Most and Least Painful Piercings

Most and Least Painful Piercings – A Scale of Piercing Pain

What are the most and least painful piercings? To be honest, piercings do hurt. It happens since you are making holes on your body. The good news is that the pain resolve fast and to some people, the pain is minor.

Body piercings are there in wide varieties and this implies that there are some that will be naturally painful while others not.

The pain can be minimized depending on the location and preparations. Locations with numerous nerve endings tend to generate a lot of pain. You need to prepare your mindset in advance.

If you want a body piercing and you are worried about the pain, just relax since it is something you can withstand. The threshold of the pain is bearable regardless of the location.

In this post, we have generated a guide about various types of body piercings and piercing chart pain. The piercing chart pain will help you know which part of the body is painful for piercing.

Do All Piercings Hurt?

This is the question is very subjective. Every person has their own experience since the level of pain tolerance differs from one person to the other.

It is quite difficult for us to tell which type of body piercing hurts most and least. But in this post, we have done thorough research and compile a list of most to least painful piercings.

The ability to tolerate or withstand and the location of piercings happen to be the main determinant of the level of pain you are likely to experience.

For instance, a tragus piercing is very painful as compared to the earlobe piercing since the needle tends to pass through cartilage.

The good news is that piercing usually takes a flash of a second and before you start feeling the pressure, it is done. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the pain when thinking about piercing.

Honestly, you will experience aching, swelling and tenderness after the piercing is over. You will also experience a series of symptoms during the healing process.

Most Painful Piercings

Pain is something relative. Therefore, the listed body parts meant for piercing may or may not be painful to you. Nevertheless, all types of body piercings to hurt and you need someone to inspire you throughout the session.

Based on our customer experience, here are some of the parts that are either most painful or list painfully. The list includes:


This is a type of piercing done to the cartilage lump on the inner ear above the ear canal. The position of the cartilage is so awkward and the skin tissues are so tough. Therefore, getting daith piercing can be painful basing on its location.

This is because it will take long to perforate the thick and tough cartilage. The complication due to the awkward position needs a lot of time since you need to be extra careful.

However, do not allow the pain and accessibility of the position to deter you from achieving your greatness.

Daith piercings have some sort of huge benefits. The extra discomfort usually helps to distract pain from a migraine.

 According to medical research, the perforation of the daith help to alleviate the pressure felt among those people with a chronic headache also known as migraine sufferers.

Dermal Anchor

This is a small piercing that is usually located on a flat surface of the skin. There are no exit and entry spots for this type of piercing. The piercer only punches the skin surface in order to embed the anchor within the body.

In case the area of the skin lacks nerve endings and it has large fat tissues, then the amount of pain going to be experienced is minimized.


Nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. There are a lot of nerve ending and blood vessels. Getting them pierced can be so painful to some extent. You need to prepare your mindset well before thinking about nipple piercings.


Industrial piercing is a common type of piercing among many female teenagers in the U.S and it is usually done on the upper ear.

The type of piercing is considered to be the most painful on our list since two holes are connected by a barbell instead of one just like the other piercings.

Two holes result in double pressure and pain. Good news is that the pain is temporal and you will be changing your jewelry after some few days.

Least Painful Piercings

If you happen to be unable to withstand the pain of piercing, do not be worried since there are some parts that result in the least pain. These areas include:


Earlobes piercing are the most popular piercings and can be done to an individual of any age. The fleshy nature of the area make the piercing least painful and it is the reason why they are quite fashionable.

The pain is usually considered as a minor pinch and the healing process is very fast. Follow the aftercare routine religiously and you will later enjoy your new looks.


 The dynamics in the beauty fashion has seen lip piercing becoming popular in the recent days by not only pop stars but also everyone.

The area around the mouth is so fleshy and has very few nerve endings thus the reason behind less pain during lip piercing.

The diversity in terms of lip piercing styles such as spider bites, labret, Monroe, and many more happen to be the reason behind its popularity in the U.S.

You can improve your look through low scale pain by piercings the lips.


Belly button piercings are second after earlobe piercings in terms of popularity. The type of piercing does not inflict much pain and they usually look beautiful after healing.

According to the experience of our past customers, they describe the pain as a pinch and not a puncture on the skin.

I recommend you wear loose and baggy clothing before heading to the piercing parlor. This will help in avoiding any sort of distraction on the pierced navel.


In the recent days, our studio has experienced a huge demand for nose piercings. This is because the pain level is less and it takes a few weeks to heal completely.

If you happen to have a cold, I recommend you rest for some time until you are healed before thinking about nose piercing.

Frequent blowing of your nose will distract the healing process and at the same time cause much pain than expected. Treat the cold fast before going for nose piercings.

How Long Do Piercings Hurt For?

The truth is that the pain won’t last for long. You will only experience a little pressure when piercing the skin and some few minutes of pain.

However, the duration of pain and pressure will largely depend on the location of the piercing. From the past experience of our customers, tragus piercing is much more painful than earlobe piercings.

You will experience some soreness after piercing and they tend to take longer to heal. This is the major reason behind pain after piercing.

If you follow the aftercare instructions well, the chances of healing the piercing happen very fast. You will also never experience other complications associated with piercings.

According to our professional piercers, good aftercare instructions will make the soreness to go very fast. If it is a spot, it will drag to heal but you need to exercise a lot of patience.

In case you doubt the healing process of your piercing, you can get in touch with our experts or visit your studio for a professional opinion.

Do not panic when you notice some discharge coming out of the pierced region. Sometimes the discharge does not mean it is an infection but it is among the healing stages.

If the area is hot when touching and you experience a throbbing pain, it could be an indication of infection. I recommend you seek medical assistance. You can take prescribe antibiotics.

How to Make A Piercing Hurt Less

Majority of people will take some shots of alcohol before heading for piercing but this is not a good idea at all. If you happen to come to our studio when drunk, our staff won’t attend to you. This is against the ethics of the industry.

Here are some ways on how to numb the pain instead of drinking. They include:

Numbing Cream

There are several creams and topical lotions that you can use to numb the area before piercing. If you are unable to withstand the pain, inform your piercer in advance.

The piercer will suggest the reputable numbing cream for your skin. Safety while the piercing is very paramount in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Breathe Deeply

Take a deep breath in order to prepare your mindset for piercing. It helps to focus the mind and reduce the level of pain. Take several breaths in and out.

Listen To Music

 Create a playlist of soothing music in order to calm your adrenaline. This will help you to feel at ease and enjoy the whole experience of piercing.

The music is known to take your mind off and you will not be able to know what is happening on your body. It inserting earbuds can be very effective.

Your piercer will not be offended because that is what many of them encourage. Stay calm throughout the session.

Use a Distraction

Go with a friend or a family member into a piercing studio. They will offer the necessary distraction through talking while undergoing body piercing. Talking will help you to remain calm throughout the session.

After The Piercing

The real work after the piercing is maintaining it in order to heal well. You need to follow every bit of aftercare instructions in order to avoid emergency of some complications before healing is done.

Clean the area on a daily basis and avoid touching with dirty hands in order to avoid transmission of germs causing infection.

You can read my guide on how to clean and change the jewelry on a piercing without experiencing discomfort.

Ice It

Ice is meant for reducing swellings and it is the best painkiller that is readily available. Swelling is common during the initial stages after piercing.

You should never use ice directly on your piercing instead wrap it in a clean bag before applying it on a swollen area. You can use frozen vegetable bags or ice packs in case you do not have frozen ice.

Chamomile Compress

You can use chamomile compress to reduce the level of pain after piercing. It has natural healing ingredients. It has helped to foster a faster healing process without scarring.

Purchase a chamomile tea bags from your grocery store and prepare a soothing compressor by placing them in a fridge. It soothes the pain and fosters faster healing.


At the end of the day, the level of pain will depend on many factors and most of the pain can be controlled. If you need amazing looks then be ready to adhere to all the aftercare instructions.