Where Is The Least Painful Place To Get A Tattoo? (Tattoo Pain Chart)

Tattoos are amazing body decorations. But the biggest concern is how much will tattoo hurt. Do tattoos hurt? This is the frequently asked question by non-tattooed people. The answer is quite simple-Yes.

The good news is that tattoo pain depend on many factors. The individual pain tolerance and the location on the body to be tattooed. But the pain is worth considering when it comes to getting amazing body decorations.

Do you have a low pain tolerance and you want body arts? Well, worry no more. We have highlighted some of the least painful places to get a tattoo for a girl or a boy. Here is the round down to consider.

Where Is The Least Painful Place To Get A Tattoo

The Least Painful Place to Get a Tattoo for a Girl or a Boy

The part of the body with the least nerve endings and thick skin tends to be the least painful when it comes to body inking. The fat beneath the skin help to cushion the pain.

Here are some of the spots that are the least painful for tattooing regardless of your gender. They include:

Outer Bicep Tattoo

Are you looking to showcase your body art? Well, the outer bicep is the place to consider due to their visibility. But if your job norms discourage body inking then you can easily hide with a long sleeve shirt.

The region is the least painful due to large muscles, few nerve endings, and far distance to the bone. The tattoo machine vibration won’t cause much pain during the session. It is the reason why it is the least painful spot to get inked.

Outer Thigh Tattoo

The spot has few nerve endings and packed with a lot of tough muscle fibers. The fatty layer beneath the skin and muscles help to absorb the pain. This makes it quite easy to tolerate pain.

However, the inner spot has several receptors and it should be avoided at all costs. The receptors are quite sensitive and this makes it the most painful spot to get a tattoo.

Forearm Tattoo

Working out helps to build body muscles around the body and the forearm is not an exception. The thick skin and muscle buildup help an individual to withstand tattoo pain during the inking session.

Also, the forearm tends to have fewer nerve endings. These components are responsible for transmitting the inking pain. The few nerve endings are a clear indication that you can easily tolerate the tattoo pain.

Upper and Lower Back Tattoo

Men have a lot of masculinity around the upper and lower back when compared to women. The thick skin and muscles indicate that there are few nerve endings. It is the most recommended region for boys rather than girls.

The few nerve endings and a lot of muscles imply that you can easily withstand the body inking pain. But women can also get inked around the area especially if they have a thick layer of fat to cushion against the pain.

Calves Tattoo

Calf tattoos are less painful. Both boys and girls can get this type of tattoo with minimal pain. The visibility of the tattoo makes the region to be quite adorable. You can expect to experience low to moderate pain during the inking session.

One thing that makes the part to be less painful is the few nerve endings, fatty skin, and muscle development. This is the reason why calf spot tattoos are the least painful.

Outer Shoulders Tattoos

The outer shoulder part has a lot of muscles and fewer nerve endings. Therefore, it is among the least painful part to get tattooed. The pain normally varies from low to moderate.

Finger Tattoos

What does getting a finger tattoo feel like? Well, the experience might be discomforting. But the pain is much less when compared to other body parts. The pain tends to range between low and moderate.

The region close to the finger tends to be quite painful and we recommend avoiding such areas. The good news is that finger tattoos are quite small and they take a little amount of time to ink. This implies that pain can easily be tolerated.

Inner Wrist Tattoos

Inking tattoos on the wrist region is quite tricky due to the presence of nerves and blood vessels. The good news is that wrist tattoos tend to hurt less due to the thin skin and less prominent bones.

But you need to be quite careful when getting wrist tattoos. Try to avoid bonny areas since the tattoo machine vibration can make it deadly. We recommend getting a numbing cream before getting wrist tattoos.

Neck Tattoos

This is one of the most popular body tattoos in the world. A lot of people prefer getting inked below the hairline and this is trending. The neck region has a lot of fat and muscles which cushion the neck bone against mechanical damage.

Therefore, getting a neck tattoo is less painful. The fat beneath the skin help to absorb the pain and this gives you the power to tolerate the pain easily.

Gluteus Tattoos

Getting butt cheeks tattoos sound fun, right! But it is the region that offers less discomfort when getting inked. The muscles help to cushion the pelvis bones against the tattoo machine vibrations. The pain tends to be low to moderate. However, gluteus tattoos are less common but worth considering.

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Tips and Recommendations for Reducing Tattoo Pain

There are a lot of factors that determine how an individual feel when getting body ink. Gender, experience, age, and weight are among the factors to consider when getting a certain type of body decoration.

All-in-all, here are tips that will help you minimize tattoo pain. These tips are applicable to any body part but most preferably on the least painful spots. They include:

Take Session Breaks

If you have low pain tolerance then we recommend asking your tattooist to break the sessions. This will give you ample time to cope with the inking session up to the end.

Consider Experienced Tattooist

Always have the habit of requesting to check the certification of the tattoo expert and equipment being used before sitting on the chair. Ensure the tattooist wear clean gloves and use sterilized equipment.

Strictly Follow Aftercare Routine

Healing tattoos tend to be quite painful regardless of the spot. Therefore, follow the aftercare routine strictly to minimize the pain. Wear loose clothes and wash the tattoo gently. This will prevent the eruption of a tattoo infection.

Get Enough Sleep

We recommend getting adequate sleep before getting a tattoo. Sufficient sleep will give you the power to endure the pain from the inking session.

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

There is a myth that drinking alcohol help to reduce tattoo pain. The truth of the matter is that alcohol thin out the blood and this promote a lot of bleeding. It is recommended to stay sober before heading to a tattoo studio.

Take a lot of Water

Taking a lot of water a week before tattooing help to keep the skin hydrated and supple. Tight skin help to reduce tattoo pain and this will enable you to tolerate the entire process without any problem.

Numbing Cream

If you have low pain endurance then try any numbing cream product. This will help to reduce the level of pain experienced during the process. The numbing product that is the most recommended is Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical.

Final Thoughts from Expert Tattooist

Getting a tattoo is quite painful regardless of the spot on the body. But there are regions on the body that are less painful than the other. Besides that, things like gender, skin conditions, age, and weight are factors that determine the amount of tattoo pain.

We recommend getting to know the complications, risks, and pain of getting inked before heading to a tattoo studio. This will help you to avoid regret in the future. The good news is that tattoo pain tends to differ from one person to another.