Pimple on Inner Thigh: Causes and Treatment

Getting a pimple on inner thigh can be a cause of concern among many people, but this should not be the case. Women are the most hit with these internal thigh blemishes.

Pimples are skin pustules that tend to occur on any part of the skin, including the inner thighs and the legs.

The pimple-like rash on the inner thighs can be a red or white, itchy or non-itchy and painful bump on the skin.

The inner thigh blemishes can make an individual uncomfortable to expose their thighs while having a good time on the beach during summer.

Yakov Dudelzak MD has highlighted some of the reasons behind the pimples on thighs and possible treatment methods to adopt.

Causes of Pimple on Inner Thigh

Common causes of a pimple-like rash on inner thighs include:


This is a skin condition that results in the formation of itchy pimple-like red bumps on the skin of the inner thighs. The skin condition is also known as atopic dermatitis.

The pimples on the inner thigh skin ooze some clear fluids. An individual with this skin condition experience flares, and after some time, the skin return to normal.

The exact condition of the condition is still unknown, but it is linked with allergies from skincare products, soap, heat, and sweat.

The skin condition is quite common among children born from older women. The symptoms rarely show up among adults.


The skin condition results in the formation of red itchy pimples on the inner thighs. However, hives can occur on any other parts of the body.

Hives tend to have close similarities in terms of appearance with common comedones like pimples, but they tend to be quite different.

The skin pustules tend to occur at any age, but most prevent an individual who has viral hepatitis, autoimmune issues, bacterial infection, and infectious mononucleosis.

Hives are not caused by concern since most of the symptoms tend to disappear without treatment. Insect bites are also among some of the common triggers.

Keratosis Pilaris

KP is another skin condition that results in the development of tiny red bumps on the skin around the inner thighs.

The bumps tend to be red, itchy, and painful. The condition is quite common among American teens when compared to adults.

The skin condition occurs when the keratin and dead skin get clogged into the skin pores. The clogging of the pores results in the formation of pimples.

However, the condition should not raise any concern. If the symptoms are quite severe, then consult your doctor about treatment.

Skin Folliculitis

The condition on the inner thigh skin occurs as a result of inflammation of the hair follicles. The inflammation occurs as a result of bacterial or fungal infection.

Tiny red bumps on the skin are the common symptom of skin folliculitis. Poor shaving technique, heat, sweat, and wearing tight clothing could also trigger the formation of these painful bumps.

The good thing about these bumps is that they tend to disappear without treatment. They also do not pose a significant health threat to a patient.

However, if the pimple tends to be persistent, it could result in the formation of a boil on the inner thigh. Seek medical help if the condition becomes worse.

Certain Medical Prescription

Some medical prescriptions contain certain elements that can result in inner thigh rashes due to an allergic reaction. Talk to your doctor about the symptoms for the change of drugs.

The standard medical prescriptions that result in the eruption of tiny pimple-like bumps are oral steroids, antiseizure, and psychiatric medicines.

Genital Herpes

Another common cause of a pimple-like rash on inner thighs that many people don’t want to hear about. The outbreaks tend to be itchy and painful.

The sexually transmitted infection causes the pimples on the inner thighs to evolve into blisters then ulcers. You’ll be expected to seek medical attention from an expert for treatment.

Treatment of Pimples on Inner Thighs

Visit your doctor for diagnosis of the acnes on the inner thigh. If the pimples are mild, moderate, and severe, here are the possible treatment options.

Topicals Derived from Vitamin A

The medical treatment can be found over the counter and also a prescription. Tretinoin is regarded as the most effective and efficient prescription. However, your doctor may prescribe another version depending on the severity of the pimples.

Benzoyl Peroxide

The solution should be prescribed by a professional since the skin around the inner thighs are quite sensitive. It is ideal for moderate acne on inner thighs.

Oral Antibiotics

Some pimples tend to be resistant to various creams meant for acne on thighs. The use of oral antibiotics will help to eliminate them permanently, but they must be prescribed by a profession medical tactician.

Systemic Drugs Derived from Vitamin A

Inner thighs are susceptible to cystic pimples, which tend to be quite painful and severe. The use of this medication orally will help to eliminate them permanently.

However, you’ll get some serious side effects. This is the reason why the medication is not suitable for childbearing age and pregnant women.

When to Seek Medical Help

If you happen to have unexplained pimples on the thighs, it is recommended to seek medical help from a dermatologist. Red bumps on inner thighs can toss your mind on the ocean.

Proper diagnosis will help to identify the best form of treatment. Severe itching, inflammation, burning, and spreading of the rashes are among the common warning signs to consider for seeking medical help.

Tips to Prevent Acne on Inner Thigh

According to dermatologists, prevention is better than cure. The following are some of the standard general advice from doctors:

Eat Healthy Diet

Always have a healthy diet since it will help to prevent conditions that result in the formation of pimples on the legs and thighs. However, a healthy diet is not a possible treatment for pimples.

Proper Hygiene

Keep the skin around the inner thighs clean. Wash the excess oil buildup using cleansers that have close pH with your skin. Avoid scrubbing since this could irritate your skin.

Monitor Sun Exposure

Sun does not result in the formation of acne on inner thighs. But it tends to encourage the production of excess sebum that clogs the skin pores. Always use reputable sunscreen while tanning your body.

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