Nose Piercing Which Side: Which Side Should A Nose Piercing Be?

What side does a nose piercing look better on? Well, you need to sit down and meditate about nose piercing which sides before going for one.

I know this is the hardest decision for many people but it will do you good in the long run. You can read about nose piercing types so that you can opt for the one that suits your preferences.

The side of nose piercing is dependent on many factors like religion and types of nose rings. However, all these factors can be controlled by your decision.

The first time I thought of going for nose piercings, I felt like my mind was tossing on the ocean. I never had a clue about nose piercings until I got one on my septum.

In this post, you are going to learn about some of the factors to consider when deciding to go for nose piercings.

Which Side Should a Nose Piercing Be On?

Choosing the side for nose piercing will depend on the following:

Current Style

The trending fashion and the dynamics in the beauty industry play a major role on which side of the nose you should pierce. The most recent style such as the following has a huge impact on the side. They include:

Hair Style

The current hairstyle should be put into consideration when going for a nose piercing. In case you have a hairstyle that tends to lie one side than the other then you should pierce the nose on the opposite side.

This is to make it more visible and also make people admire your new looks. If the hairstyle does not cover either side then any side of the nostril will do you good.

Other Piercings

If you happen to have some piercings on the ears, lips, and face, you need to be extra careful on deciding which side of the nose to pierce without messing up with your general appearance.

Ensure you pick the right side so that you create a balance on your symmetrical looks.

For instance, if you have a left ear piercing and a Monroe piercing on the left side of the upper lip then consider piercing the right nostril.

Marilyn Monroe is the latest celebrity with well-balanced facial piercings and she is the reason behind that type of lip piercing.

Practical Considerations

There are several practical lessons concerning body piercing and some of these lessons provide reasons behind why some sides on the nose are favored than the other.

If you happen to be comfortable sleeping on one side then pierce the other side of the nose in order to prevent compromising with the healing process of the pierced side.

Pierce the side of the nose that you will be comfortable when changing your nose ring. If you are left or right handed then pick the side that you will be more comfortable when replacing the ring.

Although this is a minor reason and concern I believe it will help you in making an informed decision about nose piercing which side.

Try It Out

Beauty is about trial and error. If you are new in the industry of body piercing, I recommend you try piercing both sides of the nose and pick the one that suits your new looks.

Instead of piercing, you can opt to buy fake nose rings and test on both sides before making a decision.

Alternatively, you can draw a small dot on both sides of the nose and make a decision about the side of the piercing. You can look through the mirror before making a decision. I believe this is the cheapest and most funny test.

Ask Your Piercer or a Trusted Friend

Everyone in life has the most trusted friend.

You can seek the opinion of your friend about a certain nose piercing style and this will help you in making a decision.

This is because an honest friend will have a thorough look at your face and tell you which side complement with your new looks.

Alternatively, you can consult your professional piercer about which side of the nose is the best for piercing. I believe you will get a genuine answer for here.

Avoid Choosing

Random decisions are not the best and it is the most common problem affecting body piercing addicts in the modern world.

If you find it hard in making a decision about which side of the nose to pierce then I recommend the following for you:

Piercing Both Sides

Most people have pierced both earlobes and making a decision here can be hectic. I recommend you pierce both sides of the nose.

This will help in avoiding making a decision on which side to go for since it will help balance you’re facial symmetrical and make you look great.

It is recommended to pierce one nostril at a time before piercing the other one. This is according to the rules and regulation of the body piercing industry.

However, there are several unprofessional body piercers in the market who will pierce both sides of the nose. I assure you that the kind of pain you are going to endure throughout the healing process is going to be tough.

Septum Piercing

This is a type of piercing that goes through the cartilage between your nostrils. This is the best type of nose piercing you should opt for in case you find it hard in making decisions about sides.

Getting septum piercing just like anybody piercing hurts but the good thing is that you can easily envision the septum ring.

The type of nose piercing still remain uncommon among many people but the septum ring standing in the middle of your nose will make you stand out in a crowd.

Leave It to Chance

If you find it hard in making a decision then leave everything a chance. You can either flip a coin or ask a friend to point on the nose where to pierce.

Whichever side turns up, let’s be assured the nose piercing will make you look great and gorgeous.


Nose piercing sides majorly depends on personal preferences but there are some vital factors to consider in the long run.

Whether left, center or right, it does not matter. Make sure the side picked is comfortable for you and it makes you look awesome.