How Much Does a Sleeve Tattoo Cost

How Much Does a Sleeve Tattoo Cost

Sleeve tattoos are quite incredible. This type of tattoo requires a huge commitment in terms of time, planning, thoughts, detail and patience in order to come up with a customized art.

It is quite infuriating to ask some questions like how much does a sleeve tattoo cost. It is like somebody asking you how many steps it takes to walk across the state of Los Angeles.

There are so many factors that determine the cost of a sleeve tattoo. In this article, you will learn the cost of both full sleeve tattoo and half sleeve tattoo.

What Can Determine How Much a Sleeve Tattoo Costs?

Different factors in the tattoo industry affect the price of sleeve tattoos in several ways. Here are some of the common factors that influence the cost of sleeve tattoos in the U.S:


The general design of your sleeve tattoo has a direct impact on the overall cost. Complicated and detailed designs take a lot of time to be completed. This implies that there will be a lot of shading and coloring.

You need to take time to discuss with your tattoo specialists about the coloring and time. Ask him or her how time and coloring will affect the general cost of the art. Tattoos that are very detailed and complicated are very expensive.

Take into consideration all the advice you get and think through it before making any decision. The tattoo is going to be part and parcel of you, therefore, think about something that is appealing.


Sleeve tattoos are known to be large and they usually cover a big area of your arm. People have different size of the arms and the size of the tattoos may also differ.

Large and longer arms usually take long to complete tattooing and this is the reason why they tend to be very expensive.

However, the cost will affect everyone differently since people have different size of arms as mentioned earlier. This is the reason why it is important to budget for the art before heading to a tattoo studio.


The tattoo studio and the tattoo artists that you are picking will also affect the general price of the tattoo. Popular artists are very expensive when it comes to charging their clients since they have a huge brand in the market already.

The huge brand has developed since they have acquired lots of experience in the industry due to the number of years they have work.

Well, it is upon you to choose but never shall you compromise on the experience and talent. Less popular artists lack experience and some may ink your skin roughly.

A sleeve tattoo is typically large and detailed thus it requires someone with skills in order to make it look impeccable. Pick an expert that you are one hundred percent sure will give an outstanding customized artwork.


Lots of tattoo studios in the U.S charge customers based on time and most of them usually charge on an hourly rate.

Therefore, you need to know that the more time it takes, the more expensive it will be. Consult your tattoo expert about how long it will take for a complete sleeve tattoo so that you can budget.


The city where the tattoo studio is located also happens to be the determinant of the cost. Cities like New York or San Francisco charges higher rates as compared to small towns in the U.S.

I recommend you find an affordable tattoo specialist outside such big cities and I believe they will do a great work like those in big cities.

Long sleeve tattoos take time to be complete and it is the reason why you should not stray too far from home. Be ready to travel for long as you will make multiple trips to the tattoo studio. This is common if you pick to go for an artist based outside the town.

How Much Does a Full Sleeve Tattoo Cost?

Lots of tattoo studios in the U.S charge their customers on hourly rates. The amount usually varies with the experience and the popularity of their brand. The location of the studio is also the determinant.

It is good to know that famous artists usually charge higher rates, especially if their studio is based in a busy city.

The average cost of a sleeve tattoo at Obama Tattoo Studio is between $50 and over $200. Other studios outside major towns in the U.S usually charge $80 per hour.

The size and the general design of your sleeve tattoo will also determine the cost. Big and detailed designs take a lot of time to be completed hence it will be very expensive at the end of the day.

From my experience, it usually takes a minimum of between ten to fifteen hours to complete a detailed sleeve tattoo. Check on your design and size before considering to go for inking. It might even take eighty hours from beginning to the end.

Generally, the normal charges of a complete sleeve tattoo that looks stunning will cost between $2000 and $16,000. This is usually apart from considering the hourly rates.

In order to get a clear picture and exact information about the cost of full sleeve tattoo, I recommend you consult your tattoo artist.  You will be able to discuss the design and even negotiate the price.

How Much Should You Pay for a Half Sleeve?

Pick a design that is not too complicated and detailed so that you spend less time in the chair depending on your budget.

However, you need to be prepared psychologically that large full or half sleeve tattoos are quite expensive and therefore you need to have a huge budget.

Generally, the overall cost of half sleeve tattoo depends on time and the popularity of the artist. The minimum cost of a half sleeve tattoo is $900. This is totally dependent on the location of the studio.

At Obama tattoo studio, our experts will give you a quotation before starting to work. This will help you to plan and budget your resources well.

Discuss the design of the tattoo with your artist and get to know about the time it will take as well as how much you will spend. You will also get to know some alteration that will be made on the design.


There is no a predefined price of sleeve tattoos. It is dependent on many different factors. Do you have any idea on how much a sleeve tattoo cost does? Well, try to do your research and pick an artist that fit your budget.

Scared about how much a tattoo sleeve costs? Well, discuss with your tattooist and am sure you will come to an agreement depending on the size as well as the details of your sleeve tattoo.

As mentioned earlier, sleeve tattoos tend to consume a lot of time and this may cost you so much. I recommend you break the cost in installment over a certain period of time.