Blisters on Penis Watery, Blood, Painful, Causes, Pictures and Treatment

 Blisters on the penis head, shaft, foreskin, and balls will bring up many questions in the mind. Does it imply it is STD?

Well, the presence of blisters on the penis is one of the most embarrassing skin conditions among men.

The reasons for the occurrence of sores, scabs, and blisters can be very different.

In this post, you will get insightful information about the causes, symptoms and various ways on how to treat blisters on the penis.

You will also get to know how blisters on the penis look like from the pictures.

Blisters on Penis Causes

They include:

Genital Herpes

The most common type of STD that occurs on the penis is herpes. The genital infection is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus and can be acquired through having unprotected sex with an infected person.

The initial stages of the infection are marked by the formation of very painful blisters on the penis shaft and sores on the penis head.

These blisters open up after several days to form a crust then heal.

Most treatment of herpes is meant to relieve the symptoms but not to cure the virus in the body.

This is the reason why you should seek immediate medical treatment from your doctor once you notice the early symptoms.


Eczema on the penis is another serious skin condition that is also marked by the formation of blisters.

These blisters mainly occur due to allergies and burns. This skin condition around the genitals is also marked by itching, skin irritation, redness, and contagious bumps.

Primary Syphilis

This STD is marked by the formation of blisters as an early symptom.

However, these blisters usually disappear on their own without treatment but syphilis usually remains in the blood.

If the infection remains untreated, it can result in malfunction of the brain, heart and other major organs in the body.

This is the reason why it is important to seek immediate medical help since the consequences are fatal.

Yeast Infection

Although yeast infection is more common in women than men, it can still affect men.

The infection is marked by the formation of blisters, skin redness, itching, and swelling.

According to doctors on WebMD, these blisters are usually white in color with red borders.

You should consult your doctor since treatment using home remedies may seem not to work.

Rough Masturbation/Sex

Yes, rough sex can result in the appearance of painful sores and blisters on the penis shaft.

You should note that lack of lubrication during masturbation and sex can lead to penis soreness.

Therefore, you should use a sufficient amount of lubrication during sexual intercourse in order to prevent the occurrence of blisters.

You should also stop having sex or masturbation until the one’s presence vanishes.


There are certain types of blisters that have some features on skin cancer on the penis.

Most of these blisters form sores that don’t heal and usually causes bleeding or oozing of fluids.

However, penis cancer rarely occurs but in case it happens, it is more serious.

You should visit your doctor immediately you notice such symptoms mentioned above.


The condition is extremely rare, especially on the penis. Pemphigus lesions can appear on other body parts including the penis.

It results in the formation of very painful blisters and sores on the penis. These blisters are usually large in size.


The infection around the follicles usually results in the formation of pus-filled blisters on the penis.

These blisters usually appear along the base of the hair shaft. The condition is never contagious according to doctors on mayo clinic.

The infection usually clears up without any form of treatment. This is the reason why it is important to observe a high level of hygiene around the genitals if you are prone to folliculitis.

Bullous Impetigo

This is a skin condition that occurs on various body parts including the penis.

The moisture and warmth around the genital make it be more susceptible to getting impetigo. This environment is more suitable for bacteria growth.

Fixed Drug Eruption

Some of the common side effects of certain medications are the formation of blisters, burning and stinging sensation, fever, malaise and abdominal discomfort.

The skin lesions usually heal after some months leaving behind dark pigmentation. Stop using the drugs in order to prevent reoccurrence of these symptoms.


This is a type of parasitic infection that leads to itching, the formation of rashes, and small blisters on the penis and other body parts.

The infection is spread through sexual intercourse, sharing clothing, bedding, and personal items.

Blisters on Penis Symptoms

Common symptoms of penis blisters include the following:

  • Itching, or burning of skin in the skin area where the blisters appear
  • Blisters or sores on the penis, on and around the anus, or thighs
  • Blisters on lips, gums, and several other parts of the body
  • Aching muscles in lower back, thighs or even the knees
  • Swollen and tender lymph nodes in the groin
  • Loss of the appetite

Painful Blisters on Penis

There are many skin conditions that can manifest themselves into the formation of blisters.

Here are some of the most common diseases that might result in painful sores or blisters on the penis. They include:

  • Genital Herpes
  • Rough Sex or Masturbation
  • A side effect of medications
  • Skin folliculitis
  • Yeast infection
  • Penile Eczema

Watery Blisters on Penis

You can develop watery penis blisters from friction during masturbation or having rough sex.

This is due to due to the vigorous rubbing together of the skin. It can also result in the formation of painful sores on the penis shaft.

This is the reason why it is recommended to use a lubricant in order to avoid friction that may result in watery blisters on the penis.

Also, remember to use protection while having sex in order to prevent infections that might cause the occurrence of blisters.

Blisters on Foreskin Pictures

Generally, a blister is a raise skin bump that is filled with colored fluid like blood or colorless fluid.

In most cases, the fluids inside the blisters are blood, pus, serum, lymph or plasma. However, the content of the blister depends on the underlying cause.

In this post, you will get to know the pictures of friction blisters on penile shaft and blood blister on foreskin due to mechanical injuries. These pictures include:

Penile blisters that are red in color are known as blood blisters. According to doctors on mayo clinic, these blisters are classified as bumps or lumps on penis filled with blood.

Some blisters are swollen and filled with clear fluids. Never pop clear fluid-filled blisters since they might be contagious.

Blood Blisters on Penis

When the outer layers of the skin are forced to separate, it can lead to the development of blood blisters.

The damage to blood vessels near the skin leak blood into it and it appears as a red bubble-like bump filled with fluid.

Friction and physical injury

Having rough sex or masturbation can result in friction and physical injuries on the penile shaft. This is common among people who do not use a lubricant.

Sometimes, you can sustain injuries from allergic reactions to latex condoms or wearing tight underpants.

Primary syphilis

They are marked by the formation of blood blisters on the penile shaft. This is a type of STD that results in the formation of a sole blister on the glans or penis shaft.

These blisters are painless and they usually disappear after some time. These blisters are also known as syphilis blisters.


This is a certain type of skin condition that results in the formation of painful lesions on the penis head.

While the penis glans is the most affected, lesions will also spread to other body areas.

Bullous Impetigo

The warmth and moisture around the genitals due to sweating can result in the growth of bacteria responsible for Bullous Impetigo. It manifests as a delicate blood blister on the penile head.

Blister on Penile Shaft Not Herpes

You can develop a blister on foreskin from friction due to having rough sex or masturbation, penis cancer, and scabies irritation among others as mentioned above.

Genital herpes is among the causes but you should note that not all blisters are caused by herpes.

Some are due to non-STD lesions such as folliculitis, friction, eczema, scabies, and yeast infection.

The following are some of the common symptoms of genital herpes that can be used to differentiate it from others:

  • Tiny blisters that burst and leave red, open sores around the genitals
  • Pain when you pass urine
  • Fever and flu-like symptoms
  • Muscles aches
  • Tingling, itching or burning sensation in the area where the blister will appear

Blisters or Sores on Foreskin and Balls

The foreskin is the sheath of skin on your penis that covers the head or glans.

Therefore, the occurrence of blisters or sores on the foreskin and balls could be due to the following conditions:

  • Inflammations
  • Infections such as bacterial infections
  • Yeast infection on the foreskin
  • Genital warts
  • Syphilis
  • Allergic reactions to certain medicines
  • Foreskin blisters, sores or ulcers

How to Treat Blisters on Penis

There are several types of medications that can help to get rid of penis blisters.

Most of these treatments are meant to treat the underlying cause. Here are some of the measures to undertake:

  • Take painkillers that may help to ease the pain
  • Use anesthetics that relieve both pain and itching
  • Drink more water to make the urine less strong
  • Use lubricants during sexual activity to eliminate the trigger of blisters reoccurrence.

Blisters on Penis Home Remedies

They include:

Tea tree oil

It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help to get rid of yeast infection.

Always dilute the oil before using in order to prevent further reaction on the penile skin. Apply the solution of the affected part of the penis.


This is a typical remedy for blisters on foreskin, head or glans and even around the balls.

It can be consumed orally or grind to form a paste then apply externally. Take a bit of garlic juice or oil and apply to the blisters.

Sandalwood paste

This is the best blood blisters on foreskin treatment since it helps to get rid of the burning sensation.

It is mainly meant to remove heat from the blister. Add sandalwood powder to a rose water.

Add some honey to make a fine paste. Apply the paste to the blisters.


It is a natural astringent that helps to treat blisters on the penis. It can be made into a paste and applied directly. You can also add it in a glass of milk then consume it.

Aloe Vera

The gel of aloe is very beneficial to the skin. It has the ability to soothe and protect the skin from bacterial infections. Apply the gel to the skin when it is raw and fresh.

Witch hazel

It has antiseptic properties that help to soothe the skin and disinfect germs causing various skin conditions.

Apply the extract of witch hazel on the skin directly. The herb can be used also to treat blood blister on the bottom of the foot.


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