How to Change a Belly Button Ring

Do you know how to change a belly button ring? Well, changing the ring on the belly button is just a simple procedure. Doing it in the wrong way can result in prolonging healing process and even trigger belly button infection.

Improper changing of the belly button ring can also cause the formation of permanent scars on the skin around the belly. You ought to be extra careful when handling belly button rings after piercing.

There are a lot of horror stories about navel piercings due to improper changing of rings. Some of the common horror stories about navel piercing are infection and inflammation.

The good news is that these horror complications can be avoided easily once you adopt a proper way of changing navel rings.

We have compiled a step by step guide on how to change navel piercing rings without compromising with the healing process and tearing out the skin.

Let’s find more from the information provided.

Steps to Changing a Belly Button Ring

The guidelines include:

Wash Hands thoroughly with Antibacterial Soap

This should always be the first step when dealing with navel piercings. Navel region is prone to bacterial infection and it is good to wash your hands thoroughly before changing the rings.

Use Saline Solution to Clean the Piercing

The main aim of using the saline solution is to prevent any form of infection from occurring. By ensuring the navel area is clean, the chances of getting any kind of infection is reduced completely. The saline solution also helps to foster faster healing.

Sterilized the Jewelry

It is recommended to soak the belly button ring in a solution of alcohol in order to sanitize it. You will be expected to wipe off the excess alcohol and allow it to dry before changing the rings. This process will help to get rid of any germs causing infection.

Remove the Original Jewelry

Remove the ball from the bottom end of the jewelry so that it is easy to slide off the ring. In case the piercing is not healed well, then sliding will be hard and painful. I recommend you wait until it has healed completely.

Insert New Jewelry

Slide a new belly button ring in slowly and carefully. Close the ring with a ball if there is any in order to prevent from falling out.

Risks and Precautions

Changing a navel ring is linked to many risks and you need to be very cautious in order to prevent them from happening.

Here are some of the precautions to put into practice when changing navel piercing rings:

Allow the Piercing to Heal Completely

Always think about changing the ring on your pierced navel when it has completely healed. This will prevent the occurrence of major risks and it will even prevent the pierced hole from closing up.

You need to be so patient enough in order to prevent incurring the cost and another experience of the pain of undergoing another piercing simply because the hole closed up.

Belly button piercing is known for taking long to heal. There is no exact period it takes since it varies from one person to another. The only thing you are supposed to do is to follow the aftercare routine religiously.

According to my previous experience, it took about three months for the piercing to heal completely. Do not freak out how long it takes.

In case of any sign of infection, I recommend you visit your doctor for checkup and treatment in order to avoid sprouting of complicated situations.

You can easily spot when your piercing has healed well since the ring can move freely without experiencing any sort of pain. There is no sign of discharge or swelling.

Note: You should never try to force the ring out even if it has healed completely. Forcing will increase the risk of infection due to tearing and irritation. You can visit our studios all over since we have tools that can assist you in removing the old jewelry.

Get the Right Gauge

Getting the gauge of your navel piercing ring is a great deal. Thick jewelry is always difficult to insert them in the navel hole and forcing them may damage the healing navel hole.

Insert in the Right Direction

It is recommended to insert the navel piercing ring from the top to the bottom. Identify the point from where the piercing started and insert the ring. This is the easiest possible way to do it and the chances of anything going wrong is almost zero.

You should also monitor the design of your ring since there are some that are designed to go from the bottom. If you find it hard to insert the ring, just get in touch with your piercer and I hope she will assist you.

After Inserting the Jewelry

Once you are done changing the navel ring, you make a close watch on the area on a regular basis in order to spot symptoms such as redness, inflammation, and irritation.

These symptoms do happen no matter how cautious you were when changing the navel rings. It is better to spot the symptoms early in order to make immediate treatment arrangement.

Use an antibiotic ointment on the navel area in case you feel itchiness. The itchiness effect usually lasts for about two days. If it persists, I recommend you seek an appointment with a dermatologist.


Do you now know how to change a belly button ring? Well, it is a very straightforward thing to do but you need to take your time. Follow the necessary precautions in order to prevent infections and other complications. Congratulation for your new look.