Tattoo Pain Scale

Tattoo Pain Scale: How Much Will It Hurt?

In the modern world, the culture of tattooing is very common regardless of age and race. The battle with the inking pain as resulted in to the topic tattoo pain scale.

Does tattoos hurt?

Yes. All tattoos are very painful regardless of the location on the body. However, there are some parts of the body that hurts less as compared to the others.

The picture below outline some parts of the body that hurts more and less. You can have a look before thinking about body inking. It will help you in making informed decisions.

Tattoo pain scale 1-10 varies from one person to another. Some people may feel less pain while other more pain but on the same spot. This is the reason why tattoo is not for everyone.

Where Do Tattoos Hurt The Most?

Different people experience different pain level and this is due to the differences in tolerance level. Despite the pain, the trend at which people are getting this type of body modification is alarming until the government has put restriction on age.

Here is a list of tattoo placement that can be grouped as the most painful or otherwise:


The region near or on the ribcage is the most painful part for getting tattoos. Most experts of tattoo who have covered themselves with this body inks can confirm that.

The region does not contain adequate fatty tissues to offer cushion from the pain. Therefore when inking, the tattoo gun needle get closer to the bones and the central nervous systems. This two factors has made the ribcage to be very sensitive to any sort of pain.

Also, during breathing, the ribcage move up and down. Therefore, after tattooing, the pain is going to be renewed every day since it is must you breathe in and out.

Head and Surrounding

This part of the body has a lot of nerves and the skin attaching to the skull is very thin. When inking the region around the head, expect to experience a lot of pain in the long run.

This is the part of the body that is considered to be the most painful when tattooing when it comes to tattoo pain comparison. You need to be prepared psychologically in order to withstand the threshold of this pain.

Inner Thighs

The region has thick layer of fat tissues that can help to cushion from the pain but it is considered to be the most painful part of the body to get a tattoo. This is because of the friction while walking and also not exposed to environment for faster healing.

Fingers and Hands

Every person across the world has a dream of inking either the fingers or the hands. This is because tattoos on fingers and hands are very common in the recent days.

Unfortunately, the level of pain experienced while inking hurt so much. This is because the two regions have thin layer of skin and this make the tolerance of pain while inking to be low.

You can read my article about finger tattoo pain and get to know some of the common factors contributing to it.

Inner parts of the wrist

Have ever had a look at your wrists on sunlight? Well, the region is covered by several blood vessels and nerve endings.

The part of the body does not contain any form of muscles for padding the needle while inking. Most people prefer tattooing very small words around the part but the pain is too much to withstand.

Calf sides

In case you are the kind of person who has low or zero tattoo pain tolerance, I recommend you get a tattoo on the region above the ankle and under the knee.

The region is far away from the shin bone and this is the reason why it is less painful. The calves do not contain any form of nerve endings but if it is the back of the knee then expect a lot of pain.

Outer area of the arm

This is the easiest part of the body to get a tattoo artwork. The region has a lot of flesh and it is not close to the bones. However, you might experience pain as the needle puncture your skin. The pain subsidized immediately after inking and it also heals faster.

Arm Pits

This is the most weird part have seen people getting tattoos. However, the tattoo stands out after inking is healed. There are several communities in Amazon Forest that consider this as the rite of passage.

Unfortunately, this is the most painful experience that you can put yourself in when getting body ink. The region is highly vascularized with blood vessels and auxiliary nerves. It will take long to heal.

The feet

The feet region is the most delicate for tattooing. This is because it does not contain any fats and flesh that covers the bones directly.

Most of the nerves in this region are highly exposed and you will experience a lot of pain when getting tattoos. This is because there is nothing available to offer cushion while needle piercings.

Where Do Tattoos Hurt The Least?

For those people who cannot withstand the threshold of pain from tattooing then buttocks are the nice spots for you. However, the region get exposed while in the bathroom or on the beach while bed tanning.

The thighs, forearms and calves are also considered to be less sensitive. Therefore, they are the prime spots for getting tattoos in case you have low tolerance to pain.

The parts of the body mention contain a lot of flesh and they do not contain nerve endings. Nevertheless, you will experience stinging and burning sensation while undergoing body inking.

Will My Tattoo Definitely Hurt?

The good news is that all the tattoos hurt regardless of the location. This is because the skin is being punctured severally.

Not all the tattoos are created on the same way and it is the reason why the tattoo pain scale varies from one region to another.

There are various circumstances around inking that defines how painful or painless tattoo will be on the various body parts.