Finger Tattoo pain

Finger Tattoo Pain: How Much Do Finger Tattoos Hurt?

Going for a tattoo design in tattoo studio means you have thought about it and you are ready for the mark. The good news is that finger tattoo pain is extreme but it differs from one person to another.

The pain is worth though and the level of tolerance will enable you to withstand the pain for some few minutes.

Finger tattoo is becoming popular and trendy in the world of dynamic fashion. Most celebrities in rock and hip hop happen to be the main users of this type of tattoo.

The most common celebrities with finger tattoos are Miley Cyrus, Cardi B, Johnny Depp and Beyonce. This is the reason behind the popularity of the tattoo in U.S.

How much do finger tattoos hurt? Well, let’s take a look from the information provided in the post.

How Much Do Finger Tattoos Hurt?

Getting a tattoo on any part of the body is going to hurt. You need to have a strong level of tolerance when going for the inking process.

However, the extent of pain from tattoo procedures vary depending on the location on the body. Fingers are places to get tattoos on the body but they are very painful.

Have you ever been burned by a hot poker? Well, finger tattoo hurts a lot. You need to get prepared for the inking psychologically.

However, every individual has different pain threshold and it will never be the same. Some people will say the pain is less while other will say it is too much. There is no exact answer for how much a finger tattoo will result.

There are lots of nerve endings on the hands and fingers for every human being. The fingers are less fortunate since they have thin layer of fatty tissues as well as muscles. Therefore, they are unable to be cushioned from the tattoo gun needle.

The bones and the knuckles of the fingers are too close to the surface. This implies that there is less protection. The nerves and sensors become very sensitive to the needle of the tattoo gun thus this happens to be the reason behind much pain.

If you are unable to tolerate the pain of getting a tattoo on the finger then I recommend you consider another location on the body where you will have high tolerance.

The good thing is that the design of finger tattoo is usually small and am sure you can withstand the pain since it will take little time.

The size of tattoo and design will determine the severity of the pain during inking procedure. You need to select a design that will take less time in order to experience less pain.

You can use a reputable and popular cream product before as well as after tattooing in order to reduce the extent of the pain.

Ways to Make Finger Tattoos Hurt Less

There are several things you can do in order to reduce the extent of the pain. However, my suggestions are not one hundred percent guarantee to reduce the pain but they will make the pain bearable.

Try Numbing Creams

There are several numbing creams in the market that will help to reduce the severity of the pain. This is usually considered as an immediate medical fix method.

I highly recommend you consult your tattooist before applying the numbing cream on the tattooed area. The artist may recommend the best numbing cream typically meant for tattoos.

Numb 520 is the most popular and reputable numbing cream for tattoos. The cream can be used before and after tattooed. The cream has the ability of reducing the finger tattoo pain in the long run.

Stay Hydrated the Right Way

Well hydrated body implies that the skin is also well hydrated. The skin that is hydrated, it will take the tattoo ink more easily and it will make the whole process very easy.

Huh! This is not something that you can achieve in one day by taking several glasses of water before the big day.

It is recommended to take a lot of water few weeks before heading to a tattoo parlor. During this period, focus on hydrating your body on a daily basis in order to meet the standard.

You should not drink too much water instead take the recommended number of glasses per day. You do not need to tank yourself with pounds of water.

You can read more on how much you need to take per day from here.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Most people believe it is a good idea to have a few stiff of alcohol prior to your appointment. But I say NO. Alcohol does not ease the tattoo pain instead thin out the blood.

When the blood is thin out, you are likely to bleed a lot during inking since the body will be unable to hold the blood.

I recommend you stop or pause drinking for few months in case you are planning to go for body inking. This is because if you have been drinking, you may be more fidgety than normal.

Wriggling in alcohol will never reduce the extent of the pain but it will increase the healing time for your tattoo. Caffeine is another stimulant that come from tea and coffee. It can also affect the healing time of your tattoo.


Finger tattoo pain is variable as mentioned earlier. Different people perceive the pain differently. But you need to be prepared mentality before going for body inking in a tattoo parlor.

You also need to put the factors stated above into consideration in order to ease the pain and fasten the healing process of your tattoos.

Note: Too much alcohol is not good for your general health. It will make the blood to thin and this will trigger excessive bleeding. Tattoo aftercare instructions are also important to put into consideration if you want to heal properly.