How Bad Do Lip Tattoos Hurt?

Lip tattoos can either be done inside or outside. The intensity of the pain will be quite different. The cosmetic tattooing will appear scary but worth the value of your money. 

So, how bad do lip tattoos hurt? Yes. But it depends on the location. Research shows that inner lip tattoos are more painful than cosmetic lip tattoos

However,individual pain endurance tends to differ. Some people may feel excruciating while others do not feel any pain. 

You should note that the skin inside the mouth has fewer layers as compared to the rest of the body. It is the reason behind the high sensitivity of the lips. 

Getting inked around the lips is extremely painful. But the threshold of pain differs due to gender, lifestyle, and psychological preparation. 

Besides that, getting a tattoo inside the lip requires utmost aftercare routine. Failure to follow these instructions could result in bacterial infection. 

Handling an infected tattoo is quite painful and expensive. Also, it can discourage you from getting another tattoo in the future. 

How Bad Do Lip Tattoos Hurt

We recommend doing a thorough research and getting informed about lip tattoos. The information will help make a viable decision in the long run. 

How Long Does a Lip Tattoo Take?

Tattoo art is a cosmetic decoration. The process needs to be done systematically to bring out something adorable and worth seeing. 

So, how long does a lip tattoo take? Sketching the design takes about 10 minutes and the actual tattooing procedure takes about 45 minutes. 

However, the experience of the tattoo artist and the equipment being used are the key determinant of the exact time. Experienced artists take shorter time than newbie artists. 

You need to be extra careful when searching for reliable tattoo studios. There are so many studios and majority of the owners are out for money only rather than the safety of their clients. 

Check the certification of the tattoo artist and inspect the tools being used. Besides that, ensure all the equipment involved are sterilized and the artist wears gloves. 

These precautions will help to inhibit occurence of inner lip tattoo infection. Strict adherence to lip tattoo aftercare reduces the chances of inner lip tattoo swelling. 

If you have a low pain tolerance then we recommend getting temporary lip tattoos. These kinds of tattoos involve drawing with special pens although they tend to fade within a short period. 

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Do Lip Tattoos Get Infected Easily?

Lips are among the most sensitive parts on the body. Keep in mind that tattoos are linked to numerous risks and side effects despite their popularity. 

So, do lip tattoos get infected easily? Absolutely. The region has a close contact with food, drinks and saliva. These compounds tend to come along with bacteria that causes infection. 

However, following lip tattoo aftercare routine helps to minimize the chances of infection. Besides that, ensure the tattoo artist uses sterilized equipment before embarking on the cosmetic procedure. 

Another important thing to consider is the skin allergies. Lips are sensitive and if you have a history of allergies then talk to the artist. He or she will opt for tattoo ink for sensitive skins. 

Moreover, lip tattoos do not heal properly. The scars will form an entry point for bacteria or virus causing infection. Cute lip tattoos require a lot of work and dedication. 

Can You Eat after Getting a Lip Tattoo?

Lip tattoos are highly susceptible to infection. There are alot of inner lip tattoo ideas but the majority of tattoo enthusiasts hate to battle with inner lip tattoo infection. 

So, can you eat after getting a lip tattoo? No. You are not required to eat or drink anything after getting inked. Most foods and drinks contain acidic compounds that will interfere with the lip tattoo healing process. 

The good news is that you can smoke cigarettes after getting a tattoo on the lip. But you will be expected to wash the mouth thoroughly to prevent formation of bacteria breeding ground. 

Therefore, you are expected to have your meal before heading to a tattoo studio. Do not get inked on an empty stomach. 

Can Lip Tattoos Make Lips Look Bigger?

Cute lip tattoos are excellent decorations for lip enhancement. Following a strict aftercare routine will determine the final appearance. 

So, can lip tattoos make lips look bigger? Not really. The art is meant to enhance your lips. However, you will battle with inner lip tattoo swelling for some days. 

The good news is that the swelling tends to reduce after some days and the original lip size is restored. But if it becomes infected then the shape and size will be distorted. 

We recommend getting a mouth rinse solution to help ease the swelling and eliminate any infection causing microorganisms. The most popular brand is H2Ocean Arctic Ocean Mint Rinse.

How Long Does a Lip Tattoo Last?

Tattoo inks are the key determinant of any tattoo’s durability. There are some brands that fade away after a short period while others tend to last longer. 

So, how long does a lip tattoo last? Range from 2 to 3 years. But this depends on the lifestyle, tattoo ink and aftercare routine. 

All-in-all, lip tattoos tend to fade away like any other tattoo on the body parts. Eating acidic food and drinks tend to make lip tattoos fade faster regardless of the vibrant colors of the ink. 

We recommend consulting your artist on the best tattoo that lasts longer a bit. The information is vital since it will reduce the cost of retouch.  Here is the list of the best tattoo inks (Buy on Amazon).

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Final Thoughts from Expert 

Lip tattoo is quite painful and tricker to design than other tattoos on the body. But when the procedure is done by a profession then the chance of getting cute lip tattoos is higher. 

If you develop inner lip tattoo infection despite following the aftercare routine then consult your doctor immediately. The doctor will give you tips on how to reduce inner tattoos swelling and get rid of the infection. 

Cosmetic tattoos have evolved and they foster lip enhancement. We are the leading tattoo studio in the United States of America.