Blood Blisters inside Cheek

Blood Blisters inside Cheek Causes, Symptoms, Pictures, Painless & Treatment

A blood blister is a type of blister that occurs when the outer layer of skin and tissues are damage without piercings. Therefore, blood blister inside cheek consists of a pool of lymph, blood and other body fluids that are trapped under the skin in the mouth.

Are you having blood blisters on your cheek? Well, the article provides insightful information about the causing including cancer and various treatment options that can help to get rid of blood blisters in the mouth, inside lip and cheeks as well.

What Is A Blood Blister In The Mouth Cheek?

A blood blister inside cheek is a small lump or bump that is filled with blood and other fluids. Most of these blood blisters inside cheek and lip develop when the blood vessel under the skin becomes damaged.

The rupture of the blood vessel under the skin results in a pool of blood under the outer layer of the skin leading to the formation of a blood blister. According to doctors on WebMD, a painless blood blister inside cheek usually implies that it is neither inflamed nor infected.

Generally, blood blisters inside your cheek are harmless. Painful blood blister inside your cheek occurs when the sore allow entry of bacteria causing infection. However, the infection can be treated using simple antibiotics and other simple home remedies stated in the article.

Causes of Blood Blister inside Cheek

According to doctors on mayo clinic, most oral blisters have no known causes and they do appear anywhere in the mouth spontaneously. Some oral blood blisters are said to be harmless but others could be a sign of a more serious condition.

Some of the common causes of blood blisters in mouth cheek according to doctors on WebMD include:

Blood blister in mouth cancer

Mouth cancer patient mostly experiences the formation of a red filled lump inside the cheek, lip and along the gums. These types of blisters inside your mouth cheek are persistent and they won’t heal. It is advisable to consult your doctors for examination and early treatment to avoid spreading of cancer cells.

Blood blister in mouth after eating

Blood blisters in the mouth are quite common among people who eat hard fibre foods, chew food fast and accidentally bite the inside of the cheek. The injury in the cheek due to accidental bite can result in the formation of blood-filled blisters which might be painful for some hours.

It is recommended not to pop the blood-filled blister. The type of blister due to this cause is harmless and it will disappear on its own after some days. Simply apply an ice pack to ease the pain and inflammation as well as speed the healing process.

Oral herpes

This is the type of dental infection that is caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus. According to doctors on WebMD, it is also known as cold sores. Once you are infected with this type of virus, you will experience the periodical appearance of cold sores on your tongue, inner cheek, the lips, and mouth palate.

Is oral herpes contagious? Yes, the virus can be transmitted from one person to other through body contact as well as sharing infected razors, spoons, and towels. The infection can also be triggered during menstruation among women, a compromised immune system, and general body stress.

It is advisable to visit your doctor for diagnosis and early treatment in order to suppress the virus which will become dormant in the body. It is important to note that the herpes simplex virus can be taken rid of completely but only become dormant after treatment in the body.

Mouth ulcers

These are painful and harmless sores that tend to happen inside the mouth cheek. The mouth ulcers tend to be red, swollen, and soft when touched. However, they tend to clear up on their own and this should not be a cause of medical alarm.

Most of mouth cheek ulcers can be treated using simple home remedies and in case they become severe consult your doctor for treatment. Home remedies tend to reduce pain and swelling.

Angina Bullosa Haemorrrhagca

According to doctors on WebMD, Angina Bullosa Haemorrrhagca usually affects the mucous membrane. According to Doctor Kara Melissa Torres and dirk m Elston, this term is used to refer to those types of blisters that are not associated with any systematic disorder or hemostatic defect.

However, the blood blisters in the mouth cheek caused by Angina Bullosa Haemorrrhagca are generally harmless and heal on their own with little or no treatment at all. Some of the common treatment includes benzydamine hydrochloride and chlorhexidine gluconate.

Malnutrition-lack of vitamin C

Vitamin C deficiency in the body is another common factor that can trigger the appearance of blood blisters in the mouth cheek. These types of vitamins are also useful in the prevention of cancer as well as various infections in the body since it helps to boost body immune system.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat more fruits in order to increase the supply of vitamin C in the body. Some of the most recommended fruits are oranges, grapefruits, and lemons. You can also add some fresh vegetables to your diet too.

Excessive use of tobacco and alcohol

Oral cancer can also develop among people who have a habit of taking in much alcohol and even smoking excessively. Oral cancer mainly attacks the mucous membrane on the mouth cheek and later triggers the appearance of blood blisters.

Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the intake of alcohol and smoking habit in order to reduce the chance of developing blood blisters in the mouth cheek as well as oral cancer. Cancer is only tested for it to be confirming in the mouth.


Patients with diabetes are susceptible to blood blisters in the mouth cheek since the body is unable to produce enough insulin hence trigger the production of adequate body glucose. These types of blisters will also be seen on the fingers and even on the palms.

However, these blisters are harmless and will heal on its own. It is advisable to consult your doctors before taking any type of medication especially if you are diabetic.

Celiac disease

According to doctors on the mayo clinic, the condition is also known as gluten-sensitive enteropathy. This is a disorder that occurs when the small intestines are hypersensitive to gluten. Apart from the formation of mouth cheek blisters, it can also lead to difficulties in digesting food.

According to Dr Craig Calum on WebMD, continue intake of gluten may damage the lining of small intestines making it hard for the absorption of nutrients. This may also lead to an attack by several infections.

Therefore, it is recommended to stop eating food rich in gluten such as wheat, barley, and oats in order to reduce the severity of the celiac disease. You should also visit your health care for examination and treatment that will help to treat the damaged lining of small intestines.

Symptoms of Blood Blister inside Cheek

According to doctors on mayo clinic, many mouth blisters do not have symptoms apart from the blood blisters itself. However, there are a certain group of people who might experience mild pain and burning sensation around the blister site.

It is important to note that symptoms of blood blisters usually disappear when the blister get healed. People may also experience other symptoms depending on the underlying cause.

Blood Blister in Mouth Cheek Pictures

Some of the common symptoms of blood blisters in the mouth cheek are shown below by the picture. The pictures in this article may help identify some of the common causes as discussed above as well as symptoms associated with it.

Your doctor will observe the size and the degree of redness before administering any form of medication. Therefore, the pictures in the post will also give you a hint and form of treatment to adopt.

Blood Blister inside Cheek Treatment

Getting rid of blood blisters generally involves treating the underlying cause and use of simple home remedies. Some of the most effective DIY remedies include:


This is the most common herb used by many people since it helps to treat ulcers, canker sores, bruises, and burns. It is known to contain medicinal properties that help to relieve pain and inflammation.

You can drink chamomile tea twice a day for a few days to get rid of blood blisters in mouth cheek. In case of severe cases, make sure to consult your doctor.

Black Tea Bag

According to medical research, the black tea bag is proven to be effective in stopping the bleeding. It has the ability to constrict the blood vessel and reduce the flow of blood to the surface of the skin. It also has the ability to soothe pain and inflammation as well as speed the healing process.

Therefore, steep a used black tea bag hot water for about 3 minutes and remove it. Then cool it in a refrigerator and later place it on the blood blister. Repeat this procedure about 3 times a day every day until the blood blister disappears.


It has medical properties and this gives it the ability to treat many ailments in the body. It can be used to prevent infections, relieves pain and inflammation. It can also be used to speed the healing process of the blood blisters.

Crash a cone of garlic. Gently, compress it against the blood blister for about 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure 2 to 3 times every day for a few days.

Epsom salt

This is a natural remedy that can help to get rid of blood blisters in the mouth. Epsom salt has the ability to get rid of the pain as well as reduce inflammation. It can also be used to prevent other infections in the mouth.

Rinse your mouth with a solution of Epsom salt, concentrating it on the blood blister. Repeat this about 2 to 3 times a day for a few days to cure the blood blister

Tea Tree oil

This is the most effective remedy for treating blood blisters in the mouth. It has both antiseptic and antifungal properties to prevent infections. It has the ability to relieve pain and inflammation also.

Apply a diluted solution of tea tree oil on the blister for about 5 minutes. Rinse it with cold water. Do this every day until the blister heals.

Witch Hazel

It has the ability to help drain blood blister inside cheek when it is applied to it. It also has the ability to soothe, reduce pain and inflammation.

Apply a little amount of witch hazel juice on the blood blister. Repeat this procedure for about three times a day for a few days when the blood blister will have healed.

Aloe Vera

According to medical research, aloe vera has many benefits as far as health problems are concerned. It helps relieve the blood blister of inflammation and pain when used.

Apply a fresh gel of aloe vera on the blood blister. Twice per day daily for a few days when the blood blister will be gone.

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When to See a Doctor

Most mouth cheek blisters do not require any form of medical or doctors’ care. However, there are some instances where you may require seeking medical attention. Some of these instances include:

  • Frequently recurring blood blisters
  • Blood blisters that do not heal
  • Very large blood blisters
  • Blood blisters that prevent eating or drinking
  • Blood blisters that appear on lips
  • Blood blisters form poorly-fitting dentures or braces

Tips for Healing and Prevention

Blood blisters on the mouth cheek can cause a lot of discomfort and nuisance. Therefore, to help heal blood blisters inside cheek and prevent future occurrence, you should:

  • Avoid hot and spicy foods
  • Remove dentures until the sore heals
  • See a dentist for new dentures if that is the cause
  • Avoid popping the blister
  • Choose soft foods instead of hard fibre foods while the blister is healing
  • See a doctor if the blisters recur often or are large


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