Tattoo Behind Ear Pain: How Much Do They Hurt?

Did you know tattooing is a battle? Yes. I mean tattoo behind ear pain.

A war to get your tattoo ideas attention they deserve.

Your enemy? The dizzying array of online tattoo inspirations that devour tattoo addicts from all over the world.

The kind of battle am talking about is not for the faint of heart.

Let’s begin from here…

Why did I begin by mentioning a battle? Well, every part of the body experiences a certain level of pain when inking. There is no special part.

Tolerance level matters a lot here. The area behind the ear is so special and unique. You need to put several factors into consideration before thinking about inking the area.

However, the level of pain varies from one person to another. This depends on the ability to withstand certain pressure applied on the body part while inking. The level of pain is therefore never the same.

Having cold feet about the level of pain should not deter you from getting that captivating tattoo artwork at all.

The good news is that the pain behind the ear after tattooing usually last for a couple of minutes. This implies that you can withstand it easily since it has a short-lived impact.

Are you still reading…am glad. Let’s gather more information about behind ear tattoo pain and how to make it painless.

How Painful Are Behind the Ear Tattoos?

Thinking about this tattoo idea? Do you know how much it hurts? Well, you can consider it if only you have thought about your pain tolerance level.

An individual pain threshold is very vital here. There are several studies done in order to show the comparison between the pain thresholds and the pain tolerance levels.

Well, let’s get back to our point…

Did you know the culture and the gender can influence the ability to withstand the pain of inking behind the year? Yes. Men have the highest tolerance level as compared to their counterparts.

Why that awful experience?

The skin behind the ear is very delicate and thin. This means that the needle during inking can be felt easily in the skin and right in the skull too. The vibrating tattoo machine can also be horrible.

 The area is also highly vascularized with nerve endings. When the tattooist is inking, it is also going to try-out your tolerance level.

The vibrating tattoo machine also produces a certain amount of noise that is also likely to cause a headache since it is done near the head. This kind of a headache is more common among those people who are hyperacusis.

Getting a tattoo behind the ear happens to be the most painful part on the body. You should also note that your tattooist will play a major role in how many levels of pain you are going to get.

Heavy-handed tattoo artists are known to cause much pain. However, if they tend to be light and gentle then expect a low level of pain.

I always inform my clients to prepare their mindset in advance so that they are psychologically ready for the inking. This factor together with the general body health matters a lot as far as the level of pain is a concern.

If you happen to have a long-term illness, I recommend you consult your doctor before heading for body inking. This is because the process can result in a negative impact on your general body.

In case it is a short illness, just wait until you are healed. However, avoid being stressed while preparing for inking since it might increase the level of pain.

How to Make a Tattoo behind the Ear Hurt Less

Body inking is usually accompanied by a sensation of burning and stinging. There are some group of people who will experience pressure and throbbing.

Here is the funny bit about the pain…

Some people find the pain to be unbearable while the other group considers body inking pain to be therapeutic. I can’t wait to see you get one.

Nevertheless, the popularity of the tattoo inspiration across the world is growing rapidly regardless of the pain. The tattoo behind the ears is the most appealing regardless of the kind of artwork.

How bad do tattoos behind your ear hurt? Well, I would describe it to be horrible. However, there are a number of things that you can do while getting inked and experience less pain.

First things first. You need to get adequate rest before going for inking. This will help you to prepare the mind psychologically and you will find that you are able to tolerate much pain for long while getting inked.

If you are addicted to alcohol and other drugs, am sorry. You will be expected to stop drinking alcohol for some time before and after tattooing. Alcohol is known for making blood to thin and in the process of inking, you will bleed more.

There are some drugs after using will increase the sensitivity of the nerves in the inking area and this will cause much pain that can be unbearable. The good thing to do is to stop for a couple of days or months.

I always recommend that you think about your health before getting inked. Always remember to wait until you are healing even if it is just a cold. This is because the nerve systems become more stressed when you are unwell and the needle will inflict a lot of pain when inking.

I prefer you wear baggy clothing while undergoing inking so that you avoid disruption. Uncomfortable clothing will make you restless and this can even cause an accident. Also, if you remain the focus throughout the process, you are likely going to experience less pain.

You can also use pain numbing creams or ointments that are readily available in the market in order to make the pain low. Consult your tattooist before using any type of numbing cream.

There are some reputable brands that are highly recommended since they help to make the artwork on the skin to be prepossessing. You do not just pick any brand since there are others that affect the quality of the design.

Do you want to experience bearable pain while getting inked? Well, you need to prepare your mind by telling yourself that you can manage this. It will eventually increase the ability to tolerate pain.

The mind is powerful but went you use it wisely. Congratulation on getting a tattoo behind the ear.