in the liver, lungs, stomach, or intestines.

Other forms of birthmark removal methods include:

  • Cryotherapy (freezing)
  • Laser surgery
  • Surgical removal
  • Oral corticosteroids


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