Tattoo on Antibiotics (Is It Safe)

It’s intoxicating, isn’t’ it?

Your dream of tattoo freedom. Well, what about the tattoo on antibiotics?

It is a major decision of getting an appealing tattoo design on your body. Did you know even contemplating is part of decision making?

You need time to think about it. It can take up to months or years for you to decide fully. You will be expected to plot and plan about it in advance since tattooing result in a permanent mark in your life.

Body inking is a side-gig that make you stand out from the crowd. This is the reason why so many people go for tattoos without even planning.

What about your current health status? Are you on any medication? What are the consequences of getting tattoos while on antibiotic prescription? How long should you wait before getting a tattoo after antibiotic prescriptions?

Oh crap! Feels risky, right?

You do not need to be. There are several precautions you need to put into consideration before thinking about body inking. This will help to minimize the chances of risks occurring. And you will be sure of the right time.

The good news is that it is not too risky to get tattoos while on antibiotics medications. But you need to think twice.

Let’s find why…

Can You Get a Tattoo While Taking Antibiotics?

Tattooing process usually involves poking the skin repeatedly with the needle and sometimes the needle may puncture the skin deeper than expected.

The puncturing process by the needle enables the ink color of your choice to penetrate and spread along the desired tattoo design boundaries.

Can you get a tattoo while on antibiotics? Yes. Because the risk involved is relatively little. Unfortunately, the result will not be optimal.

Generally, anything that enters into your bloodstream is treated as foreign bodies. The tattoo ink is composed of colored metals such as lead and titanium. The content of the ink itself becomes foreign objects in the body.

The respective blood cells in the body will respond by rejecting the tattoo ink and that is why your tattoo artwork will look blurred.

Oh No! The blurred effect looks disgusting, right?

Majority of people won’t be pleased with the blurred tattoo unless it was intentional. Does the heavy scabbing on tattoo look bad?

Let’s continue…

Intake of antibiotics into the body is meant to help the immune system fight illness that is causing infection on the skin or internally.

Well, is it good to double the work of your immune system? No. Tattoos are supposed to be treated as separately as wounds. You need to take care of it appropriately and with responsibility.

Risks and Precautions

I always advise my clients who are antibiotics to wait before thinking about safe body inking. It sucks to experience much pain, waste money and time while rushing for tattooing process.

When you subject your body under much stress with tattooing while it is still nursing infection just know it might result in further complications. The worst part is getting an allergic reaction. It sucks, right!

Antibiotics can compromise the healing process of tattoos. This is because the antibiotics will fight it back by making the body to reject the tattoo ink.

In the long run, the tattoo design will become blurred and distorted in appearance. Such designs will force you to remove the tattoo and this is process is very costly. It is even worst to mention the pain.

I recommend you wait until you are in good health condition. In case you are about to take the last tablet of antibiotics, wait for a maximum of two weeks until all the ingredients of the drug are washed away from the bloodstream.

Alternatively, you can opt for tattooing and give it time to heal before adopting the course of antibiotics. However, I recommend you consult your doctor before interchanging the course of treatment. Is your health important than tattoos? Think safe.

If you have already made an appointment with your tattooist then ask if you can get one while on antibiotics. Most professionals prefer to ink individuals who are healthy in order to get the optimal result.

A bad tattoo sucks on the eyes of the artists. Just wait until you are healed before inking. Obama tattoo parlor isn’t going anywhere and you’ll be glad your result came out better in the end.