How Bad Do Chest Tattoos Hurt?

How Bad Do Chest Tattoos Hurt

Chest tattoos have been known for masculine individuals since ancient times. But they are becoming popular gradually into vogue especially among women. 

So, how bad do chest tattoos hurt? The pain scale is relative. It is among the most painful parts to get a tattoo. However, the pain tolerance depends on an individual and size of the tattoo design. 

The main reason behind the popularity of chest tattoos is the ease to hide. Hence, you can easily attend your official duties with them. 

However, the chest region tends to be super sensitive and it is classified as a high pain area. Getting a permanent tattoo around the body part is painful regardless of the size and simplicity.

Keep in mind that chest tattoo pain depends on the individual tolerance level. Some people tend to complain about the pain while others believe it is less painful. 

Why Do Chest Tattoos Hurt More?

All tattoos hurt. The most exciting thing is that chest tattoos are beautiful especially on musculine people. Pain endurance tends to differ from one person to another. 

Tattoos on the chest are painful due to the proximity to the sternum bone and ribs. Bony regions are termed to be the most painful. 

Besides that, the chest has super thin skin. Hence, it is unable to provide adequate cushion against the tapping needle during the design. 

That’s not all. The nature of the skin condition plays a vital role in determining the amount of pain. Bustier skin tends to be hard to ink and this is the reason behind the extreme pain. 

Also, most chest tattoos are large and complex. Keep in mind that more detailed tattoos take time to design and this could result in a lot of pain during the process. 

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What Does a Chest Tattoo Feel Like?

The chest is among the most sensitive body parts and this is the reason behind the extreme pain. However, the severity of the pain tends to differ from one person to another. 

Most tattoo enthusiasts tend to describe the sensation as sharp tapping and constant motion during the inking process. 

The sharp tapping motion makes the whole process uncomfortable. When the needle comes close to the bones, it sends a vibrating feeling throughout the body. 

The uncomfortable sensation causes more pain but chest tattoos are among the most popular body decorations in the world. 

How Long Does a Chest Tattoo Take?

There are many factors that determine how long a tattoo takes to be designed and also heal. Stating the exact time about chest tattoos could be a lie. 

So, how long does a chest tattoo take? Well, this is a complex question to answer. The truth of the matter is that there are many variables involved. 

Therefore, the duration of tattoo design depends on the size, expertised of the artist and the equipment being used. 

Small and simple tattoos are quick to design while large and complex chest tattoos may take a lot of time to design. 

How Do You Make a Chest Tattoo Hurt Less?

Chest tattoos are the most painful according to the tattoo pain scale. The good news is that there are various ways on how to make them hurt less. These tips include:

Go Small and Simple 

Small and simple tattoo designs won’t take long. Hence, make the whole process less painful. Therefore, if you are looking to get a chest tattoo then you need to choose the design wisely. 

Take Adequate Rest

Plenty of body rest is quite important before getting inked. The rest help to increase the level of tolerance. Therefore, we recommend getting enough rest before the chest tattoo appointment. 

Stay Sober 

 Many people believe getting drunk is one of the ways to be courageous and pain resistant. The truth of the matter is that this is a myth. 

Research shows that alcohol and caffeine tend to thin the blood. Hence, the chances of bleeding excessively is quite high. Besides that, it hinders the design of the tattoo. 

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Body inking is a process that takes time. The needle tapping on the chest can be quite uncomfortable. Listening to your favorite artist during the process can help to ease the pain. 

Try Numbing Products

Chest tattoos are a great enhancement on the body. But the pain of getting the tattoo is unbearable. The good news is that there are numbing creams that can help to reduce the pain after application. 

Is the Chest a Good Place to Get a Tattoo?

Deciding on the best place to get a tattoo is both an exciting and daunting experience for many people. Chest is one of the body parts that bring out a tattoo properly and make it appealing. 

However, the pain level is quite unbearable. You need to have a high pain endurance level to get inked around the region. 

The good news about chest tattoos is that they can easily be hidden. Hence, you can get inked on the chest and still attend to your job or step in any interview. 

The appealing design and ease to cover is the reason behind the chest being the best place to get inked. 

How Much Is a Full Chest Tattoo?

The cost of chest tattoos tend to vary depending on the geographical location, experience of the artist and general design. 

So, how much is a full chest tattoo? The price ranges from $600 to $1200. Keep in mind that the whole process is likely to take about six hours. 

However, some tattoo studios tend to charge based on their ink colors and amount of time it takes to design. The price per hour ranges from $250 to $300.

How Much Does a Small Chest Tattoo Cost?

Another important thing to consider when looking ahead for a chest tattoo cost is the size of your chest and design. 

So, how much does a small chest tattoo cost? Ranges from $200 to $300. It depends on the locality and expertise of the artist. 

 Besides that, the half chest tattoos tend to cost between $500 and $600. You should note that full chest tattoos are the most expensive. 

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Final Thoughts from Expert

Chest tattoos are the most beautiful body decorations in the world. The part is quite personal and can easily be hidden. 

However, chest tattoos are extremely painful. But the application of numbing cream helps to ease the pain. But the body artwork is worth the price and pain.