Shoulder Tattoo Pain

Shoulder Tattoo Pain: How Much Do Shoulder Tattoos Hurt?

Shoulder tattoos are among the popular skin art that is being embraced by both male and female across the world not only in the U.S. Most people will prefer to have a tattoo rather than purchasing the first car.

However, tattoos can be done not only on shoulders but also on any other part of the body. Some tattoos can be painful depending on their location on the body.

Some of the most painful region on the body during tattooing is the spine, wrist, fingers, and feet. Why is shoulder tattoo popular? Maybe the shoulder tattoo pain is not that bad. Let’s find out.

How Much Do Shoulder Tattoos Hurt?

As mentioned earlier, shoulder tattoo has become popular in the recent days. The tattoo looks appealing and the good thing is that you can cover it up while going to work.

This is because different workplaces perceive tattoos and piercings in a different way. Covering these tattoos will enable you to adhere to the work ethics and core values.

This should not hold you back since shoulder tattoos can be covered up well especially when wearing long sleeve clothes. You can wear short sleeve while not at work in order to expose your tattoo inspirations to the world.

It is important to understand the shoulder skin anatomy before visiting a tattoo studio for inking. This will prepare your mindset and you will be able to withstand the level of pain. For sure all tattoos are painful regardless of the location.

The shoulder region on the body is the hub of nerves and muscles. These two tissues enable us to move our heads and shoulders with ease.

We need to be precise in the order you can know how much do shoulder tattoos hurt. The sensitivity of the shoulder region varies. The rounded part of the shoulder is the least painful but as you move towards the biceps, it becomes more painful.

Although many people choose a certain part of the shoulder for some reason, I would recommend the rounded part of the shoulder. You can withstand the level of pain.

The region towards the neck can also be very painful than the rounded part of the shoulder. This is because of the clavicle bones that run towards the chest. The bones have the reputation of being very painful and the skin along it is very thin.

From my experience, the top part and back of the shoulder have thick skin layer. This implies that when inking, the pain is also less as compared to other parts.  

What Does the Pain Compare To?

Every person has a different body reaction towards any type of pain. Some people will experience a sharp pulling motion in the muscles while inking the shoulders.

Others have said that the type of the pain in the shoulder while tattooing resembles that cut using a dull instrument.

This is the reason why it is quite hard to differentiate the level of pain people undergo while tattooing since the perceptions varies.

How to Make Shoulder Tattoos Hurt Less

The shoulder tattoo pain is manageable and there is no need to freak out. You should never take aspirin based painkillers or alcohol in order to help in withstanding the level of pain.

Alcohol will thin your blood and in the process encourages more bleeding. Therefore, these two things should never enter your bloodstream when planning for a tattoo session.

How can you make your shoulder tattoo-less painful? Let’s find out from the information provided below:

Request a Numbing Spray

Before using any numbing spray for tattoos, it is good to consult your tattooist since he or she may recommend the most appropriate brand.

This is because you can buy a certain brand of numbing spray that may have a negative impact on your tattoo and it can also increase the healing process.

According to my experience, you should apply the spray to the region to be tattoo 30 minutes before inking. It will help to reduce the level of pain but it will not eliminate the pain.

At Obama Tattoo Studios across the U.S, we discourage the use of the numbing sprays since they have the reputation of prolonging the healing time of the tattoos. This is because the larger collagen tissues will take a lot of time to heal.

Even the FDA discourages the use of aesthetic sprays when undergoing any form of cosmetic procedures. The research shows that the overuse of these creams or sprays may enter the bloodstream and result in seizures.

It is therefore recommended to use these aesthetic products after consulting your medical specialists. Although it is not illegal, it is good to ensure your tattooist uses it in the appropriate manner.

Shoulder tattoo pain is quite bearable and there is no need to go for numbing spray. If you decide to go for it then you need to think twice.

Stay Hydrated

Daily intake of water makes the general body hydrated and it is a good thing according to medical research. Taking liters of water the day you are going for inking will not help instead causes more harm.

Therefore, you should make it a habit of taking water on a daily basis in order to attain healthy skin. Healthy skin has the capability of absorbing inkwell and also heals faster. It will also help you to remain focus during inking and the tolerance of pain will be high.

Choose Morning Appointments

It is recommended to schedule your appointment very early in the morning in order to withstand the pain. This is because of the level of adrenaline in high during these hours. When the time of inking draws near, the more you feel anxiety but try to increase your tolerance.

Take Deep Breaths

You need to relax and take a deep breath. This will help to make the level of pain bearable. If your level of tolerance is low then I suggest you take several deep breath and relaxation in order to cope up with the pain.

You need to remain calm and relax. Avoid twitching and turning since it will distort the whole of the process of tattooing.


Have anyone told you that tattoos do not hurt? Well, this is a little lie. No matter the location of tattooing, it is uncomfortable, especially during the initial stages.

The threshold of shoulder tattoo pain varies from one person to another. Consult your tattooist for advice and this will prepare you psychologically before inking.

However, shoulder tattoos are amazing since the shoulders provide a good skin canvas for any design of tattoo. The region has a large skin layer packed with fatty tissues and it is the reason why the pain is bearable.