least painful places to get a tattoo

Least Painful Places To Get A Tattoo (Must Read)

Which are the least painful places to get a tattoo? This is the most commonly asked question by novice avid tattoos. Well, the answer is quite simple that all tattoos hurt.

However, the location of the tattoo determines the pain. There are some parts on the body that are quite painful while others are not.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of parts of the body that are less painful when getting a tattoo. Take your time to read through the guide.

How Painful Is It To Get A Tattoo?

Many people love tattoos for various reasons but others tend to fear due to the pain. The truth is that all tattoos tend to hurt but this tends to depend on the location on the body.

If you’re planning to get a detailed tattoo design then be ready to withstand the pain that comes with it. This is because it involves a lot of puncturing of the skin with a needle.

The pain tends to be intense since the needle penetrates up to the dermis layer of the skin especially if you want a permanent tattoo.

However, people tend to be different and some can even withstand a certain amount of pain. The good news that there are other parts of the body that tend to experience less pain.

Is There Painless Tattoos?

Is there a possible painless tattoo? Absolutely Yes. This only happens when you apply a numbing spray or ointment.

Failure to do that then expect to experience some pain during the design. The topical aesthetic tend to numb the skin and the chances of feeling the pain are low.

Therefore, if you have been thinking about getting a tattoo then consider doing so since things have been made easier.

Above all, you need to visit a studio with lots of reputation and experience some of the best tattoo designs.

Does A Small Tattoo Hurt?

Tattoos hurt regardless of the size. However, small tattoos tend to take a little time when compared to large tattoos.

This means that the number of the needle piercing the skin is also low in number hence giving an individual opportunity to withstand the pain.

Getting tiny tattoos are commonly applied around the ankles and foot. These regions have little skin layer hence the close contact of bone and needle result in pain.

Besides that, everyone is different hence that ability to withstand the pain varies from one person to another.

Do Tattoos Hurt More If You’re Skinny?

Do tattoos hurt if you are slim? The funny question there. Well, the pain experienced from tattoo is determined by a couple of things and being skinny is part of it.

Individuals have different pain tolerance for different types of pain. Also, the perception of pain plays a vital role in such cases.

People who are skinny tend to experience a lot of pain since the nerve endings are closed to the skin surface as compared to fat people.

Nerve endings are the reason why skinny people tend to experience much pain when getting a tattoo.

However, tattoo pain is something circumstantial hence it has nothing to do with the weight of an individual. Don’t get scared since the improvement in technology has made things easier in this area.

Least Painful Tattoo Spots

According to the research done by our team, parts of the body that have less nerve ending and a lot of fat tend to be the least painful when tattooing. These places include:

Upper Outer Thigh

This is the least painful spot to get a tattoo especially if you are scared of the pain. The region has a good layer of fat and also does not contain nerve endings.

The place is super great since it can be easier to hide if you’re going to work. The part is also ideal for designing large size tattoos.


The outer rear of shoulders is the most area many people prefer to get tattoos. The good news is that it is the least painful since it lacks nerve endings.

The area is also has a thick skin hence will puncturing with the tattoo needle does not hurt much. If you want to showcase your tattoo then consider this part of the skin.


The region has a lot of thick muscles and it tends to lack nerve endings. The part of the body is the least painful when it comes to designing your first tattoo.

It is an ideal part to design mid to large size tattoos. The most wonderful thing is that it can easily be hide while going to work.

Upper and Lower Back

This can be your favorite place to get a tattoo since it has a lot of muscles and lack nerve endings. The thick skin is able to cushion an individual from experiencing the pain.

However, if the tattoo design comes close to the spine then you are likely to experience some pain due to a high number of nerves in the area.


Calf tattoos are quite common among the first-timers. The good news is that the calf region has no nerves endings that are quite sensitive to pain.

The fatty layer of the skin also helps to cushion the pain that can make you uncomfortable while undergoing inking.

Outer Bicep

Tattoos of this region are highly visible and it is the best place to showcase your ink. The part has a lot of thick muscles and no single nerve ending.

If you’ve been wondering which part of the body is the least painful when it comes inking then think about the outer bicep.

Best Tips For Less Tattoo Pain

Do tattoos hurt? Fear not. Once the tattooist begins inking your body, it will naturally get used to the inking pain and you will be able to withstand the pain.

Here are some tips that will help you manage the pain while undergoing inking. The steps include:

Be Sober

Many people think that taking alcohol will help to numb the area being inked and render it painless. But this is not advisable since it can be dangerous to your health.

Alcohol tends to thin the blood and during inking, you’re likely to bleed a lot. Being sober will help you endure the little pain and also prevent excessive bleeding.

Stay Hydrated

Being hydrated throughout make the skin healthier. This creates an ideal place for tattooing. If you are planning to undergo inking then consider drinking water daily.

Drinking adequate water regularly will also make inking less painful. This tends to be the effect after 24hours.

Get Enough Sleep

If you get insufficient sleep, the skin becomes quite sensitive to external stimuli. It is not advisable to go for tattooing while you are still exhausted.

Always take more sleep and this will play a big role as far as enduring the pain while getting inked. Adequate sleep makes the tattoo less painful.

Eat A Good Meal

Did you know feeling hungry can make you experience much pain while being inked? This happens because the body is exhausted and quite sensitive to external stimuli.

Ensure your stomach is full before thinking about getting tattoos. This gives the body enough energy to endure the pain.

Consider Breaks

If your tattooist takes long time inking, the pain level will increase. We recommend you take breaks to reduce the amount of pain being exerted.

Also, the break helps you to grab something for your stomach that can provide more energy to withstand the pain.

Does Numbing Cream Affect Tattoos?

Numbing cream help to make painless. However, there are so many numbing creams in the market and you are required to choose one that has no noxious side effect.

You can even consult your tattooist to help in making a decision on which numbing cream to choose. These creams help to relieve the pain during the session.


Generally, tattooing is a painful experience. However, there are many factors that tend to determine the level of pain.

Some parts of the body like an outer bicep, shoulder, lower back and around forearm tend to be the least painful zone.

All-in-all, consider getting inked by an expert since they offer aftercare routine that will help to foster faster healing.

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