How To Find The Right Tattoo Artist

How To Find The Right Tattoo Artist- What To Look For

Are you interested in getting inked? Well, you need to do a thorough tattoo artist research. This will help you on how to find the right tattoo artist.

However, finding the best tattoo artist near me can be tricky to some extent especially if I do not know where to start from.

There are some things you need to put into consideration before picking the best tattooist to do the work on your body. Tattoos are permanent and this is the reason why you need to be very careful.

Take your time to move around or even asking people about the best tattoo studio in town. Select a tattooist that you are much comfortable with for the art design of your choice.

Do you have confidence in your tattooist? Well, this a tough battle many tattoo addicts have war with when sitting on the chair for the session.

Are you still there? Well, am glad.

Let’s start here…

How to Ensure You Choose a Good Tattoo Artist

Keep in mind we are still talking about how to find the right tattoo artist…

How can I get tattoo artists Philadelphia? I recommend you use ink location when you are searching for the best tattoo artists near me. It is known to be the best platform for tattoo artist search in the world.

The platform helps to search the studios in your location or the areas of your choice. It samples out the best tattoo studios and artists in the region of search.

Once you are able to locate one then you need to find the best tattoo artist who can do captivating tattoo designs on your body.

Here are some factors that will help you select the right tattoo artist. They include:

Word of Mouth and Online Reviews

I always recommend you ask your friends or family members who have tattoos. Or you can ask around about these tattoo parlor in town.

It is great to get advice from people who have experience with certain studios. It will guide you to know which place to go or not to go.

For instance, if I had a great experience after tattooing in your studio, I will automatically share it out with my friends and family members. On the other hand, if the services were poor, then what you expect? Of course bad review.

Did you know you can use tattoo artist rating from the online platform for making decisions?

Let’s continue…

You can use the online platform to get to know the experiences of the previous customers who visited a certain studio. The negative and positive reviews will shed light on whether to pick or leave.

You can use the social media platform that is the Facebook and Instagram to read comments about the artists of your choice. This can create awareness about the tattooist you are going for.

You can also message people who have gotten inked from the artist you have select and get to know some of their opinions.

Not everything you read on the online platform is authentic, you need to be very cautious when it comes to online reviews. Recommendations for google plus pages are never as accurate as you thought.

Work Portfolio and Images

The best thing to do here is to follow them on their social media handle or ask them about some of their previous work. In the modern days, lots of tattoo inspirational pictures are posted on the Instagram and Facebook of the tattooists.

You need to factor some of the key information in your mind when assessing the portfolio or the images of the tattoo artists. Analyze the lines of tattoo in the picture keenly especially about the smoothness and the general appearance.

Check the shading and the colors of the artwork also very carefully. The consistent of the colors will tell you if the tattooist is the right one or not.

Great tattoo artists will be able to portray some of his or her great work through the color gradient found on the previous work. Proper blending of colors makes the tattoo to be captivating.

Lastly, what do your feelings tell you? Are you comfortable with the skills? Will you be happy to get inked on your body?

Well, if you feel inspired about their great work then automatically you are going to be happy with their services. Once you are confident with their skills, then you are likely to earn a gorgeous tattoo art.


In the U.S, there are multiple numbers of awards that are out for best tattoo artists can grab at the end of the year. Therefore, you can look for a tattooist who has won several awards in the tattoo industry.

Plenty awards reflect the popularity and skills of tattooist. A tattoo expert who has never won an award is obvious, not popular and creative.

However, it is very easy to know an expert who has won many awards. You will be expected to book an appointment since they are ever busy. Try to book in advance and prepare your mind.


Competition in the tattoo industry is a battle.

A war that will never end soon.

A high hygiene tattooist is likely to win this battle. Getting inked on the body resulting in open wounds which are a susceptible infection.

You need to get tattoos in the studio where there is artist observe a high level of hygiene. This implies that you open wounds will never get an infection due to dirt.

You can check around the studio at a glance and get to know the level of hygiene being followed. The organization of tattoo equipment, needles, numbing cream and among many other items.

If the hygiene of the studio does not meet your expectations then you can go out and look for another one. Hygiene is vital in the tattoo industry.


This is usually the last factor to put into consideration. Always consider the location of the studio of your tattooist of choice.

Make sure the distance from your home to the studio is reasonable. Larger tattoos require several sessions and it is the reason why distance matters a lot here.


It is quite challenging to find a tattooist that meets the above qualifications. Nevertheless, better take your time rather than regret.

You should note that tattoos are for life. It is important to get a tattoo that is captivating and inspiring. You should be confident with the work of your tattooist as well as the level of the hygiene in the studio.