Getting Your Ears Pierced: Everything You Need To Know

Getting your ears pierced can be emotional especially if you are the first time. Ear piercings are very common and it is popular among everyone in the U.S

I know there are several questions running in your mind if it is your first time to get your ears pierced. Does it hurt to get your ears pierced? Well, let’s find out from the information provided below.

Does Getting Your Ears Pierced Hurt?

It is the biggest worries for any first time person. For sure ear piercing has some extent of pain just like any other body piercing.

The good news is that ear piercing is among the least painful body piercing one can get. Let’s find out more detail information here:

Everyone is Different

The ability to tolerate the level of pain when getting your ears pierced depend on an individual. Some people consider earlobe piercings to be the least painful while others pick it as the most painful.

I know it will hurt but the pain usually subsidized immediately. By the end of the day, you will look appealing after wearing those stunning jewelry matching with your fashion.

Subsequent Pain

During piercing session, you will experience some sharp pain in the ear but it will be replaced by a dull and throbbing pain.

This type of pain will last for some minutes as compared to the initial pain. The pain is tolerable and it usually stops once you get distracted.

Throbbing sensation is usually an annoying stage and it results in the worst experience in the world. The good thing is that the sensation can be tolerated as time goes by.

Once the piercing is healed, you will be expected to avoid direct impact on the ears since it will cause some injuries. You will also be expected to wait for some months be thinking about ear stretching.

Initial Pain

Ear piercings is usually accompanied by two types of pain such as initial pain and subsequent pain as mentioned above.

The two types of pain usually happen immediately after the piercing procedure is over. Depending on the level of tolerance, it can be painful to some extent.

The good news is that the initial pain is sharp but brief. Most people describe the sharp pain as a strong pinch on the ears. Others describe it as a more intense sensation kind of pain on the ears.


The location of your piercing on the ears will determine the level of pain that you will experience. Piercings along the edges of the upper ear and the earlobe tend to be less painful as compared to piercings on the inner ear.

If it is your first time to get ear piercings, I recommend you start with piercing earlobes in order to avoid intense pain sensation. Helix piercings is the best for first timers while industrial piercings are the best for more experienced people.

Needle vs. Piercing Gun

Lots of piercings studios in town use needles. But it is not recommended to pierce the earlobes with needle. Use piercing gun if you want to get your ears pierced in location where there is no cartilage.

Majority of first timers do not have full knowledge about how a piercing studio looks like and this is the reason why they know piercing gun only.

Shop your jewelry in advance from shops selling accessories and you will be able to tell the piercer why you do not need to get pierced with a piercing gun.

Let’s find out more about the differences between needle and piercing gun here:

How They Work

Needles meant for piercing are sterilized and packed together. They are designed with hollow appearance in order to make it easy for cleaning.  The piercer will pierce the skin of the ear and then insert the earrings that you bought.

On the other hand, the piercing gun is a reusable device that does not use any kind of needle to get your ears pierced.

The stud is inserted into the piercing gun and it will then be pushed into the ear by the gun during the piercing process. Here you will be saved from additional work of inserting the jewelry.

However, the pain experienced when using piercing gun is more intense than needle since the gun is blunt. It is the reason why more force is used when pushing the stud through the skin of the ear.

The Problem with Piercing Guns

Sterilization of the piercing guns can be the biggest problem ever. This is the reason why it is recommended to use a new stud in the ear after piercing.

However, the blood from the previous piercings can get stuck in the gun despite sterilization and this can put you at the risk of contracting hepatitis and other diseases transmitted through blood.

The good thing about piercing guns is that you can easily clean them but sterilization can be a headache. This is the reason why you can find it hard to remove the pathogens causing diseases completely.

According to Association of Professional Piercers, it is not recommended to use piercing guns since they are made up of plastic which prove to be hard to sterilize using reputable methods.

Piercing guns can be used by anyone to perform the procedure since they tend to be simpler than needle. Getting your ears pierced with piercing gun can be done by someone who has not received any form of training and this is not advisable at all.

Although they might do a good job but it is good to think about the impact and the risks associated with the piercing guns.

Note: You should dare not take your young child for piercing in a studio that uses piercing guns since you will be subjecting her to some risks.

What about Ear Piercings for Children?

Lots of people prefer taking their children for a piercing in a shop that uses piercing gun since they believe it is the best. From my experience, I will say a big NO.

Children who want their ears to be pierced should only be done by a professional piercer. The gun does not look intimidating and it is the reason why most parents prefer it.

The needle is safer, clean and causes less pain as compared to the piercing gun. It is the reason why it is highly recommended. Ear piercing with needle can be done by professionals only.

Choosing a Reputable Piercer or Piercing Shop

It is highly recommended to work with professionals as mentioned above. This is because they are highly trained and they know what they are doing.

Therefore, you should never allow someone who is not trained to pierce your ears even if they are doing it at low prices. Think about the risk and other impacts on your ears.

Visit a piercing studio or a tattoo parlor for your ear piercings even if it is earlobe piercings. You should not trust any business blindly but read about their reputations.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for a professional piercer in the town. The factors include:

Clean Facilities

Getting your ears pierced safety means that you do it in a clean environment with clean equipment. If their equipment are not kept well, then think about the kind of service they are going to offer to you.

It is quite easy to detect the sense of cleanliness in a tattoo parlor when entering inside. If the cleanliness does not meet your standards then walk out.

Licensing and Training

If you are new in the studio, ask for the credential for the shop before getting pierced on your ears. Seek the business license in order to know the business is legit. The business license is usually displayed on the wall of the parlor.

Get to know the kind of certification and training the piercer has gone through before rendering them your ears for piercing.

Do not trust anybody simply because they have been in the business for over some decades and they have never underwent any form of training. Most of them do not know how to prevent contamination on the piercing equipment.

Sterile Equipment

Sterilization of the piercing equipment comes first before anything else. Sterilization is usually done by autoclave and you can inquire if the studio has one.

Reputable studios and experienced piercers will not be annoyed when you ask about the device since they know you want to have a safe piercing.

Ensure the piercer is using a new needle from the package since these needles are used one per person. Needles for ear piercings are never clean or disinfected to be used on another person.

At Obama tattoo, we usually set up our piercing equipment in front the customer so that they can certify what we are using if they meet their standards. Seeing induce trust among them.

Do Your Research

Reputable piercers usually receive positive reviews on the online platform. This has happen in the recent days because every business is going online in order to acquire more potential customers.

Does the studio portfolio meet your standards? Read the reviews and ratings given by the previous customers. However, be very careful since there are some businesses that write reviews on their own.

The reviews from genuine people will give you a hint about the studio and you will be able to make an informed decision pertaining to the studio.

Trust Your Intuition

Does the piercer seems to be after money? Well, you need to read their mind before sitting down because you will need them to offer advice on the best earring to put on after piercing.

Tweak them with some few questions in order to learn something unique about their services and main intention. Ask them about types of jewelries that do not cause allergic reaction on the ears after piercing.

If they fumble in answering such simple questions then I will recommend you find another studio for your piercings. Select a studio with more friendly staff and those that are caring.

Deciding Which Jewelry You Would Like

Not all types of metal that will work on your body especially if you have never had piercings on your body.

There are varieties of jewelries made from different types of metals such as titanium, rose gold, silver, and yellow, white and among many others.

Here you will need advice from your piercer but this is done through trial and error. You will be expected to wear one kind of the earring and see if it will react with your skin.

Most people tend to experience nickel allergies and most of them do not know until they develop piercings that won’t heal.

I recommend you pick hypoallergenic jewelry and stay away from either nickel or alloys of nickel jewelries.

If it is your first time, I recommend you pick the location on the ear that will heal quickly and also remember to select lightweight jewelry. Once the ear piercings are healed then you are free to upgrade to heavier jewelries.

Although the type of jewelry is aesthetic, it is recommended to pick jewelries that match your fashions and general looks. Small rings are simpler to clean as compared to studs but I recommend studs since they are manageable.

Make Sure You Follow a Good Piercing Aftercare Routine

Following piercing aftercare routine religiously will help to foster faster healing and also prevent infection from occurring.

Getting your ears pierced means you are aware of the right aftercare instructions. If you stick to these routines, the pierced ears will heal within some few weeks or one month at maximum.

Most of these aftercare routines are very simple and straightforward. Here are some of the common routines you need to follow:

Stay Away from Irritants and Bacteria

After piercing your ears, ensure it does not get into direct contact with your hairsprays since they contain some metal components that might cause irritation.

Try to avoid wearing headphones since they tend to transmit germs from one point to another and this might result in ear infection around the pierced area.

Use mild and antibacterial soap to wash the area on a daily basis in order to remove the dirt.

Saline Spray

There are lots of saline spray in the market in the recent days. You can use the spray to clean the pierced area in order to foster faster healing.

There are a lot of recipes on the online platform but you need to exercise a lot of caution before attempting to follow them.

Buy saline sprays that have a reputation by checking the brand of the company in order to avoid getting a fake one that might ruin your ear after piercing.

Leave Your Jewelry In

Many people tend to remove the jewelry once they notice it is infected but this is not advisable at all. Leave the jewelry intact but keep on cleaning the region on a daily basis.

According to our experts, removal of the jewelry while the piercing is healing will make them to close up. You will find it hard to insert the jewelry inside after the infection is gone and this will force you to redo.

See a Doctor if You Get an Infection

Do your pierced ear swelling up and becoming painful? Well, this is usually a sign of infection. Seek an appointment with your doctor for treatment.


Lots of American women love getting their ears pierced. This make them to look appealing and amazing in their general appearance.

But it is good to get your ears pierced in the right way. Find a reputable professional ear piercing studio for your ear piercing procedure. Stay away from piercing your ears from a mall.

Select the right jewelry for your piercings and get to know that not all types of jewelries will work for you. Consult your piercers about all the types and remember to follow the aftercare routine seriously.