How to Put In a Nose Hoop Ring

The nostril and the septum are the common locations on the nose where the piercing is done. Immediately the nose piercing is healed completely, you have the freedom to change the nose piercing ring according to your tastes and preferences.

There are a lot of nose piercing rings that you can experiment and pick the one that fits your status well. Some of the common rings include hoop-shaped, stud and corkscrew.

Nose rings are quite simple to insert in the pierced hole but where do you start from and do you know how to put in a nose hoop ring?

The article provides a step by step guide in a detailed manner to ensure you do not temper with nose piercing that has healed well.

Steps to Putting in a Hoop Nose Ring

Do you know how to put in a hoop nose ring with a ball? Well, this is a very straightforward procedure. But it is important to follow the right procedures so that you put them well in the pierced nose.

The main aim of putting the hoop nose ring right is to avoid tampering with the healed pierced hole on the nose. Tempering with it will result in other complications like infections.

Here are the best guidelines to follow when putting in a hoop nose ring. The steps include:

Wash Hands Thoroughly

This is the key step you should never skip. This is because the hands carry germs and dirt. You need to wash them thoroughly by use of antibacterial soap.

If you are not allergic to latex, you can use disposable latex gloves if you know how to put in a nose hoop with a gem.

Clean the Nose Ring and Pierced Region

You can clean the nose ring by soaking them in a saline solution. The pierced hole can be clean by use of the saline spray. Remove the beads on the captive hoop in order to clean it thoroughly.

Open the Nose Ring

Apply little pressure in order to open both ends of the ring. The beads will fall off when you pull the hoop ring apart.

Put the Nose Ring in the Pierced Hole

You need to be extra careful when placing one end of the hoop in the nose piercing. You can lubricate the ring by dipping in the antibacterial soap solution in order to make it easier.

Close the Ring

Captive ring is so simple to use since you need to replace the bead and allow the ends to get secured. The other types of nose rings, you will be expected to close the ends so that it maintains the right shape.

Risks and Precautions

There are a lot of risks associated with inserting a nose hoop ring but the good news is that it is much simpler to do it.

Major Risks

Bacterial infection and nose tearing are some of the major risks associated with inserting a nose hoop ring.

Improper cleaning of your hands and the jewelry could be the main cause of bacterial transmission that results in infection.

Nose tearing around the piercing could happen in the case where you are using large gauge hoop or pushing it in by force.

Tearing will result in an open wound around the piercing and this could be very painful as well as unpleasant.


Here are some steps that will help you on how to put in a nose hoop ring without causing any negative impact on the pierced region. The precautions include:

  • You will be expected to wait until the nose piercing is healed before changing the nose ring.
  • Ensure you clean any surface that tends to come into close contact with the ring
  • Never shall you try to use force when inserting the ring into the nose
  • Select a nose hoop ring that is of the right gauge and can fit your pierce hole without using force
  • Seek advice from your piercer about the best material for nose hoop ring


You only need to follow some few steps in order to insert a nose hoop ring in the pierced hole. Hoop style rings are more comfortable than studs. You need to find the ring that is of the right size with the hole pierced on your nose.