Foot Tattoo Pain: How Bad Do Foot Tattoos Hurt?

Foot tattoo pain is one of my tattoo pain series and I thought is worth to share with you. We will be discussing how much foot tattoo hurts and foot tattoo aftercare routines.

Before we start the discussion, I know foot tattoo is for crazy people, right!

I have seen so many people coming for this kind of tattoo design and I was like, are you serious? Do you really want to do this?

The response is always yes…

Well, almost all types of tattoos hurt but it depends on different factors. The main determinant is the location of the tattoo on the body.

In this piece, you will get to know the foot tattoo placement that is most painful and least painful. Continue reading in order to get yourself prepared for this.

Do Foot Tattoos Hurt?

Of course yes.

All tattoos do hurt. Therefore, foot tattoos are not an exemption. The degree of pain varies from one person to another.

According to our research, foot tattoos are more painful than other parts of the body. You should prepare psychologically before stepping into a tattoo parlor.

There are so many factors behind the foot tattoo pain. The skin surrounding the whole foot is thin and it is fully covered with nerve endings.

The vibration of the tattoo gun usually causes a lot of discomforts when inking the skin on the foot since the needle penetrate near to the bones.

The feet are known to be bony everywhere and this even makes the parts that are not close to the bones like the bottom of the feet to be also sensitive.

During the tattooing process, the vibration sensation caused by the needle while entering into the skin can trigger that painful feeling. This is the reason why tattoos on the feet tend to be uncomfortable.

However, a lot of people are still going for feet tattoos and for this reason, I think the pain is not that bad as I thought initially.

Our personality determines how a tattoo feels like. If you have a high tolerance level then you will be able to cope up with the pain and discomfort easily.

Every person experiences the pain differently and therefore, you may get a foot tattoo without experience much pain.

Do not allow the past experience of your friends discourage you from getting a foot tattoo of your dream. It is good to experience the pain on your own in order to develop your own experience.

Look at your foot…

It looks pretty ugly right! Well, get your mindset right in order to lift its appearance with amazing foot tattoo design. Pick the design that matches well with your appearance and fashions.

How Long Does A Foot Tattoo Take To Heal?

The healing process of foot tattoo begins immediately after the inking process. You will experience a lot of discomfort during this time but they will diminish when the healing is complete.

You will experience itching sensation throughout and it is recommended never to scratch that area that has a tattoo. This is in order to prevent infection on the area.

Healing process undergoes the normal tattoo healing stages and it might take about ten to twelve days for it to heal completely.

Can you wear socks after a foot tattoo? Well, I do recommend you go barefoot for some time until some scabs are formed. However, you can wrap the tattoo with a clean badge then cover it with a sock before putting in your shoe.

Ensure the inked area is clean and moisturized in order to speed up the healing process. In case you get a sunburn on the tattoo, it will take longer to heal.

NOTE: Put on shoes that are light and not tight in order to prevent friction from occurring.

Foot Tattoo Pain Scale or Spots

Foot tattoo pain after inking is normal but it usually subsidized after some few hours. Here are some of the spots on the feet that are very painful when inking.

Toe Tattoo Pain

Toe tattoos are for crazy people, right! Most people who like tattoos on the toes have a high tolerance level of pain. This is because the toes are bony thus you will experience a lot of pain while tattooing.

Therefore, the deeper the tattoo needle goes into the toe, the more the pain you experience. The good news is that the area around the toes is not big hence the time of tattooing will be short.

You will be expected to develop a good mechanism on how to withstand the pain during the tattooing process.

Bottom of Foot Tattoo Pain

There are a couple of reasons why many people do not like tattooing the bottom of the foot. To begin with, the skin around the bottom is highly wrinkled and the tattooist will find a hard time to design the artwork.

Secondly, the design of the tattoo will fade away after sometime due to frequent friction while walking in foot wrap with socks and shoes.

Also, the intensity of pain at the bottom of foot after tattooing is so much just like at the top of the feet. You need to a person who has the ability to withstand much pain in order to pursue it.

The side of Foot Tattoo Pain

There is a lot of flesh around this region hence the pain is not that intense like the top of the feet. The excess flesh helps to cushion it from the tattoo gun needle.

The side of the foot is usually narrow hence does not provide adequate space of the tattoo design. Therefore, the tattooist will creep the design up to the top of the feet which has mentioned earlier will result in a lot of pain.

Top of Foot Tattoo Pain

The anatomy of the feet shows that the top of the feet is highly bony and it is covered with a thin layer of skin. The region also has numerous nerves ending. If you opt to get a tattoo on the top of the feet then be prepared to experience much pain.

How to Make Foot Tattoos Hurt Less

There are a number of things to put into consideration in order to make foot tattoo least painful. These factors include:

Choose a small size tattoo design

Foot tattoos have become popular in the recent days despite them being painful. However, most people prefer simple designs that are small in size in order to combat the intensity of pain. According to our experts, the smaller the tattoo the little amount of pain you experience.

Pick a Gentle Artist

Regions that are bony on the body requires a gentle tattooist. If you pick a rough artist then expect to experience much pain in the long run.

Unfortunately, you will still experience a lot of pain tattooing the feet but the gentle artist will maneuver to come up with ways in order to make it less painful.

Use a Tattoo Numbing Spray

You need to develop your mindset before heading for body inking. This is because the unsettling mind will result in a lot of panic and pain.

Fortunately, there are a lot of reputable numbing creams or sprays for tattoos. They will help to reduce the amount of pain that you are likely to experience.

You should note that the effectiveness of these creams or spray varies a lot from one person to another. Some few people will enjoy the experience after application of the creams while others will not at all.

How to Care for a Foot Tattoo

Feet are normally used on a daily basis thus you need to be extra careful on how much you care for your tattoos. When the process of inking is over, you will be expected to reduce the amount of pressure applied on the feet.

You will also be expected to avoid wearing footwear until the healing process is over. This may imply that you take some few days off from work in order to experience the best healing process.

Keep the area moisturized in order to prevent any formation of bad scabs that occur as a result of dryness. Avoid wearing socks in order to prevent pulling of the already formed scabs due to friction.

Bottom line

Getting inked on the feet is not as bad as people may think but you are likely to experience some a bit of pain. The amount of pain will vary from one person to another. It will never be the same at all.

Where comparing the level of pain with other parts of the body, foot tattoo pain is much higher than them all.

You should always put at the back of your mind that the level of tattoo pain matters with the person able to tolerate it.