How to Set Up a Tattoo Gun

How to Set Up a Tattoo Gun and Use It

In this post, you will learn how to assemble a tattoo machine from scratch and also how to set up a tattoo gun for the lining.

Are you a starter in the tattooing industry? Well, it recommends you start by purchasing a starter kit. Nowadays tattoos flourishes outside tattoo studios and many people are opting for home studios.

A starter kit for tattoo contains the following basic elements:

  • Ink: There are kits that contain all varieties of colors and others just basic colors.
  • Tattoo gun: They tend to appear in sets but it usually depends on the type of kit that you have opted to buy.
  • Armature bars: These are the parts that help to control the needle while inking.
  • Coil parts: It is known for controlling armature bars.
  • Needle: It is an instrument that is used to puncture your skin while inking.

Note: The content of your starter usually vary depending on the price and the location of the supplies store.

How to Set up a Tattoo Gun Correctly

Setting up a tattoo gun is very easy and simple. It is recommended to work in a clean environment while setting up the tattoo machine.

Here are steps on how to assemble a tattoo gun:

First Phase: Arrange the Components

Assemble all the recommended components together. Organizing the parts will give you a clear overview of how the tattoo machine gun will look like if they are assembled in an appropriate manner.

Look at the tattoo machine carefully first. Ensure there are a contact screw and front spring underneath. The two create a distance similar to that of the coin. What controls the lines between the tattoos is the distance between the two components.

If the distance is not in the correct position, just know it will ruin your tattoo at the end. Try to adjust the screw in order to increase or decrease the distance.

Second Phase: Prepare the Needles

You need to thoroughly check your needles. The needles are supposed to be pre-sterilized and packed in a well-sealed package bag.

Inspect all the dimensions of the needle careful. You should note that dull or bent needles can result in excess bleeding, painful inking process, and the probability of scarring.

Inspect the tube where you are supposed to hold thoroughly. They are supplied in two ways: autoclaved and disposable. Ensure the package is sealed and if not discard it. Insert the needle into the tube.

Third Phase: How to Assemble a Tattoo Gun

Insert the needle in the tube slot once it is in the tube. Slide it up in order to make tight. The wingnut will help to connect the tube with the tattoo machine.

Ensure the eye loop of the needle faces on the left when inserting the armature bar nipple ring. This is an indication that the needle is inserted correctly.

Note: If the needle is inserted incorrectly, you are likely to experience a lot of pain while inking your body.

Also, ensure the length of the needle is correct. This is the distance between the tips of the needle to the tube. Secure the two by tightening the screw.

The recommended length of the needle usually varies between 0.04 of an inch and 0.07 of an inch. Place a rubber band around the coil. This will help to bring out clean lines and also stabilizes the needle.

Fourth Phase: Power

All starter kits for tattoos have power supply devices. You are not supposed to adjust the settings since it works properly.

I recommend you buy a power supply device that has a much digital or analog display. Use the right voltage before inking process begins. The recommended voltage is between 1.5 and 18 volts.

The footswitch and a clip cord are also some of the most important components of tattoo gun power. You will be expected to buy them separately since they are less expensive and not part of the starter kits.

How to Use a Tattoo Gun

It is good you know how to set up a tattoo gun for lining in order to avoid infection but bring out clear lines on the skin.

You are expected to wash your hands thoroughly before handling the tattoo machine. You should wear latex gloves when following tattoo machine assembly instructions. It will help to prevent transmission of bacteria causing infection while inking.

Have a firm grip on the needle tube in order to hold the tattoo gun in the right manner. You should note that the tattoo machine tends to vibrate a lot, so be very careful when holding it.

Ensure the machine is over the top of your hands while tattooing. If you are not holding it correctly, I assure you that there is nothing that will take place.

You can control the flow of power by use of the footswitch. You need to do a lot of practice before trying it on the real person.

You can try tattooing a watermelon and learn on how to tune a tattoo machine properly. This will take time but in the future, you will become perfect.


The guide above has outlined the various phases on how to assemble a tattoo machine from scratch and I hope it has been of good value.

You need to test your equipment before trying out your first new tattoo. You can check on how to set up a tattoo gun needle depth and the process will be simple later.