When Can I Change My Nose Ring

Have you got your nose pierced? Well, you need to practice a lot of patience before thinking when I can change my nose ring. This will be too fast. You will need to wait even if your stud starts looking boring.

When can I change my nose ring? You are expected to learn how to switch the stud but it should be done when the nose piercing is completely healed.

You risk landing your nose into problems in case you switch the stud when it is not healed. In this post, you will learn how long you have to wait before changing the nose ring from a step by step guide.

How Long Should I Wait to Change My Nose Piercing?

I highly recommend that you should not change the nose ring until the healing process is complete.

However, this may take longer than you expected. According to research, nose piercing usually take longer to heal as compared to other body piercings.

This is because the nose region lacks adequate blood vessels. These blood vessels help to remove wastes and distribute nutrients to the pierced area for the faster healing process.

This is worse if you happen to have septum piercing since it will take about two to three months for it to heal completely.

Normal nostril piercings usually take about 4weeks to heal permanently. If you are a first timer then this is the best choice for you.


If you happen to adhere to the aftercare routine religiously, the chances of infection occurring is almost zero and the pierced region will also heal faster than you expected.

Poor aftercare routine will make the nose piercing to take long before healing. It also makes the area to be susceptible to infection.


You need to examine your piercing once the standard healing stage is over.

If the skin looks like it has gone back to normal then you may have an opportunity to switch the stud with your best nose hoop ring.

If there are some sort of discharge and swellings, I recommend you leave until it heals. If you temper with the healing process, it may take longer.

You need to be extra careful when examining the appearance since the piercing may appear like healed from outside when this is not the case.


Allergic reaction tends to be the main cause of body piercings taking long to heal. Examine the material used to make the stud before using it. The reaction will trigger irritation that will later compromise with healing time.

Request your professional piercer to change the nose ring in case the stud is causing some irritation. The allergies can make the area to ooze pus.

Get a Professional’s Advice

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your pierced nose is completely healed. We recommend you ask your piercer so that you are certain about it.

The experts will be able to tell if you can switch out the stud with your favorite one or not. Never should you visit a kiosk piercer for assistance since most of them are not professionals.

Risks When Taking Out and Changing a Nose Ring

The skin around the nose is very sensitive and susceptible to any form of infection if there is an open wound.

Changing the stud when it has not to heal will risk the commencement of infection. The piercing region will become swollen and sometimes bleed.

Pay a lot of precautions even if it has healed completely when changing the stud. Never apply a lot of force when pushing the new stud in the piercing.

Ensure you pick the right gauge of your ring in order to avoid tearing the skin around the piercing. Ensure you have clean your hands and the ring before changing in order to avoid transfer of germs.

Steps for Changing a Nose Piercing

Once your nose piercing is healed, then you can change the nose ring. The following are some of the steps you can follow in order to do in the right way.

Wash Hands

This is the most crucial step that you never afford to skip. Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap in order to get rid of germs causing infection.

Remove Current Stud

There are different kinds of studs that are put on the piercing immediately. These kinds of studs are easy to be removed but do it slowly and carefully.

Clean the Jewelry

This jewelry can get in touch with germs while in the shop. You need to clean them thoroughly and sterilize them.

Insert the Jewelry

Depending on the model, you can remove the bead and open the nose ring. Slide the ring slowly and carefully into the piercing hole. Close the jewelry in order to keep it intact.

Visit a Professional Piercer

In case you develop some complications, I recommend you visit your professional piercer for fixing. Seek advice from the professional piercer about the state in order to make a prompt decision.


Changing the nose ring is not something difficult and intimidating.  Ensure the nose piercing is completely healed before thing about changing. Follow the steps listed in the article and it will do you good.