Do Back of Head Tattoo Hurt?

Tattoos are popular body decorations among teens and middle-aged people in the world. The inking process can only be done on specific body parts like head, neck, bicep and foot. 

So, does the back of the head tattoo hurt? Absolutely. The region has numerous nerve endings which tend to irritate when inking. The severe pain can prohibit an individual from getting a head tattoo. 

The head has less amount of fat layer. So the cushion is not enough to protect from needle piercing pain. 

Do Back of Head Tattoo Hurt

However, the ability to withstand tattoo pain tends to vary from one person to another. Some individuals have more power to withstand the tattoo pain than others. 

Besides that, the experience and expertise of the tattooist tend to matter. More experienced professionals know how to minimize pain associated with body inking. 

Let’s find out more:

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How Does It Feel Like to Get Back of the Head Tattoos?

The feeling of getting a tattoo tends to differ depending on the location. However, the sensation of body inking is somehow similar though not scientifically proven. 

Here are some of the common sensations that you might experience while getting a tattoo on the back of the head.

Vibrating Pain

The back of the head tends to be quite bony. The tattoo gun needle pierces the skin above the bones which causes them to pick the vibration sensation. 

However, the vibration pain is not that intense. But individuals with thinner back of the head tend to experience extreme vibration pain. 

Stinging Pain

The pain is described as many tiny bee stings. The tattoo gun needle poking deep into the skin results in intense pain. Thus, you can be tempted to move your head during the process. 

The pain can be mild if the tattooist has a lot of experience. Extreme sharp pain is an indicator the tattooist is a newbie in the industry. 

Scratching Pain

The type of pain feels like an intense scratch across the inking area. Imagine a cat dragging the claws on the floor. 

The tattoo can hurt a lot if the artist concentrates on one area and uses multiple needles at the same time. 

Dull Pain 

When the needle pricks the skin first the body begins to release stress hormones. These hormones tend to numb the pain and it ends up feeling like a dull pimple in the background. 

Besides that, distraction from another activity could intensify the dull pain. We recommend staying focused throughout the inking process. 

Burning Pain 

It feels like something very hot being pressed against the skin. The pain is caused by an artist working for an extended period on the skin. 

The repeated trauma on the skin for a certain duration tends to result in a burning pain which is intensive. 

How to Reduce Back of Head Tattoo Pain

Body inking may take minutes to hours. The pain can be quite intense and this could scare an individual from getting another tattoo.

The good news is that the back of head tattoo pain can be minimized. Here are tips on how to minimize tattoo pain. 

Take Inking Breaks

Always request your artist to take breaks if dealing with the tattoo pain is troublesome. Hence, you will have enough time to recover and be able to tolerate the tattoo pain. 

Consider Experienced Artist 

Insist on seeing certification and check the equipment before getting inked. Ensure the tattooist has sterilized the equipment and wear clean gloves. 

Stay Hydrated

Take a lot of water to keep your skin supple and tight. It will help to reduce tattoo pain during the process. 

Have Adequate Sleep

Get enough sleep before heading to a tattoo studio. Adequate sleep will help settle the mind and endure the pain. 

Try Numbing Cream

There are plenty of numbing creams in the market. Application of the numbing cream will help to relieve the pain during the process. 

Follow Aftercare Routine 

Washing the tattoo, applying ointment and moisturization will help to foster a faster healing process. Besides that, it will help avoid complications associated with raw tattoos. 

What Factors Can Affect Back of Head Tattoo Pain?

There are several factors that can affect the intensity of the head tattoo. These factors are known to influence how you feel the pain. They include:


Women tend to experience more sensation of pain than men. It is due to the chemical and physical differences. But the level of endurance tends to differ from one individual to another. 


People who are used to getting tattoos may have a higher level of tattoo pain endurance than newbies. 

Age and Weight

Research shows that older skin tends to feel more pain than younger skin. Besides that, heavier people have loose skin which makes it more sensitive. 

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Final Thoughts from Expert

No doubt that getting a tattoo is painful regardless of the location. Besides that, there are many factors that may affect how much pain an individual may experience. 

So, do back of head tattoo hurt? Yes. But you need to be aware of the pain, complications, and risks associated with getting inked.