Where Is The Most Painful Place To Get A Tattoo? (Tattoo Pain Comparison)

Tattoos are the most popular body art that everyone has the desire to get them. But does getting a tattoo hurt? The truth of the matter is that tattoos will hurt.

However, the degree of tattoo pain tolerance varies from one person to another. The tattoo pain is said to be subjective. What may hurt you will not be painful to another person.

The good news is that there are some parts of the body that are the most painful when compared to others. The core tattoo pain comparison majorly depends on the amount of flesh, nerve endings, and closeness to the bones.

Therefore, we recommend analyzing the most painful places to get a tattoo chart before heading to a tattoo studio. Take time to read through the guide and learn where the most painful place to get a tattoo is.

Most Painful Place to Get a Tattoo

Where Do Tattoos Hurt The Most?

The human body is highly vascularized with blood vessels and nerve endings. These are the things that increase body sensitivity. Getting a tattoo to a region close to nerve endings and bone then be ready to experience the pain.

Here are some of the most painful place to get a tattoo:

Inner Thigh Tattoos

The skin around the inner thigh is quite delicate and sensitive. Getting a tattoo around the region tends to be quite painful.

Besides that, healing normally takes long due to friction caused by the underwear and pants. Also, get inked around the private part causes mental discomfort hence much pain.

Ribcage Tattoos

The skin around the ribcage is quite thin and this is the reason why ribs tend to be prominent. Getting inked on the ribs is quite painful since there is no abdominal fat to absorb the inking pain.

Another thing that makes ribcage among the most painful place to get a tattoo is the rib bones. Inking close to bones results in a lot of pain that can be unbearable.

Head Tattoos

The human scalp is termed to be the most painful place to get a tattoo according to the tattoo pain scale 1-10. The scalp has low fat, muscle, and thin skin content.

That means the tattoo needle will touch the scalp skull and nerve endings directing during the process. These two things make the entire inking process on the head pain.

Face Tattoos

The face has thin skin which exposes the facial bones. Besides that, there are plenty of nerve endings that make the facial parts quite sensitive.

Therefore, inking around the forehead and nose bridge tends to be quite painful. The tattoo machine gun tends to reach the bones and nerve endings causing much pain.

Foot Tattoos

The top of the foot is the most common area where people tend to get tattoos. However, designing and inking the region is quite difficult.

The skin on top of the foot is quite lean and has a bundle of nerve endings. Therefore, you are likely to experience shooting pain during the inking process.

Groin Area

I have seen people getting inked in funny areas and the painful sound they produce throughout the process. Most of the groin areas have plenty of nerves and the skin tends to be lean. Hence the machine gun hit the bones quite often triggering shooting pain.

Nipple Tattoos

On the tattoo pain chart female, nipples are the most sensitive parts, and getting a tattoo on the nipple is automatically going to be painful. Men can easily endure the pain since their nipples have very little nerve endings for sensitivity when compared to women.

Shin Tattoos

A lot of people think shin tattoos are less painful. However, this is not the case since there is a thin layer of skin on the shin. Hence inking the shin can be more agonizing than you thought due to closeness to the bones.

Ankle Tattoos

The ankle region tends to be bonny and this is the reason why whacking it can be very painful. The bonny structure of the ankle makes it difficult to design a tattoo.

Besides that, the thin skin layer means that when you get an ankle tattoo is going to be quite painful.

Inner Bicep Tattoos

We all know that the thicker the muscle the lesser the pain. But you should note that the inner bicep has a very soft and delicate skin layer. Getting inked on very soft area tend to be quite painful.

You should also note that arm tattoos of the type tend to take longer to heal. Therefore, you should be ready to endure the pain longer than in other places.

Elbow Tattoos

The elbow bones are quite close to the skin. The vibration of the tattoo machine gun over the elbow bones will cause sharp pain throughout the process.

Armpit Tattoos

As a tattoo expert, I do not recommend people to get armpit tattoos. But if you have a degree of tattoo pain tolerance then you can go for it.

The armpit region is full of nerve endings and glands. This can cause a lot of discomfort when being tattooed. Besides that, it takes longer to heal due to friction.

Spine Tattoos

The appearance of spine tattoos tends to be quite great and this is one of the reasons behind their popularity among many people.

However, they are termed as the most painful place to get a tattoo. The spine region has a lot of nerve endings and the bones are close to the skin layer.

Finger Tattoos

The finger has a thin skin that exposes their bones and there are plenty of nerve endings. The part is among the popular place to get a tattoo but it tends to hurt most.

Disturbing the nerve endings while inking will hurt and also designing the tattoo tends to be quite complicated.

Lip Tattoos

The skin around the lips is soft and loose. This is the reason why lip tattoos are not recommended at all. The presence of nerve endings on the region makes lip tattoos quite painful. Lip tattoos tend to bleed a lot and take longer to heal.

Neck Tattoos

The back, front and sides of the neck have numerous nerve endings. The vibration of the tattoo machine gun can cause irritation while inking the region.

Therefore, keep in mind that neck tattoos are not for the faint heart but for those people who can endure the pain.

Stomach Tattoos

The skin on the stomach is quite elastic and it stretches easily. Getting a tattoo on the stomach tends to hurt most. If you have low body weight around the stomach then you are likely to experience less discomfort.

I recommend people seeking to get inked around the stomach need to avoid eating beforehand. This will help to ease the discomfort while getting a tattoo on the stomach.

Hip Tattoos

A lot of young women love getting inked around the hip line to improve their appearance, especially during summer while hanging on the beach.

However, the proximity of the hip bones on the skin makes the hip among the most painful place to a tattoo. The good news is that the body will release adrenaline to help manage the pain.

Back Of Knees Tattoos

The skin at the back of the knees is very malleable and not firm. Getting tattooed in the region is quite troublesome and painful.

Getting a tattoo on a loose skin is painful due to sensitivity brought about by nerve endings. The tattoo needle disturbs the nerves which cause a dreadful pain.

Sternum Tattoos

The sternum region has thin skin which makes the bones prominent and it also experiences frequent movement due to breathing. These two main factors in a combination with nerve endings make the region quite painful for getting a tattoo.

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How to Reduce Tattoo Pain

Does it hurt to get a tattoo? Absolutely. The tattoo needle vibration causing shooting pain, scratching pain, dull pain, and burning pain.

However, the degree of pain tolerance depends on sex, experience, age, and weight. Keep in mind that tattoos are not for the faint at heart.

The good news is that there are several ways on how to ease tattoo pain and this is the reason behind the popularity of tattoos in the world. The ways include:

Choose Experienced Tattoo Artist

Always insist on seeing the certification of the tattooist and the tattoo equipment. The artist should wear clean gloves and use sterilized equipment. This is one of the ways of reducing tattoo pain.

Have Adequate Sleep

If you are planning to get inked then have sufficient sleep for about one week. This will help you to endure the body inking pain easily. You would have meditated and get prepared psychologically before getting inked.

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol tends to thin out the blood. This will trigger a lot of bleeding and bruising. The bleeding will stimulate a lot of pain during the process. Therefore, remain sober for some days before heading to a tattoo studio.

Take a Lot of Clean Water

The skin is supposed to be hydrated before thinking of getting a tattoo. Therefore, you need to take a lot of water to make the skin supple and tight. This will help to reduce the tattoo pain regardless of the area.

Follow Tattoo Aftercare Instructions and Routines

The key rule is washing the tattoo, wear loose clothes, and apply moisturizers to reduce the pain. These routines help to minimize the risk of infection and other complications.

Use Numbing Products

Numbing the skin with these products help to reduce the pain. My favorite numbing product is Ebanel 2-Pack 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream which is readily available on amazon. The numbing product is quite popular and it has helped thousands of avid tattoos to withstand the pain.

My Thoughts as a Tattoo Artist

There is nothing like the most painful place to get a tattoo. All tattoos tend to hurt. If you are planning to get inked then you need a tattoo pain comparison chart to help you know the tattoo pain scale.

Having been in the industry for some decades, the degree of tolerance depends on a lot of things. You need to get a professional tattooist and use reputable numbing creams to reduce the level of pain.

Meanwhile, avoid getting inked to areas close to bones and have a lot of nerve endings. These are the most popular areas that tend to hurt much during the tattooing session.