Red Spots on Dogs Belly

Red Spots on Dogs Belly, Rash, Bumps, Causes, Groin, Red, Pictures and Treatments

According to Vets on WebMD, almost all types of dogs to enjoy the affectionate rub on their bellies.

When you come close and stare at their bellies, you will notice the formation of red spots on the dog’s belly.

These spots may also be accompanied by itching, the formation of blisters and even scabbing.

This skin condition on the dog will trigger so many questions such as Why does my dog have a rash on his belly? What does skin cancer look like on a dog?

What causes a hot spot on a dog? Well, in this post you will discover some of the common causes and treatment to use.

Red Spots on Dogs Belly Causes

The causes include:

Skin Tumors

The tumor on the skin appears as a red-colored dot with a hard lump in the dog’s skin.

This could be the benign or malignant growth. Visit a professional vet to see if it is a skin tumor.

Immediate treatment will inhibit the spread of the tumor to the various parts of the body.

Some of the skin tumors on the dogs go away on their own without any form of treatment while others can be treated by over the counter medicines.

Therefore, it is recommended to call your vet in case there are numerous changes on the skin like hair loss or bald patches.

Also situations such as licking and scratching excessively require vet attention to.


Invasion of fleas on the dog’s belly could result in the formation of bright red dots on the skin. Fleas bite result in the formation of red dots and rashes that are usually itchy in nature.

Also, there are some dogs that suffer from allergic reactions and could experience intense itchy after fleas bite leaving their skin with bald patches.

Tick Bites

Tick bites could be the reason behind the formation of red rashes on the skin of the dogs.

These ticks bite the dog and suck blood. When they are fed up they drop. The spots on the belly of the dog become more visible in color.

These parasites can result in severe effect if they are not eliminated on time.

It is therefore recommended to consult your vet on various ways on how to get rid of ticks on the skin.

Hot Spots

These are kind of dots on the skin of the dog that causes irritation, inflammation, and infection.

This condition could result in the formation of red spots on the dog’s belly and they are usually warm to touch.

The condition also makes the dog chew and lick on the affected part of the skin due to the pain and the discomfort.


This is a condition that results due to the invasion of mites on the dogs.

The condition causes the formation of a red rash on the belly of the dogs and other areas that could be invaded by the mites.

Go for treatment that is aimed at soothing the scabs and elimination of mites on the skin of the dogs.

These to two treatments will help restore back the health of the skin.

Mange occurs in two form; Sarcoptic mange which is said to be highly contagious and can spread from one dog to another causing hair loss, formation of sores and red spots on the skin.

Demodectic mange causes bald patches on skin, sores and scabbing. Treatment of mange depends on the type.


The condition result due to the infection of the hair follicles. It results in the formation of red papules, red bumps on the skin of the dog, causes darkening of the skin and drainage of tracts. It is recommended to get rid of the bacteria causing the infection.

Bacterial folliculitis occurs when the hair follicle is compromised by skin disorders such as dog acne or lick granuloma, systematic diseases such as hypothyroidism as well as localized trauma.


The condition mainly occurs in puppies. Impetigo is a type of bacterial infection that results in the formation of pus-filled papules that mainly occur in the groin area and abdomen. The bursting of the bumps causes crusting.

The condition is never too serious since it can be treated by use of the topical solution.

In case it becomes serious and it does not go away, consult a professional vet.

Ringworm Round Red Spots on Dogs Belly

Ringworms cause the formation of a circled round red spots to appear on the belly of the dogs.

The circular patches cause the loss of hair on the affected part of the skin.

The condition occurs due to fungal infection which causes red lesions that are itchy. Applying anti-fungal medication will help eliminate the spots.

Yeast Infection

This is a condition that causes loss of fur on the skin, sores, rashes, and lesions. The dog will have some bald patches all over the body especially around the belly and the groin area.

Although the condition mainly occurs in the ears and paws, the red rashes can also appear on the belly.

The infection mainly occurs due to a lack of vital nutrients and minerals in the diet and also compromised the immune system.

It is recommended to attend to the infection at early stages in order to keep your dog at ease.


The condition results in skin inflammation on the dogs and it may result in the formation of the red spots.

The boxer will experience loss of fur, bumps, and inflammation on the skin. The condition keeps on worsening with time if it is not treated.

There are some topical and oral antihistamines that can help get rid of the condition permanently.

Getting rid of the reactions and items that causes the condition in the resident of the dogs is also important.


During summer seasons, dogs may develop heat rashes that occur on the belly, near the dog’s ears as well as in the skin folds.

If the house where the dog is living the condition is not regulated, it could result in oozing scabs that emit a bad odor.

Ensure the environment of the dog is cool and dry. Using a mild hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion can help ease the discomfort.

In case of those rashes that recur, make sure to visit a vet for diagnosis and treatment.

Allergic Reactions

Dogs too experience allergic reactions which occur from a number of things.

Different dogs react to different foods and detergents in a different way. Some dogs will vomit and experience an invasion of red rashes.

Contact allergies like detergents and shampoos could cause loss of fur on the belly of the dogs.

Other common signs may be red rash, bumps, and pustules, itching, and scratching.

To get rid of the allergic reactions, it is important to treat the allergens first.

Also, topical antihistamines and corticosteroids can provide instant relief.

Red Sores on Dogs Belly

The presence of red sores on the belly of the dog could raise a lot of concern especially if they are an itchy or painful irritant.

There are many reasons behind this condition. Simple sores can be treated using simple treatments while infected sores require prompt vet attention.

Some of the common causes of red sores on dogs belly are:

  • Insect Bites from ticks, mites, chiggers, spider bites, and bee sting
  • Chemical and Allergen-Producing Irritants
  • Impetigo and Folliculitis

Other Issues that result in open sore infections are parasitic infection, immune system disorder, hot spots, mange or even a severe tick or flea problem.

Dog Skin Problem Pictures

Majority of skin problem in dogs can result in pain, rashes, lesions, drainage, shot spots, scabs, swelling, and more.

Many dogs respond to these skin problems by licking, scratching, or bothering the skin area that is affected.

red spots on dogs belly
red spots on dogs belly

The pictures in the articles explore those common causes of skin problems such as fleas, worms, allergies, infections, parasites, stress, and other factors.

In case of severe cases seek treatment from a professional vet.

Red Rashes on Dogs Belly

Most of the red rashes on the belly of the dog are caused by many factors that have already been mentioned above.

Some of which may be heat rash, allergy, dermatitis, and flea bites.

These rashes make the dog to experience a lot of itching, skin inflammation, licking and chewing of the affected area. These signs help to identify the cause of the condition.

The rashes may also appear on the chest, groin, and hind legs among others.

Seek immediate treatment from a vet who will diagnose the condition and offer the necessary treatment at a lower cost.

Note: You read more about Dog Rash on Belly and even Dog Skin Rash causes with their respective home remedies

Red Spots on Dogs Belly Treatment and Management

The following are some of the home base treatment of red spots on the belly of dogs instantly:

  • Use of Vitamin E

It helps in prevention of red spots on skin and also moisturization of the dry skin. Give your puppy a message of vitamin E oil by directly applying it to the skin.

You also soak the dog in a bath containing vitamin E oil. In case of oral vitamin E supplements consult a professional vet.

  • Electrolyte

The use of Flavorless electrolyte-replacing liquids, such as sports waters or pediatric drinks helps to supply the ill dog with much-needed fluids after a bout of diarrhea or vomiting.

  • Yogurt and Acidophilus

Plain yogurt helps to maintain the healthiness of your dog. The presence of acidophilus helps to maintain the balance of bacteria in the dog intestines.

Puppies are especially susceptible to yeast infections, therefore the use of yogurt help to boost immunity that can handle the infection.

  • Chamomile Tea

This is a natural disinfecting product that helps to settle upset doggy tummies. It is also used to alleviate minor skin irritations.

Use a cold chamomile tea and spray on the affected part of the skin. It results in soothing effect and also kills yeast or bacteria causing the infection on the skin.


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