Wrist Tattoo Pain: How Bad Do Wrist Tattoos Hurt?

Wrist tattoo pain is another series of tattoo pain that highlights how much wrist tattoos hurt for most people. It is good to know that most tattoo hurts regardless of the location.

Fortunately, wrist tattoos are eye-catching. This placement will enable you to monitor the tattoo healing process in a very cautious way.

This tattoo placement also plays are very hefty role as far as your general appearance is a concern. Although they are found on a prominent spot, they can easily be covered while going to work.

Do Wrist Tattoos Hurt?

What you should know about wrist tattoo pain is that all tattoos hurt regardless of the spot. The pain from body inking does not matter regardless of your race or occupation.

Well, some tattoos do hurt more than others and according to my experience wrist tattoo hurt most. The feeling of wrist tattoo is up there on the tattoo pain scale and so many people find it hard to withstand.

However, the pain from tattooing is never the same since every person has its own way of withstanding the pain. The good news is that wrist tattoos look so awesome on light skin people.

The skin anatomy around the wrist is so thin and the needle requires less pressure before reaching the bones on the hands. The vibration of the tattoo machine gun causes a lot of discomforts while inking the wrist.

The frequent skin puncturing by the needle while tattooing will foster a sharp and intense pain around the wrists. You need to pick a small design in order to able to withstand the pain since it will take a short time to ink.

Wrist Tattoo Pain Spots

The wrist region has different thickness of the skin and bone arrangements. This implies that the pain level is going to vary from one point to another.

Here are some of the common wrist spots that describe why tattooing process hurt most around the wrists. The spots include:

The side of Wrist Tattoo Pain

This region has a lot of bones and nerve endings. These two factors are the reason why inking the area can be pretty painful to some extent.

Outer Wrist Tattoo Pain

Getting the tattoo on top or outer part of the wrist is the less painful until the tattoo gun needle hit the bones around the joint.

Generally, other areas around the outer part of the wrist are not painful at all but personally, I got to experience intense pain when the needle struck the lump bones around the wrist joints until I told my artist for a break.

Inner Wrist Tattoo Pain

The skin around the inner wrist is so thin and very sensitive due to nerve endings. This is the reason behind much pain when tattooing.

The pain is quite manageable but you are going to experience something intense and sharp around the wrist. The general area of the inner wrist is quite small and your tattooist will take little time to ink.

How to Make Wrist Tattoos Hurt Less

There are several factors you need to put into consideration so as to minimize the level of pain. These factors include:

Use a Tattoo Numbing Cream

You need to apply a numbing spray or cream in order to withstand the pain during the inking process. The numbing products will give you the ability to have a high tolerance to the tattooing process.

The effectiveness of the numbing products varies from one person to another. However, we have received a lot of positive reports about numbing cream products after application.

Pick a Gentle Artist

The skin around the wrist is thin and delicate. You need to have an experienced tattooist in order to get a quality tattoo design with less pain.

However, you will still experience some pain and discomfort regardless of picking a professional tattooist. This is obvious but there is some artist who is just gentle in nature.

Choose a Small Tattoo Design

The wrist has become popular in the recent days about tattoo placement but the pain is usually intense. The good news is that the region usually accommodates a small tattoo design.

The pain resulting from inking a simple design around the wrist is much less as compared to large designs. According to research, the smaller the tattoo design the less painful it becomes.

How to Care for a Wrist Tattoo

The region around the wrist is very vulnerable to infections and therefore, you need to strictly follow aftercare routine in order to heal your new wrist tattoo.

Our hands do a lot of things on a daily basis and this is the reason why they are prone to the formation of bumps as well as scrapes.

You need to be extra careful after getting inked around the wrist to avoid being knock by objects while undertaking your daily routines.

The tattoo around the wrists usually takes longer to heal since the region is located on the hand joint as compared to other parts of the body.

The joints are used to the frequent movement and this will disturb the healing process of the wrist tattoo. After getting inked around the wrist, try to take some rest so that you can give it a humble time to heal effectively.

Most tattoos inked around the joints tend to crack when it starts to heal and form scabs. This usually distracts the healing process of the tattoos.

I recommend you keep the tattoo moisturized and elastic in order to prevent cracking. Cracking usually results in the loss of ink and make the area to appear patchy.


Wrist tattoo is quite painful but because the area is too small, the size of the tattoo is also small and this implies that the pain is usually short-lived.

According to the tattoo pain scale, the wrist tattoo pain is higher than other parts of the body like foot tattoo pain. The amount of pain is dependent on your ability to withstand it and this is the reason why the level of pain is variable from one person to another.