Do Tattoos on the Face Hurt?

Tattoos are very painful but the level of endurance tends to vary from one person to another. Besides that, the degree of pain depends on the location on the body. 

So, do tattoos on the face hurt? Yes. But the pain level depends on the facial location and the individual tolerance level. 

The cheeks and under the eyelid location are the most painful part to get inked on the face. On the other hand, the forehead, nose, chin and temple are the least painful. 

We do not recommend getting inked under the eyelids since the pain is dreadful and the ink injection can have a negative effect in your eyes. 

The good news is that people with large fatty layers on the face tend to experience minimal pain as compared to those with bony faces. 

If you are looking to get facial decorations then it is worth to know how it feels like, the causes of pain and how long the tattoo pain will last. 

Do Tattoos on the Face Hurt?

Do face tattoos hurt? Well, we have carried out research to help you understand face tattoo pain and how to minimize the pain in the long run. 

Why Do Face Tattoos Hurt?

Facial tattoos have cultural meanings among many communities. They are carried out as a rite of passage and to others as part of body decorations. 

Here are some of the reasons behind extreme face tattoo pain. Take time to read through before heading to a tattoo studio. 

Skin Piercing

Tattoos are permanent since it involves piercing the dermis layer of the skin with a needle. The procedure tends to cause trauma on the skin and result in pain. Keep in mind that laser treatment is the only method for removing permanent tattoos. 

Tattoo Ink Application

Application of the tattoo ink into the dermis layer of the skin results in blood clots. Hence later creates bruising. The bruised region needs to be handled with great care to prevent infection. Prepare to experience pain during the aftercare routine. 

Damaged Skin

Repeated piercing of the dermis layer with a tattoo needle causes damage. The region later starts to swell up and this triggers pain. The good news is that swelling is a body response mechanism and fosters a faster healing process. 

Note: Face tattoos are simple in design and they do not have depth. According to the tattoo pain scale, facial tattoos have a pain level of 7 out of 10. 

If you fear the tattoo pain then we recommend henna tattoos and decal temporary tattoos. They are painless and not permanent. 

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How Long Does Face Tattoo Pain Last?

Tattoo pain differs from one person to another. Some people have a higher endurance level than others. 

So, how long does face tattoo pain last? Well, immediately after the completion of the procedure. Keep in mind that the pain tends to be intense during the operation. 

However, the swelling will result in bruising and soreness. These signs tend to make the pain escalate to some degree. 

Also, the swelling could last for a week. Hence, you need to be ready for the task and pain. Psychological preparedness is key when thinking about getting inked. 

What Does a Face Tattoo Feel Like?

Facial tattoos are body decorations that are gradually growing in popularity especially among pop stars. 

So, how does a face tattoo feel like? Well, the experience tends to differ depending on the location and individual’s pain tolerance. 

Injection of the tattoo ink into the dermis layer of the skin makes an individual to experience stinging or sharp pain. 

Besides that, the feeling of outlining the tattoo design is more painful than shading. However, this tends to be quite different depending on the person. 

Another important feeling is the burning pain. It is commonly after the completion of the procedure. The pain occurs when the inked region starts to swell. 

How Much are Small Face Tattoos?

The average cost of a small face tattoo like a heart or cross range from $50 to $250. There are a lot of factors that determine the average cost of getting inked and size is one of them. 

Also, the experience of the tattoo artist is crucial. Trained and experienced tattoo artists are quite more expensive than newbie tattooists. 

We do recommend getting inked by an expert since they have required tools and experience in the industry. 

Besides that, the geographical location of the tattoo studio tends to determine the price. People living in big cities tend to incur higher costs than those in smaller cities. 

Are Tattoos on the Face Illegal?

Facial tattoos are both body decorations and cultural display. The rules of getting body inks tend to differ according to the states in the US. 

Each state has its own rules and they define body parts where a person can get a tattoo. Failure to adhere to the rules may result in an expensive fine. 

For instance,Oklahoma was the first state in the United States to ban facial tattoos. Therefore, getting face tattoos regardless of your religion is illegal. 

Also, it is illegal to get a tattoo near the eye socket in the state of Georgia. You are likely to get fine or probably get detained. 

Besides that, some states prohibit getting inked while drunk since it could cause excessive bleeding. Alcohol tends to thin out blood. 

Are Face Tattoos a Good Idea?

The location of the tattoo is a matter of choice and preferences. Keep in mind that permanent tattoos are hard to remove unless you opt for laser treatments. 

So, are face tattoos a good idea? Well, it is not a great choice to get face tattoos. The tattoo is more likely to fade, could look blurry, and might be mistaken as a murder. 

Besides that, the facial region tends to be bony and has numerous nerve endings. Hence, the pain can be intolerable even if you have a higher endurance level. 

Can You Get a Job with Tattoos on Your Face?

Face tattoos are scary and I doubt if there is a company that will recruit such types of people. You are likely to be disqualified during a job interview. 

However, there are some jobs that you are likely to get absorbed in, especially those that do not involve direct contact with the clients. 

The most common jobs that do not allow getting face tattoos are educators, law firms, police officers, healthcare professionals and receptionists among many others. 

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Final Thoughts from Expert

Face tattoos can hurt at different degrees depending on the location. Some of the least painful parts to get a tattoo are forehead, chin, nose, temple and around cheek bone. The most painful regions around the face are the cheek and under the eyelid. 

We do not recommend getting inked under the eye since the tattoo ink and the needle can affect the functionality of the eye. Read through the guide before making an informed decision on whether to get a facial tattoo or not.